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The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II v1.03 Korean Patch

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This Korean patch for The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II upgrades the game to v1.03 makes lots of gameplay tweaks balancing the game.

Patch details:

was an epic ordeal with many key learnings.

Enough from me for now, the patch is finally, and I mean finally, LIVE.

The Lord of the Rings™, The Battle for Middle-earth™
Readme File========================
Version 1.03 - February 24, 2006


• Darkness and Freezing rain now take longer to recharge (5 min) than their
effectiveness time (3 min)
• Weather powers are now independent, meaning they can overlap their effects,
except for enemy freezing rain
• Cloudbreak recharge time is now 6m 15s, costs 7 points (from 6), and beyond
stunning its level 1 units, it now also negatively effects all enemy units
(-30% speed, -50% armor) for 35 seconds
• Summoned Elves duration reduced (2 mins from 3 mins)
• Summoned Eagles duration reduced (1m30s from 2 mins)
• Elven Woods and Tainted land armor bonus reduced (+40% from +50%)
• Heal power now only heals up to 80% of the unit's max health

• Balrog now has a faster wings-takeoff animation (0.7s from 1.7s)
• Balrog sensibly more resistant to magic damage (80% damage taken from 100%)
• Army of the Dead damage vs the Balrog reduced (approx. 70% less)
• Balrog whip attack can now target air units, reload increased (30s from 5s),
damage vs heroes highly increased (+35%), heroes can't resist its knockback
• Balrog whip attack now has a special critical damage bonus (x10) against
Gandalf, lethal damage if Gandalf is casting any spell
• Balrog now takes less damage from Eagles (40% from 100%)

• All infantry Forged Blades damage per second reduced by one third
• All basic infantry now more resistant to specialist damage (Pikemen, Tower
Guards, Soldiers of Rhun). It's now 29%/20% (from 50% /40%).
• Basic Infantry Heavy armor fire vulnerability slightly increased (15% damage
taken from 0%)
• Gondor and Rohan elite units (Tower Guard, Ranger, Elven Warrior) and its
combos now take 33% more experience to level up – exception is the Tower Guard
for rank 2, as described in the Gondor changes section
• Catapult, trebuchet (60% taken from 100%) and ballista (50% taken from 100%)
now more resistant to Structural (Ent rocks) damage
• Mordor and Isengard Castle Towers base damage increased (25 from 20), +33%
damage to heroes except Nazguls and Eagles
• New base balance of cavalry:
Warg + Howl > Knight + Horseshields > Rohirrim > Wargs > Knight ~= Rohirrim
FU Knights > FU Rohirrim > FU Wargs (FU = Fully Upgraded = Horseshields+Forged
Blades+Heavy Armor)
• All combined hordes now get special bonuses: +10% dmg, +10% armor for
melee+ranged, +20% damage for pike+ranged and +20% armor for melee+cavalry or
pike+melee combos

• Mordor and Isengard outer slaughterhouses cost reduced (300 from 350) and
provides similar cash as a lumbermil with 4 laborers (225 from 150 credits per
minute). Ranks up to level 2 faster (6 min), when it roughly matches a
lumbermill production with 6 laborers (255 cpm). At rank 3, on the 23 min mark,
provides 270 credits per minute.
• Outpost (expansion) Citadels now have new models and are garrisonable, but
can't be entered while being auto-repairing.. New mordor outpost hosts
battallions visibly on top of it, and the hosted battalion takes advantage of
any leadership applied, but will die if the outpost is destroyed.
• Gondor and Rohan outpost Citadels health sensibly reduced (2700 from 4000),
can't be entered while it's being auto- repaired.
• Warg Lairs now drop 2 chests with 120-160 gold (from 50) and Trolls Lairs
drop 3 chests with 120-160 gold (from 50). New total average is 280 gold from a
warg lair and 420 gold from a troll lair.
• Neutral Warg now does more damage to structures (33% from 10%) and citadels
(90% damage vs 33%)
• Neutral Troll is now faster (37 from 33) and has a larger guard (600 from
350) and vision range (175 from 150)
• Monster lairs are now more vulnerable to crush (cavalry) damage (150% damage
taken from 50%).


