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Quake 4 v1.4.2 full Mac patch

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This v1.4.2 patch for the Mac version of Quake 4 makes loads of changes and fixes.

Patch details:

* player lean, player models lean in the direction of movement
use g_playerLean to scale or disable the effect (client side)
* fix wallhugging on ramps
fix also makes ramps slightly faster
* horizontal speed fully maintained when crouch sliding and hitting a ramp
previous version had a little dip
1.4.1 had a bug that caused a sharp speed drop (this is also fixed)
* RG ammo box 10->7
change was initiallly advertised in 1.4.1 but didn't make it in
* si_fps limited to 90fps for q4mp/, now declared in gamecode so mods can change their max
* predict weapon changes for the local client. more responsive on high ping
(can be turned off with net_clientPredictWeaponSwitch 0)
* revert the projectile code to 1.4.0, not trying to predict projectiles anymore
the prediction code of 1.4.1 can be enabled with g_predictProjectiles 1 (client side)
(was causing too many bad artifacts)
* reworked the hit sounds / hit feedback propagation. fixed skipping problems
* change network demo extension to include the protocol number
for Quake 4 1.4.2, the extension is .ndmo85
* fix network demos not setting the si_fps value properly
* fix client prediction being irregular when connected to a TV repeater
* added r_skipSky for a cheap black sky
* fix a crash in single player (sound related)
* fix several SMP-related crashes
* fix a crash in autodownload server
* hud_showSpeed cvar (shows current horizontal speed)
* hud_showInput cvar (shows the input state to learn how to make particular moves)
* s_useOcclusion no longer cheat protected (can be changed by network clients now)
* no gauntlet spinup time, damage is immediate now
* bse_rateLimit defaults to 3, showing all shotgun pellet impacts
* added g_nailTrail, g_grenadeTrail, g_rocketTrail, g_railTrail, g_napalmTrail to disable weapon trails
* updated reference netdemo included for performance tests: id_perftest.ndmo85

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