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Birth of America v1.05 Patch

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This v1.05 patch includes new game concept among other gameplay tweaks, some scenario changes and lots of bug fixes.

Patch details:

WARNING : This patch won't allow saves of previous versions to be continued
(changes in the data format).

***Bugs fixes***
1- Renaming a saved game prevented new events to appears.
2- 'Save as' function not working properly (performed a simple save)
3- Loyalty messages were sometime inverted.
4- The tooltip dealing with armies postures in the battle report was
5- Indians should not burn any more their villages when they switch
6- The winner in combat is now determined in a more logical way.
7- "Saving as" twice in the same turn could cause a crash, because the files
are still locked by the system. Now you will get a message to retry some
seconds later (can be 1 mn on some rare systems).
8- Droping a unit onto an army tab would cause a crash if the tab was not
graphically displayed over a region. (this is possible in the British West
Indies off-map box)
9- The battle report will show a more accurate count of units engaged in the
fight, both initially and during the battle. Before units which were commited
at round 2+ would not be displayed (so were displayed some strange results
where you would have suffred losses without having any units displayed

*** Gameplay additions & changes ***
1- New game concept, roads & tracks. Each region has now a network level
(separate from its civilization level): none, tracks, roads.
Roads are on the map, tracks are in every region with a city and generally in
non-wild areas (you don't get a visual clue though). A road will allow your
units to move with the terrain cost of a clear terrain, whatever the real
terrain. A track will have your units spend at most 150% of the clear cost, if
the cost would have been higher (so you benefit from a track in moutain or
forest, but it has no real importance in clear terrain).
2- The maximum damages done by besieging units has been refined. Irregulars can
no longer inflict such damages (they can starve you to death or assault the
structure though).
3- Most Irregulars can now capture some structures (depot, villages, harbor),
will burn some others (level 1 fort) and won't be able to capture/destroy
cities or fortresses. For gameplay reasons they can still assault, but the
owner will not change even if they kill everybody. British Light Infantries are
irregulars but don't have this behavior.
4- An army intercepting another friendly army will target the region the second
army is moving in, not the initial region.

*** User interface additions ***
1- A message will tell you more precisely why you can't move into a given
region (Carleton leader trying to move outside of Canada eg).

*** AI ***
1 - The AI can now receive a detection bonus, helping her making the right
moves against a human opponent.

*** Scenarios changes ***
1- All scenarios reexported to accomodate with the new gameplay rule on roads &
2- The initial English units in the British West Indies in 1775-1776 are now
fixed for a few months (they would jump early on Charleston otherwise)
3- Some Indians villages belonging to the French were mistakenly given to the
English faction.

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