• Warchant recharge time increased to 2m15s (from 2m)
• Vision of the Palantir now gives a +15% speed bonus to certain unit types in
its central cursor area when its cast. Eligible types are cavalry, archers
(including crossbowmen combos), heroes and siege units. 2m40s recharge, 35s
• Saruman's Fireball extension range (how much the weapon can reach out after
being fired) increased (280 vs 250)
• Saruman's leadership effect reduced, now +30% armor (from +50%), +100%
experience and fear invulnerability
• Saruman's base health increased by 10% (1100 from 1000) and Wormtongue setup
time reduced (1.2s from 2s)
• Lurtz Passive Leadership Damage boost reduced (+60% from +100%)
• Lurtz cripple extension range increased (380 vs 350)
• All Isengard Infantry now gain more health in Level 2 (+30 from +20) and
Level 3 (+25 from +20)
• Uruk-Hai with heavy armor now more vulnerable to crush damage (60% from 50%)
• Uruk- crossbow combo horde sped up (42 from 33)
• Crossbowmen have a longer pre-attack time (730ms from 500ms)
• Pierce damage of crossbowmen vs cavalry reduced by 30%
• Pikemen with heavy armor slash vulnerability (123% from 80% damage taken) and
pierce vulnerability (50% from 20%) increased
• Pikemen fire vulnerability (100%/75% from 30%/0%, unarmored/armored)
• Warg Riders cost reduced (760 from 800), and now have health recovery ability
when not fighting - 22s to start healing, 1.5 seconds for each 4-point heal
• Wargs on line formation now earn +20% experience on top of the armor bonus
and attack reduction
• Warg's Howl is now +60% damage (from +50%) for 29s (from 35), recharge
increased (1m40s from 1m30s)
• Warg's Howl have a new aura effect, Heavy armor also has a new black skin to
help distinguish their current power at any time
• Wargs with Forged Blades now do less damage (80 from 90)
• Berserker build time decreased (13s from 20s), Mordor and Isengard castle
towers have a +50% damage bonus vs berserkers
• Ballista AI and pathing improved
• Ballista sensibly more resistant to fire (25% from 50%) and siege (33% from
50%) damage
• Ballistas now have a faster rate of fire (7s reload from 8s)


• Ent Allies Power Point cost reduced to 6 (from 8)
• Elven Woods cost reduced (2 points from 3 points)
• Some Rohan hero abilities (blademaster,shieldmaiden and glorious charge) are
no longer cancelable by anti-leadership
• Glorious Charge reload increased (1m45s from 1m), damage decreased (+30% from
• Eowyn starts with horse
• Theoden base health increased (900 from 800), and is now un-knockable
• Gimli axe throw recharge now takes longer (45s from 10s), half power vs
heroes, double damage vs cavalry; Weapon gained splash damage and range (250
from 175), halved damage on splash area vs infantry and monsters
• Gimli leap attack moved to rank 3 (from 2), range increased (130 from 100)
• Gimli's slayer ability moved to rank 7 (from 5), recharge increased (1m30
from 1m), when in effect it disables the axe throw
• Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli now cost 5 command points each
• Aragorn's Blademaster duration slightly reduced (25s from 30s)
• Aragorn's Army of the Dead has a shorter duration (32s from 45s)
• Aragorn attacks faster and with 1/4th damage on its splash area, blademaster
effectiveness reduced (+50% from +100%), price increased (3500 from 3000), more
vulnerable to MAGIC damage (100% from 75%)
• Aragorn Athelas heal recharge time increased (2m15s from 1m30s)
• Aragorn revival costs increased to reflect its new cost and efficiency
• Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli now take more experience to level up above rank 7
(1100/1500/2000 from 900/1100/1500)

