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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl v1.0004 Polish patch

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This Polish patch for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl upgrades the game to v1.0004 and makes tons of single- and multiplayer fixes, optimizations, and adds quite a few new features.

Patch details:

= 1.0004 =-

Saved games.
Saved games from 1.0003 version will work with 1.0004 version.

Connecting to the server will be possible only if the host's version of the game is the same as yours.

Patch 1.0004 changes and fixes:


1. Calculating detailed objects was moved to the second CPU stream.
2. Engine optimization, which resulted in FPS 10-15% gain.
3. Shaders optimization.

MP features:

1. Implemented the standalone dedicated server.
2. Retail version now works correctly with the standalone dedicated server.
3. Added remote control for the dedicated server.
4. Max ping disconnect option implemented.
5. Self-correcting network packets wrapper was implemented. This resulted in better ping values and traffic reduction by 50-100%.
6. Artifacts counter is not shown in the statistics.
7. Checking available maps without disconnecting the current game is now possible.
8. The list of the players is not dropped to the beginning upon the attempt to scroll it. Now it became easier to put the players on ban voting.
9. Fixed some bugs with defining the cause of death.
10. The exploded grenade does not continue lying on the ground after the detonation.
11. Fixed the artifact activation and the spawned anomalous zone functioning algorithm.

MP crash fix:

Fixed all known crashes.

SP fixes:

1. Fixed the bug with shooting from the grenade launcher. The grenade is fired with the first shot now.
2. Fixed the disappearing weapons when crouching for a long time.
3. Fixed the game crash on Pripyat location, when the player approached any of the monolithians' camps.
4. Fixed Voronin's tasks to eliminate the bandit Poker.
5. Fixed the random quests at the Wild Territory.
6. Fixed the random task to destroy the bandits' camp at the Cordon.
7. Fixed the random Barkeep's task to clear the snorks lair at the Dark Valley.
8. Fixed the bug with the automatic task to defend the camp when switching location or saving/loading the game.
9. Fixed the random quest to destroy the mutants lair when pseudo dogs are nearby.
10. Fixed the task to destroy the mutants lair.
11. Fixed the random tasks with the raids of characters' camps.
12. Fixed the choice of goods at Barkeep and Petrenko after completing the random tasks.
13. The wounded do not run away from the grenade now.
14. The zombies at Yantar do not run from the grenade now.
15. Fixed the crash caused by the patrol route at Yantar.
16. Fixed the crash caused by the patrol route at Agroprom Research Institute.
17. Fixed the task with getting rid of the Duty group in the village at the Military Warehouses level.
18. Fixed the bug with repeating the scene of the Duty group ambush at the beginning of the Military Warehouses level.
19. Fixed the bug with camera fly-through on the stadium at Pripyat.
20. Fixed the bug with Bes character, when the latter couldn't be healed.

Lisätty 30.8.2007
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