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Birth of America v1.08 Patch

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This v1.08 patch for Birth of America adds four new French leaders, changes some scenarios and fixes several bugs.

Patch details:

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Birth of America update 1.08a readme
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bugs fixes
9 bugs (ranging from minor to medium severity) corrected.

Scenarios & data
Scenario Fixes

A - 1755 Scenario
- added new French leaders Plantavit, Testard, Léry, Lignery
- fixed Lord Loudon disappearance: he is now in Williamsburg in 1755 and will
stay there till removed from command (he was mostly staff than action)
- changed G.Washington to start with Braddock army, which has also been
strengthened a bit with artillery and militias.
- changed J.Amherst enter game in June 58 with the Louisbourg expedition army
arriving with J. Wolfe at Halifax.
- fixed 22nd Foot showing up twice
- changed the fixation level and duration of some French units in 1755 in order
to avoid a "Total War" that is unhistorical and unbalanced.

B - 1775-1776 Scenarios
- added new American leader Paterson in Boston 1775 (both historical and
solving command problems)
- added new British leaders: William Caldwell in the West in 1775, Alexander
Stewart arriving with Lord Rawdon,
- replaced Skinner by Lord Dunmore in Norfolk, Skinner now shows up when the
Brits take New York
- changed the fixation level (2 months) of T.Gage army in Boston to reflect his
"expectative" attitude till Bunker Hill (June 75)
- added the 1st Rhode Island Black regiment for the USA in 1778
- added a replacement script for Partisans in the South when the original units
get killed (for 3 years 1778-1780)
- added a script for the US to get artillery replacement when they send, once
per year, their blockade runner or privateers to Eastern Caribbean
- added US artillery and supply showing up in French West Indies upon French
entry in the war: the US player can try to go there and pick them up...
- added a script for the US to get artillery replacement when new French Fleet
show up in American waters.

Units Fixes

- improved the stealthiness of merchants, blockade runners and privateers to
avoid having them caught systemaically
- new abilities; seaman increases admiral speeds by 25%, Pontoneer increasing
river crossing speed by 25%
- increased the hit points of British and French regulars from 8 to 10.
- added seaman mover and skirmisher to John Paul Jones to help him avoid
desperate battles with the RN.
- changed British leader Hamilton first name to Henry (the historical one,
James was an American officer)
- added new 1776 American leader Paterson
- added new 1755 French leaders Plantavit, Testard, Léry, Lignery
- added new 1776 British leaders William Caldwell,Alexander Stewart,Lord

User interface
- 'Save under' process inverted. If you Ctrl-click on the 'Save' button, you
will make a copy (under the new name given) of your current game. You will
continue playing with the current name of your game.
- 'Restore Backup' option added on the load game screen. Pass the mouse over
the game to restore to get instructions. This will load the previous turn from
the auto-backup folder.
- Improved handling on how to show the details about companies and elements of
units: the small NATO symbol on the unit (regiment) panel is now clickable and
will bring the detail window about each company of your regiment. Right-click
will close the window.

- Improved the 'Winter Quarter' algorithm.
- Accelerated the pathfinding algorithm (~ 15%)

Gameplay, rules additions and changes
- Added the pontoneer ability to marines units (which were used to cross rivers
at this time). The whole army will cross rivers 50% faster.
- Forts and to a lesser extent cities have been strenghtened significatively
against assaults.
- Training has been nerfed.
- Damage dones in the fire phase and in the assault phase are now 2 variables
for each element (before the same damage was used).

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