• 'Crush revenge' damage higher for peasants (35 from 20 slash)
• Draft Peasant now more vulnerable to slash damage (120% taken from 100%)
• Rohirrim now take less command points (15 from 20)
• Rohirrim attack reload sped up (1.25s from 1.5s, base damage per second = 32
from 27)
• Rohirrim is now more resistant to slash damage (90% from 100%)
• Rohirrim is now 10% more efficient vs Warg Riders (able to beat a batt
without howl)
• Rohirrim with both horseshields and heavy armor now more resistant to magic
attacks (80% from 100% damage taken)
• Rohirrim vulnerability to HERO_RANGED with heavy armor (80% from 50%) and
Horseshields (65% from 50%) increased
• Horseshield now gives less pierce-resistance to Rohirrim (30% taken from
20%). Heavy armor and HA+shields resistance unchanged.
• Yeoman Archers have now much more base damage • 32 pierce (from 10) and 37
flame (from 15) - but reload time is 2.4 seconds longer
• Yeoman Archer's now have 15% more speed. Crush-revenge damage (20 from 10)
and buildtime (33s from 30s) increased
• Elven Warrior's sight range reduced (270 from 420)
• Elven Warrior's now take more pierce damage with heavy armor (60% from 40%)
and 100%/20% flame damage (from 30%/0%)
• Elven Warrior's on swords now do Slash damage as in 1.01, lower speed
reduction on formation (-25% from -40%)
• Elven Warrior's with heavy armor now more resistant to URUK (55% from 60%)
and specialist (23% from 30%) damage
• Elven Warrior's Crush vulnerability sensibly increased (90%/65% from 50%
/50%, without/with HA), crush revenge damage halved.
• Treebeard now has longer weapon range (600 from 500) and rock-throw damage
(520 from 400)
• TreeBeard now has a new aura effect to help distinguish the Ents under its
• TreeBeard now adds a leadership to Ents, increasing their armor by 50%, speed
by 25% and rock throw range by 20%
• Treebeard enraged time reduced (1m from 2m30s)
• Ents crush vulnerability increased (40% from 80%)
• Standard Ents health reduced (1700 from 2000) - please notice that total
health with TreeBeard aura is around 2500
• Rohirrim Archer now does only 28% damage to anti-cavalry units (Tower Guard,
Soldiers of Rhun, Elven Warrior and Pikemen), and less damage to trolls and
drummer trolls (56% from 100%). Crush resistance increased (80%/25% from
• Rohirrim Archer is now more vulnerable to pierce damage (130%/50% from
100%/40%, without/with Heavy Armor) and flame (100%/80% from 50%/0%), more
resistant to HERO_RANGED (150% taken from 200%)
• Legolas can't be killed by Istari Light in a single hit anymore
• Legolas' Hawk Strike now has a 30% damage boost vs Gandalf, recharge is now
longer (45s from 30s)
• Eomer buildcost increased (1400 from 1200), base spear damage reduced (280
from 400), spear recharge much faster (25s from 60s) and available from start
• Eomer Horse leadership now on Rank 4, damage boost reduced (+60% from +100%),
added +50% combat experience

• Archery range experience requirement reduced - only three Yeomans batallions
needed to rank up
• Rohan Walls health reduced (4000 from 5000)
• Rohan Gate more resistant to magic damage (120% taken from 300%)
• Armory cost now 1300
• All Rohan upgrades now research in 45s (vs 30s)
• Forged Blades equip cost increased (350 from 300)
• Heavy armor equip cost decreased (250 from 300)


