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Dominions 3: The Awakening v3.10 Mac Patch

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This v3.10 Mac patch for Dominions 3: The Awakening features new events, nations, spells, and much more.

Patch details:

New nation: LA Pythium, Serpent Cult. The dom2 theme revamped. Meet the mystery cults and soldiers of the limes.
Nation remade: MA Mictlan, Reign of the Lawgiver. Sky priests, Moon Warriors, Jade Serpents, new heroes and a pretender.
Nation Remade: MA T'ien Chi. New units such as apothecaries and geomancers, abilities on several of the old units, new longevity spells, Huli Jing summon, new sprites, conscription more useful.
New heroes for Agartha, Sauromatia, Eriu, Jomon, Lanka, Marverni.
Stone beings are now immune from stone sword petrification.
New horrors
New event spells: Monster Boar, Send Dream Horror.
Iron Pigs gives Marverni Iron Boars
Cave sites, deep sea sites and other sites with a total of 140 new ones
New bandar summon: Rudra
New Events
New icons: diseased, plague carrier, reaper, heretic, healer, poison barbs, reinvigouration, fire power, cold power, storm power, dark power, fortune teller.
Ko-Oni popytpe added.
Fir Bolg popytpe added.
Independent undead apes

Bug Fixes v3.10 Mega- Patch:

Mac could crash when shift selecting units, fixed.
Wrong type of local defence under water for some nations, fixed.
Guru reincarnation bug fixed.
Some 3.09 heroes with wrong names fixed.
Monster mod command #reinvigoration didn't work, fixed.
Weapon mod command #aoe didn't work, fixed.
Mod command #clearsites didn't work as advertised, fixed.
Mod command #clearmagic did not work properly on monsters with more than one magic skill, fixed.
Fixed mod command #secondaryeffectalways.
Fixed battlefield location on cave battlegrounds.
Magic scale restrictions for random events didn't work, fixed.
Magic units without magic leadership fixed.
Undead units without undead leadership fixed.
Shuten Doji friendly sleep fix.
Shuten Doji sleep effect increase.
Horticulturist no longer harvests his crops with firebrand.
Tombwyrm & chariot summoning works
Unholy bless fix.
Bean Sidhe (undead) enc 0.
Summon Bean Sidhe fix.
Seer King enabled.
Some PD fixes
Some nation brief_descr fixes

Other Stuff v3.10 Mega- Patch:

Edi's Great description-fixing.
New screen resolution 1920*1200 supported.
Raise dead didn't work properly with corpses from plagues etc. Fixed.
Ammit -> commander.
Rain Moddable
'Z' cannot be used to steal from mercs.
Demonbreds not truly demons to disable their unthematic reanimation.
Deva pretender increased undead leadership
Magic items on dead people no longer prevents reforging.
Golem cult statues got darkvision
Male seducers now seduces females instead of males.
Cost changes to several units including Shadow vestals, Jaguar warriors, Marverni warriors.
Troglodyte reduced mr.
All Mictlan troops forest survival.
Tempest warriors lost ice prot.
Indep grimoire slightly improved.
Hydras remade with 9 heads.
Maenad new sprite.
Maenad forest survival.
MA van home only. Gold cost increase.
Animal and vegetable names
Cave sites separated from mountain sites
Cave province names

And some other stuff...

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