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Overlord v1.2 patch

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Patch details:

OVERLORD PC PATCH 1.2 CHANGE LIST (updated 30/07/2007)


* Contact info:


This patch can be applied to both the shipped PC version of Overlord, and to versions which have been patched to 1.1

The patch may prompt players to locate the Overlord Installation folder. This will happen if it cannot find the Overlord registry key, which can be caused if you uninstalled the demo after installing the main game.



* Version number reported on Title Screen.

* Invert Y-axis Mouse option added in Game Options menu.

* 30FPS cap has been removed. The game can now run at higher frame rates if your video card supports it.

* Refresh rate is set by default to the lowest available within the Configuration Tool.

* Potential desync in Multiplayer resolved. This could occur in Co-op Survival / Versus matches when Tower Objects were collected. Only affects games containing a machine with an Athlon 64 processor.

* Minions can now cross the entire length of a bridge in the Ruborian Desert while carrying a health upgrade back to a Tower Gate.

* Fixed an exploit which allowed players to forge/upgrade equipment without losing any minions.

* Melvin will now never reappear in the Halfling Party Area after he has been killed. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed.

* The ‘Kill Kahn’ quest will now always show as completed when Khan is defeated. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed.

* A number of additional minor / rare issues resolved

* All 1.1 fixes


* Spokes will always be retrievable and usable in Dwarven Brewery. Existing Save Games affected by this issue will also be fixed.

* Updated the uninstall script to less aggressively delete files in the installation directory, thereby preventing potential & unintended loss of data.

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