• Rohirrim allies duration (1m15 from 3m) and recharge (4m from 5m30s) reduced,
now spawns 4 batts instead of 5
• Gandalf now gains 300 health (from 500) when White, now costs 10 command
• Gandalf now requires more experience to level up above rank 7 (1400/1900/2500
from 1100/1500/2000)
• Gandalf's Word of Power recharge time increased (4m30s/9m from 3/6m,
with/without GtW), damage vs cavalry highly reduced
• Gandalf lightning strike damage sensibly reduced vs gates
• Gandalf Istari Light now does less damage to the WitchKing (180% damage from
• Gandalf shield bubble armor boost slightly reduced (99% from 200%) to make
whipping shielded Gandalf possible
• Faramir now starts at rank 3 (with horse), leadership now at rank 5, +50%
armor and fear resistance on a smaller radius (150 vs 200)
• Faramir Wounding Arrow base damage increased (400 from 300), reload time
increased (40s from 15s), reduced power vs Witchking (50% vs 300%), more
effective vs Mumakil (300% from 100%), +60% damage bonus vs Aragorn and Gimli
• Faramir now has a hold fire button, bow reloads Faster (1.4s average reload
from 1.75 s)
• Faramir now switches to and from his horse faster (1.2s from 2s), speed on
horses is now equal to the Knights speed
• Boromir cost increased (1600 from 1400), now starts at rank 3, +60% damage
leadership at rank 4, Horn of Gondor at rank 5, Captain of Gondor at rank 6
• Boromir Horn of Gondor recharge takes longer (1m30s from 1m)
• Boromir attack now swings quicker (base damage per second unchanged) and has
knockback damage, able to throw back non-hero targets
• Boromir now more resistant to slash (40% from 60%), uruk (30% from 40%) and
crush (35% from 40%) damage types

• Soldier cost now 120, health increased (110 from 100)
• Fire arrow, heavy armor and forged blades equip cost 600 from 800 (360 with
full discounts)
• 'Crush revenge' damage higher for Gondor Soldiers (40 from 20/slash)
• Gondor Archers cost reduced to 250 (from 300), 20% faster speed, take less
command points (10 from 15 per batallion)
• Gondor Archers pierce damage increased (12 from 10) with +12% attack bonus vs
orcs, flame damage higher (22 from 15)
• Ranger weapon now has increased range (370 from 350) and fast-fire feature,
doubling reload rate after the second arrow. 150% pierce damage bonus vs Trolls
and Mumakils
• Ranger cost (600 from 500) and buildtime (40 from 30s) increased, battalion
now takes 20 command points (from 15), it's now very pierce (35% damage taken
from 100%) and fire (25% from 100%) resistant
• Ranger now have a "Hold fire" option
• Tower Guard cost increased (500 from 400), 150% damage bonus vs cavalry and
double the crush revenge, can't be trampled anymore when in blockshield
• Tower Guards more vulnerable to slash and uruk damage (150%/100% from
100%/40%, without and with heavy armor) and flame damage (10% from 0%), more
resistant to pierce damage (10% from 20%)
• Tower Guards faster in blockshield formation (50% speed from 25%), less armor
protection (+40% from +50%)
• Tower Guard now gives more experience when killed (15 from 10), experience
requirement to reach level 2 halved (75 from 150). Other ranks requirements
• Knights health reduced by 10% (215 from 240)
• Knights now do crush damage (from slash)
• Knights with both Heavy armor and Horseshields now have extra magic
• Knight horseshields research cost and time increased (1300/45s from
1000/30s), equip cost increased (400 from 200)
• Knight horseshields now increases resistance to crush damage (77%/27% from
80%/40%, without/with heavy armor), and has less pierce resistance (25% taken
from 20%). Heavy armor and HA+shields resistances unchanged
• Knight vulnerability to HERO_RANGED with heavy armor (80% from 50%) and
Horseshields (65% from 50%) increased
• Trebuchet's fire-upgraded damage (350siege/300fire from 300siege/200fire) and
range (450 from 420) increased

• Workshop (Treb production structure) now costs 1500 from 2000
• Wall Trebuchet cost is now reduced with multiple blacksmiths
• Barracks level 2 experience requirement reduced (400 from 500)
• Damage of the upgraded Battle arrows reduced (90 vs 120)
• Walls health reduced by approximately 30%
• Numenor Wall health bonus reduced (4500 from 5000)
• Gondor Gate more resistant to magic damage (120% taken from 300%)
• Blacksmith now takes twice as long to level up to rank 3
• Iron Ore (+20% from +50%) and Grand Harvest (+40% from +50%) production
boosts reduced


