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Birth of America v1.04 Patch

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This v1.04 patch for Birth of America includes several interface changes, gameplay tweaks and plenty of bug fixes.

Patch details:

***Bugs fixes***

Fixed the error triggered by clicking on some icons of the battle report.
Fixed the drag&drop in the British West Indies (prevented loading regiments on
the initial ship in the AWI campaign).
Blank battle report poping-up erroneously in hosting should not reappears (if
it does, please report).
You can no longer unfix a unit with another unit of the same strength (you need
a stronger unit).
Disabled the ambush order in fort. (!)
Moving into a structure will remove the entranchment status.
You will not automatically switch to Offensive, if you are in a structure and
have less than 5% of control in the region.
If you have the special order "enter into the destination structure as soon as
possible", it will only triggers if there is no enemy besieging the structure.

***Interface changes***

AGEsettings, the utility in the same directory as the main BOA executable has
now 2 new options:
a) using a resolution different from your desktop resolution. Please note that
BoA can't dynamically reset your resolution to your desktop one if you just
minimize / alt-tab the game. A lower resolution allow you to run the game
b) hardware mouse cursor option enabled, will speed up mouse response for whose
who have a low FPS.

Region pre-caching will only precache regions when loading a scenario (its now
advised to always check this option).
You can now "Save as" a game, by using CTRL & click when you save a game with
the "Save" button on the top right panel.

4 new parameters are recognized in the BoASettingsGeneral.opt file:
ScrollAmount = 100
ScrollDelay = 100
ScrollIncrease = 2
(the 3 above are the current values)

ScrollAmount is the amount of pixel scrolled for each scroll impulse.
ScrollDelay is the amount, in ms, before triggering the scrolling.
ScrollIncrease is the speed increase of the scrolling, from 0 to ScrollAmount.
To restore the 1.02 scrolling behavior, use:
ScrollAmount = 50
ScrollDelay = 400
ScrollIncrease = 50
(eg 'big chunk, delayed' scrolling)

This parameter command the delay between battle rounds:
BRSmallStep = 10

***Graphics & art***

Towns (level 1 structure) now have a new image on the map. Reminder: level 1
town don't allow a unit to get a RPL.
Bridges and fords have been added to the map (download the separate mapupdate
New arts for Galvez (Spanish leaver), Washington (young, in the FIW
scenariors), Dunmore Ethiopian unit.


Most indians and Irregulars units can no longer captures enemy structures.
Instead they will burn it.
Indians & Irregulars can get replacements in any regions, provided they are in
supply (this include partisans). Be sure to have an army with only leaders and
irregulars to trigger this effect. (you must have RPL in your pool though!).
The replacements priority is now an absolute one: armies in passive will always
receive RPL before Defensives armies, and Defensives will always have a priority
over Offensives armies.
Two new crossing cost have been added, in places with fords or bridges. This
reduce the crossing cost of rivers, but don't change the combat matrix (on
Leaders can't get more than +1 in each of their Offensive/Defensive leader
rating from experience.


Indians tribes can now be activated "as a block" if you atttack one of them.
The scripts discriminate southern & northern indians.
Minor additions and modifications in all the FWI scenarios, and the 75/76
campaigns (some additional garrisons, etc.).

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