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World in Conflict v1.002 UK Patch

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This v1.002 patch for the UK version of World in Conflict updates the game from all previous versions and makes a host of bugfixes, adds new features, and balances the gameplay.

Patch details:

World in Conflict Update
Update #002

This is the second update for World in Conflict, primarily adding new functionality for server administration, updates to Massgate and fixes to various performance and stability issues.

New features:
- Several new Admin Commands have been added to give Server Admins increased control. For details on each of the individual commands and how to use them, read here.

- A time delay of 20 seconds has been added between Assault rounds.

- Clan officers can now invite other players to the clan, as well as kick Grunts.

- A successful map vote will now change the map instantly.

- Two new permanent chat rooms have been added to Massgate for clan war and few player mode matters.

- Players should now get an in-game notification when receiving an "Instant Message".

Units and balancing:
- The cost for the "Heavy Air Support" Tactical Aid has been reduced from 30/50/70 to 25/45/65.

- Score from repairing your own non-repair units has been reduced by 50%.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a crash that could occur directly after map load (on systems not supporting Pixel Shader 2.0). Was released on the forums as a Hotfix.

- Fixed crashes that could occur on localized versions (languages other than English).

- "Solo VOIP" (to specific player(s)) checkbox now stays enabled when exiting score sheet.

- Players who experience occasional freezes/lockups can now try to append "-stabilityfactor 10" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut. It can also be toggled in the console (in-game) by typing StabilityFactor 10. The number 10 can be decreased or increased if users want to experiment (StabilityFactor 0 turns the feature off).

- The game now defaults to full Field-of-View for Widescreen resolutions (such as 16:9). The widescreen Field-of-View from Update 1 can be used by appending "-widescreenscale" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut.

- Entering the Mega-Map no longer resets changes to the camera settings.

- Better feedback to players that are moved to the other team as a result of "Team Auto-Balance".

- Players should no longer experience disconnects when selecting a role that has already reached its cap.

- Players should no longer experience disconnects when buying more units than they had credits for. This could occur if a player “resupplied” and then ordered more troops before the server had responded.

- Players should no longer experience disconnects when ordering more Tactical Aid weapons than they could afford. This could happen if a player ordered two different Tactical Aid weapons before the server responded.

- Added Dynamic Lag Margin, activated by appending "-lagmargin" (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut. This increases the lag margin to a maximum of 0.45 at packet loss / variation in ping.

- Updated the NATO heavy helicopter texture.

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