• Darkness Boost is now +33% damage (from +50%) and +50% armor
• Witchking damage boost is now reduced (+50% from +100%)
• WitchKing range of aura effect highly increased (500 from 200)
• WitchKing now has a new armor, compared to the Nazgul's it's more pierce (40%
vs 61%) and magic (80% vs 100%) resistant, and more flame vulnerable (80% vs
• Witchking now takes half damage from some special hero attacks - Wounding
Arrow, Hawk Strike, Spear Throw
• Gollum now has proper hotkey, recruit and revival definitions, cost increased
(150 from 50), has a new armor (melee-resistant) and +70% damage bonus vs

• Orcs armor more vulnerable to uruk and slash (150% and 170% respectively,
from 125% damage taken)
• Orcs now has a longer attack reload time (1.83 from 1.63 s), crush revenge
damage reduced (13 from 20)
• Orcs now do 36% damage to external economy structures and towers
(battletowers, sentry towers, expansion citadels), and 50% damage to cavalry
• Orc archers now have 60 hitpoints (from 50), and are more resistant to fire
(50% damage taken from 100%)
• Orc archers miss ratio reduced, pierce damage increased vs structures (150%),
flame damage increased (20 from 15), damage halved vs cavalry
• Orcs and archers experience required to reach level 2 slightly lowered (40
from 50), now gain more health in Level 2 (+30 from +20) and Level 3 (+25 from
• Haradrim is now more pierce vulnerable (125% damage taken from 100%)
• Haradrim damage boosted vs structures (180%), cost increased (240 vs 200)
• Haradrim now do 33% less damage vs basic archers (g. archer, yeoman,
crossbow, m.archer)
• Soldier of Rhun base buildtime increased (45s from 40s), damage vs infantry
increased by 50%
• Soldier of Rhun take less crush (20% from 50%), pierce (40% from 50%) and
uruk (20% from 100%) damage
• Soldier of Rhun 10% faster and it's now faster in formation (-30% speed from
• Soldier of Rhun crush-revenge weapon now does 72 magic damage - more
effective vs heavy armor and horse shields - from 60 slash
• Drummer Troll base buildtime increased (53s from 45s), cost increased (1300
from 1200), aura has a higher area of effect
• Drummer Troll is now more resistant to flame (30% dmg taken from 50%) and
more vulnerable to siege damage (150% from 100%)
• Mordor Troll now has a hold fire button, club (tree) weapon range sensibly
increased (50 from 20)
• Nazgul is now slightly more resistant to Magic damage (90% from 100%)
• Nazgul takes more pierce damage (61% from 30%), less fire damage (50% from
90%), total damage taken from fire-upgraded arrows roughly the same
• Mumakil takes more pierce damage (65% from 50%), and less fire damage (250%
from 300%), total damage taken from fire- upgraded arrows slightly less (eg. 57
from 60 for a fire Elven Warrior)
• Mumakil legs collision area increased (35/25 from 25/15, front/back legs)
• Mumakil charge weapon now does critical damage to heroes (1500 vs 50).
Standard crush now does HERO damage type (100% vs heroes)
• Catapults fire damage now harms friendly units and structures (100% from 0%)

• Cost of Flag Banner equip upgrade decreased sensibly (450 from 600,
full-discounts cost 270)
• Haradrim Palace can no longer research the Banner upgrade
• Troll cage now levels up faster, 1 troll less for level 2, 1 drummer or troll
less for level 3

Bug Fixes:

• Pikemen not attacking on Elven Woods bug fixed
• Gandalf double spell bug fixed
• Troll/Mumakil/rams pathfinding and attacking AI improved - collision area
• Warg's Howl bug fixed, it now properly applies its boost
• Ballista shroud clearing range bug fixed, it now matches that of all other
artillery units
• Rohirrim Allies potential-desync bug fixed
• Multiple Tooltip fixes and revisions
• Well-rebuild multi-discount bug fixed

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