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Legion Arena v1.0101 Patch

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* A new larger multiplayer army size has been added. You can now recruit armies
This v1.0101 patch for Legion Arena adds support for larger multiplayers armies, fixes the balance between units and includes several other bug fixes and tweaks.

!! If you have problems with this patch, we recommend to download and install the Legion Arena v1.0101 Patch.

Patch details:

* A new larger multiplayer army size has been added. You can now recruit armies
up to 10,000 denari with up to 30,000 xp.

* The balancing of numerous units has been tweaked to improve multiplayer and
make Romans vs Gauls a fair fight.

* A speed controller has been added to the options menu on a slider bar. Only
works in single player. Can go from 25% normal speed up to 200%. This should
cater for everyone!

* A screenshot dump key has been added. Press F8 during battle to dump a tga
file of the current view to a Scre_#DATE_#TIME dir in the games directory. The
dir will be data & time stamped for easy location of your screenshots.

* Army reports have been added. You can dump out an army report by pressing F1.
An army report includes information about the current army including a list of
squads, their skills & their stats. This makes it easier for players to compare
armies and to post information on their armies to the web on their own web

* Generals now gain xp for commanding the army & get a % of the army xp. This
means he no longer has to fight to level up.

* A bug that caused squads not to disengage a destroyed squad has been fixed.

* Damage of over 10 is shows as a 2 digit number. E.g. 25 instead of 10, 10, 5.

* A bug where the Roman campaign became locked if you completed the Celtic
campaign has been fixed.

* A bug where the timers for timed missions started counting down during the
fly by before battle has been fixed.

* In multiplayer random maps are selected by the host PC before they enter
deployment. This means if the client enters deployment first they will not see
the default map until the host turns up and then switch to the real map, they
will always see the real map. It was not a bug, but led to accusations of
cheating so we wanted to resolve it.

* At higher levels XP was growing too fast so this has been reduced.

* There is extra support for MOD files. Add a MOD directory to your game
directory. Inside this you can place your mods. Each mod must have its own
directory & the dir name is how it will be labelled when you come to select it,
so use a name you'll recognise & if you intend to pass it on to others, a name
that's descriptive. When you run the game it checks for a mod dir. If one is
found it open up the mod menu & allows you to select from all mods installed on
that machine. Inside each mod directory any files you wish to use must replicate
the directory structure of the full game. E.g. if you wanted to create a mod
where all Legionaries had 2 javelins instead of one, you'd need to make a copy
of the data\squads.txt file. You'd need to put your modified copy at "mods\my
mod\data\squads.txt". This means you should never modify any files in the game
dir, always make a copy & edit them in the mod dir. Please remember that if you
use a mod, your opponent in multiplayer must use the same mod or you will go out
of synch and be unable to play. It's not possible to cheat by modifying your
files when your opponent has not, but it is possible to break multiplayer!

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