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Hitman: Blood Money v1.2 French Patch

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This French version of the v1.2 patch for Hitman: Blood Money adds new graphics and shader options and thus helps the game perform better on different graphics cards.

Patch details:

The v1.2 patch contains fixes to the following issues:

- Fixes crash when firing weapon on shaderquality medium on FX cards.
- Fixes lighting issues when running on shaderquality medium FX cards.
- Added Shadermodel select to GFX Configuration application (if model is
unsupported then defaults to High).
- "SliOverrde" command added to GFX Configuration application. Select this
option to turn off autodetection of Sli as EnableSli command is now performed
automatically if SLi hardware configuration detected.
- Soft shadows and hard shadows were incorrectly labelled in the Render Menu.
- Installs msvcr71.dll in to application directory in case file is missing from
- Removed optimisation where character models were displayed in LOD3 when
redrawn after leaving the screen.
- Smoothed level opening transition with postfilters disabled

The v1.1 patch contains fixes to the following issues:

- Fix to the low performance problems that have been experienced on some
hardware configurations.
- After extended play sessions game could crash to desktop when transitioning
between levels.
- Items could become stuck in mid-air if game was saved and then loaded
directly after a throwing action.
- Hitman Logo on Main Menu could disappear at 1280x720 resolution.
- Screen borders on cutscenes could be displayed badly at certain screen
- Game could crash if menu is invoked on death sequence after a 3 headshot
revival has been performed.
- Game could crash if when loading and saving within certain locations after
making changes to render options.
- Fix to blurring of Weapon Upgrade Icons when running at LOW in render
- Fix for very occasional graphics corruption when using fibre-wire in 1st
person and moving camera very quickly.
- Fix for slightly oversized Red dot scope zoom.

Additional Information:

If you have an SLI configuration in your machine you can add the command
'enablesli' (without quotes) into the bottom of the

HitmanBloodMoney.ini file to enable the Managed Vertex Buffer which should
result in some performance increase.
Important Note: This only applies to machines with an SLI configuration.

A very small number of users have reported instability on the "Curtains Down"
level. A successful workaround for this problem is to lower the hardware
acceleration slider for your audio device from within the dxdiag application:

(1) Select Run from the START Menu.
(2) Type 'dxdiag' (without the quotes) in to the dialog box and press enter.
(3) Select the Sound tab
(4) Move the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" slider to the left to disable
Full Acceleration.
(5) Select Exit

Lisätty 22.6.2006
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