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Quake 4 v1.3 Linux Patch

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This version 1.3 Linux patch for Quake 4 features a number of features, including a new multiplayer weapon, eight new maps, modified maps and a new game mode.

Demo details:

In addition to a number of new changes and updates, this 1.3 Point Release also
includes the changes from point releases, beta, beta,
and 1.2. If you have not previously updated QUAKE 4, this update will bring
your installation completely up to date. If you have previously installed an
earlier update, this update can be installed over the earlier update(s) without
problems - there is no need to re-install previous updates or map packs released
through the id Software website. Doing so may adversely affect the proper
functionality of your installation.

If you require additional QUAKE 4 technical support, please see the help system
that is included with the game.

Notes for mod users:
Due to the vast number of updates and new functionality in the 1.3 Point
Release, mods will have to be updated to the 1.3 code by each respective mod
author in order to run correctly on the 1.3 version of Quake 4. Information
regarding mods and news related to the Quake 4 SDK can be found at Activision does not provide any
technical support for mods.

Netdemo Recordings:
Network demos are a recording of the network traffic during a multiplayer game.
You can record a network demo on a client connected to a multiplayer server
(client-side network demo) or you can record the demo directly on the server
(server-side network demo). Client-side network demo recording is recommended
for performance benchmarking or match recording and playback.
Due to the high amount of network traffic managed by the game server, the
stability of server-side network demos is completely dependent on number of
clients, server processing power, and server bandwidth. More information
regarding Network Demos can be found at

New Multiplayer Game Mode - DeadZone
DeadZone is a brand new team-based multiplayer gametype. Players fight over a
limited number of DeadZone artifacts, then race to maintain control of a
central scoring zone designated by a scrolling white border. Teams can
accumulate points when one or more player from their team is in the DeadZone
carrying an artifact. If each team has one or more players in the DeadZone with
an artifact at the same time, neither team will gain any points during this
stalemate situation. When an artifact is depleted, it returns to its initial
spawn location and is available for pick-up. If a player is killed while
carrying an artifact, it drops in that location and is again available. The
first team to reach the scoring limit wins.

New Multiplayer Weapon - Napalm Gun
Propels an incendiary plasma projectile that explodes and spreads on impact.
The dispersed plasma causes damage to any that touch it and continues to burn
for a short time.

New Multiplayer Maps
Cavernous Cryonics (q4xctf6) -
These ice caverns were once home to the Makron, and facilitated the
preservation of barely living humans awaiting Stroggification. Now it is a
fast-paced proving ground that allows for skilled players to take advantage of
the many paths to either team's base. Cavernous Cryonics is designed for small
to medium CTF, Arena CTF, and DeadZone matches.

Central Industrial (q4xdm10) -
This tall and narrow structure has a central elliptical chamber that runs the
height of the building. Those who dare can take up sniping positions along the
chamber - but remember, if you can see one opponent, all your opponents can
probably see you. DeadZone adds a small platform to the center of the map as
its scoring area, but the map can also be played in DM or TDM.

Warforged (q4xdm11) -
Built into a Stroggos crater wall, this open three-level structure requires
quick reflexes and constant movement. Use the jump pads and teleporters to gain
an advantage, and try to avoid falling into a predictable path. Warforged is
ideal for larger DM, TDM, and DeadZone battles.

Stroyent Red (q4xdm13) -
This abandoned outpost is surrounded by the empty void of space. Be prepared
for harrowing chases, and watch your step as the narrow paths and exposed jump
pads can lead to certain death. Stroyent Red is best for DM, TDM, and DeadZone

Retrophobopolis (q4xdm14) -
This QUAKE(r) classic has been updated and rebuilt for Quake 4 multiplayer, but
it maintains its claustrophobic corridors and trap filled rooms. There are
moving floors, lava pits, and hidden portals all around - if you're not
careful, you'll be the next victim. Retrophobopolis is suitable for Deathmatch,
Team Deathmatch, and DeadZone gameplay.

Firewall (q4xdm15) -
Red sand and rust set the tone within this former Strogg vehicle construction
facility. A multi-level structure, you'll have to look high and low for your
enemies - there are tons of ways to get around and plenty of places to hide.
DeadZone focuses your efforts on the central platform, but DM and TDM will have
you moving through the many paths to stay alive.

Stroggenomenon (q4xtourney1) -
A small, tourney focused level, Stroggenomenon funnels you through a series of
hallways and passages that will keep you guessing where your opponent is. Steer
clear of the dead end if you're being followed, and utilize the jump pad for a
quicker path through the arena. This map is ideal for Tourney, DM and TDM

Verticon (q4xtourney2) -
Verticon will have you seeking higher ground. The Railgun and armor positions
force players to sharpen their vertical combat skills, as these key items leave
you exposed and without much room to dodge enemy fire. Verticon is designed for
DM and TDM matches but is particularly suited for fast-paced Tourney matches.

To use the new maps in the map rotation cycle, a new map cycle script file has
been included, called mapcycle-mp3.scriptcfg. To use the new map cycle script:
1. On the Multiplayer- Create Server screen, click "Advanced Options".
2. In the "Map cycle script file" field, enter "mapcycle-mp3.scriptcfg".
3. Click "Close advanced options".
4. Start the server.

Buy Mode
The Quake 4 "Buy Mode" is a server option that can be enabled with any gametype
and any arena. The key features of the Buy Mode are:

Instead of picking up weapons, ammo or armor placed in the map, all items will
need to be purchased with credits.
You can always earn credits by fragging your opponents. You can also earn
credits by supporting your team in CTF and DeadZone matches. Capture flags,
defend you flag, or help control the DeadZone and watch your credits increase.

Supported by the following gametypes: DM, TDM, CTF, Arena CTF and Deadzone.
The server must enable the "Allow Buying" option in the Advanced Server Options
The Buy Menu is automatically bound to the B key, but if that key is already in
use, you will need to bind a key to the Buy Menu in the Controls - Weapons
Configuration menu.
You can purchase:
Any weapon in the game... if you have enough credits.
You can also buy Team effects such as Health Regeneration, Damage Boost, and
Ammo Regeneration. Buying any of these powerups will provide you and your
teammates with the effect for a limited time.
Ammo Refill - this item refills all weapons in your inventory at the time of
Light Armor - Yellow armor
Heavy Armor - Red armor
Fixes & Updates in 1.3:

Added a single ambient light option. Use r_forceAmbient with a value ranging
from 0 to 1.
Multiplayer weapon damage and movement values have been adjusted.
The player will now respawn based on his/her last combatant's location.
Shotgun hit sounds will no longer drop.
The game no longer has to be relaunched to access more than 4 netdemos.
The wrong icon will no longer appear for certain clients after a team shuffle.

Spawn auto-complete in the RCON window will no longer crash.
Voting for Team DM and certain maps will no longer load the wrong map.
The Apply Changes button in the Options menu has been removed.
A crash will no longer occur in Tourney if a finalist disconnects.
A player's name will no longer change to that of the player in the demo if a
NetDemo is played.
Time Limit Hit will no longer be displayed in the wrong circumstances.

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