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Dungeon Lords v1.3 to v1.4 Incremental Patch

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This incremental patch for Dungeon Lords upgrades the game to v1.4 and fixes the monsters stuck in wall issues and several other gameplay bugs.

Patch details:

Dear Customer

Thank you for the purchasing of Dungeon Lords.

The Long Awaited 1.4 patch has arrived. Please follow the steps below to
update the patch:

Step 1
Please double click the Dlords update patch.exe to run the program

Step 2
Use browse to select the destination of where the dungeon lords game has been

Note: By default the game was installed at c:\program files\typhoon
games\dungeon lords

Step 3
Press install to start the update

What's new:

Version 1.4 fixes
* Monsters no longer get stuck in the wall/floor.
* Fixed: Spawnings at gates getting trapped in wall in Demon Realm.
* Fixed: Monsters no longer spawn in some floors (Celestial Towers, Arindale
* Fixed: Thrall guards no longer get stuck in Forbidden Gates.
* Game Settings & Keyboard Controls fixed.
* Players must now meet stats requirements to gain specialty class
* Completed quests no longer remain in quest log finished.
* Mage Aleister - Deliver Aleister's letter to Lord Davenmore.
* Vartugg: Travel to the Temple of the Naga in the Forbidden Lands.
* Staroxia: Journey to the Isle of the Damned in the Wea of Woe.
* Players can now re-enter the Shadow Ruins if exiting before completing the
quest and not obtaining the Rod of Divinity.
* Character customization enabled.
* Valkyra - Valkyra arrives more quickly when summoned, eliminating problems
related to delays causing her not to visit the altar.
* Weapons that must be charged can now be charged at the shrines.
* Various potion and rune buff effects corrected.
* Shield of Retribution - reflected spells now cause proper damage (e.g. Ice
Bolt reflected from a Succubus will now freeze or do damage to the monster).
* Multiplayer will now operate more smoothly with 2-4 players over slower

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