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Birth of America v1.07 Patch

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This v1.07 patch adds bombard ability, changes some characteristics of units and fixes bugs and graphics.

Patch details:

*** Birth of America update 1.07 readme ***
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

*** Bugs fixes ***
1- Orders files with appended carriage return (added by overzealous mailing
programs) should not crash the game anymore.
2- An army entirely killed while force marching would cause a crash.
3- Upgrading units should now work. This is done automatically if your leader
is a Training Officer or Master Driller (Washington, von Steuben, ...).

*** Scenarios & data ***
1- Some erroneous links corrected in the map (Isle au Noix for example)
2- Scenarios reworked again, notably the French-Indians war scenarios. Also if
Louisbourg fall, the french will loose 100 VP. If not taken, starting in 1758
some added reinforcements will arrive, notably the "Grand Renfort d'Amérique"
with 5 lines regiments and assorted assets.
In the AWI, added the 1st RI regiment, an american regiment with black troops
(august 78).

*** Gameplay additions & changes ***
1- Ships can now bombards. In order to do so your fleet must have:
a) big guns (range 5 or better), b) be in offensive posture and at sea c) must
not have bombarded this turn d) have the order "bombard" activated.
A valid target is (coastal province each time):
a) an enemy army in a region where you have an army in offensive posture
b) an enemy in a city, if the city has an harbor
c) an enemy fleet, harbored, in a port not protected by a fort
d) an enemy army, entranched with artilleries.

Beware, the enemy can strike back...

2- Units recombinations
You can recombine weakened units (who have lost elements) into a single one.
Common usage will be to regroup your weakened artilleries, supplies and
militias into stronger units. To do so, multi-select the units which should
merge, then hit CTRL-C. Provided the merging is legal (right elements, no more
than 4), then the operation will be done instantly (no need to be processed by
the hosting phase).

3- Indians units will now cost 2 CP (command points) if commanded by a leader
unable to command indians units. Reminder: these units have a 0 CP cost
normally, if left alone or with the right commander. Ambush percentage chance
has been increased for all units what's more.

4- Levies are now raised in february and june, starting with february 76 in the
5- If you fight in a region where you have a structure, you will now retreat
inside. Also if you sortie from a structure, the hosting module will force you
to switch to an offensive posture if not done. This is to prevent a possible
exploit, where players would sortie and go away from a structure besieged by a
force in defensive (to get the benefit of entranchement eg).

6- Yet another test has been made to get a right flavor message when you are
victorious or defeated in a battle. Pyrrhic victories are still difficult to
get right...

7- A passive posture now enable you to get out of a ZOC. Reminder: a ZOC is a
zone of control, = a region where the enemy has a fort or many troops. (see the
previous readme for all the rule)

8- the protection rating of troops is now used differently. Before each point
in protection substracted 4% to hit chance. Now the To Hit chance is time 0.96.
This should be more realistic in some extreme cases (low or high To Hit
chances). eg: 5 protections give (0.96)^5 = 0.80

*** Graphics ***
1- The cityscapes sprites have been remade to look "crispier".
2- If you use the pause after battle option, the battle balance is now
3- Explosions have been replaced by the region of the battle pulsating in red.
4- The English flag has been fixed.

*** User interface additions ***
1- Scrolling will now disable correctly the tooltip, if you choose to have a
delay on tooltip appearance.
2- Added shortkeys
For postures: Use A, O, D, P for Agressive, Offensive, Defensive, Passive

Sentry: S
This will skip the army/fleet when you browse thru your list of assets with the
browse keys.
Reminder: E: previous land group R: next land group T: previous fleet Y: next
*** The armies/fleets are skipped if on move, UNLESS you press also CTRL. ***

For special orders & missions: Use SHIFT +
T: Move inside Town upon arriving into the destination region.
E: Entranch
F: Build Fort
D: Build Depot
S: Sortie from structure
M: Forced March
A: Ambush
R: Raze Fort
B: Burn other structure
B: Bombard

Ctrl-C: combine units

3- Some regions colors are now customizable. Open BoaSettingsGeneral.opt, add
these keys:
colFoW = 175|175|175|255
colEventBlock = 145|145|145|255
colPermaBlock = 125|125|125|255

the 4 numbers for each color are: red value, green value, blue value, opacity
(leave 255, as for these 3 the opacity is hard coded).
colFow is for fog of war. colEventBlock is for regions that are blocked
(unplayable) but can be unblocked by an event. colPermaBlock are for region
blocked during the entire scenario (outside the playing area).

4- Optimal mouse cursor "giggling a bit" should not reset the tooltip delay

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