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Space Empires V v1.44 Euro patch

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This patch for Space Empires V upgrades the game to v1.44 with some minor bugfixes.

Patch details:

Version 1.44:
1. Fixed - Mine vehicle sizes were using the wrong ability value in the ability description.
2. Fixed - Added check for machines that don't support gamma shifting.

There were two versions of Space Empires V released in Europe.

If you have the version containing English, French and German languages (retail v1.30 or v1.33) then please download the Euro patch from this website page ( Euro Patch Space Empire V Retail Version only).

If you are unsure about which version you have then,

1) Download the Euro patch from this website.

2) If you get a message saying that Space Empires V is not installed, then download and install the US patch from malfador Website

Note: the patch will only recognise and update the version of the game it was designed for. You will not be able to update your version with the wrong patch.

The Internet play in Space Empires V does not support cross language play (i.e. a mixture of game languages in the same game). Some parts of the game for the clients will appear in the Host’s language. Playing a game where all players are using the same game language is fine. This is an issue that cannot be fixed and will not appear in any future patch.

You can raise any issues that you have regarding the updates contained in the patch at the Developers Website or send an email to

Lisätty 30.8.2007
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Tiedoston koko 13,96 MB
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