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Dungeon Lords v1.3 Patch

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This v1.3 patch for Dungeon Lords adds auto-map feature and number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks from v1.2 update.

Patch details:

Dungeon Lords : Readme File v1.3

This version includes cumulative updates from version through 1.3:

Version 1.3 Update (available at retail box and downloadable)
Added feature: Auto-map available for usage throughout the game world.

Version 1.2 (available at retail box)
Gameplay tweak: Two boss battles (Shaduroth, Nypherus) slightly adjusted.
Gameplay tweak: Random monster drops adjusted slightly.
Gameplay tweak: Locust spell has been slightly reduced in damage and no
longer "jumps" over distances.
Gameplay tweak: Samurai/Imperial armor bonus strike/parry changed to +1
per item.
Added feature: SaveGame thumbnail images.
Bug fix: Junk inventory operates correctly now allowing players to keep
duplicates of the 18 most valuable items.
Bug fix: Potions of Power working correctly.
Bug fix: Rare cases of automatically equipped items which can't be removed.
Bug fix: Occasional Volgar double-speech at end game fixed.
Bug fix: Quest characters now remain in the world if the player runs
away and enters another scene.
Bug fix: Monster summons can no longer get stuck in terrain or walls in
the Demon Realm.
Bug fix: NPCs (Elderon, Morgus, Valkyra) should no longer get stuck in
objects if blocked in their path.

Version 1.1 (available at retail box and downloadable)
Gameplay tweak: Monsters less aggressive in some areas of the game.
Gameplay tweak: Magic items appear at a more even rate.
Gameplay tweak: Ice magic now holds opponents longer.
Gameplay tweak: Exploit reselling single use scrolls and lockpicks can no
longer be abused.
Gameplay tweak: Boons from relics at Talendor adjusted.
Added feature: Additional spells added for specific types of magic.
Added feature: New heraldries added for specific quest bonuses.
Added feature: Players may skip voice-over/text dialogues with NPCs.
Bug fix: Screen resizing issues in the User-Interface fixed.
Bug fix: Bargain skill works correctly for reselling items.
Bug fix: Occasional guild inventories not showing up in MP now fixed.
Bug fix: Pain Sting (nether spell) now fixed.
Bug fix: Flickering on load screen no longer occurs.
Bug fix: Occaisional hang under MP in Fargove Slums now fixed.
Bug fix: Order of the quests at the Celestial Order in Fargove adjusted.
Bug fix: In the Shadow Ruins, the Blue Athena Statue now drops the Shadow
Crystal even after failing the chess puzzle.

Dungeon Lords does not currently support multitasking when run as a
full-screen application. If you use the Alt-Tab key combination to
minimize the game you will need to close it from the Task Manager and will
lose any progress since your last save.

You can play Dungeon Lords in a window by running the executable using the
command line parameter "dlords -gdi". Playing in this mode will allow you
to switch between applications, however mouselook will no longer work.

- Multiplayer games have been designed so that they can be resumed using
fewer characters than were originally present when the game was saved.
However, resuming without a character in possession of quest items may
cause progression issues.

Manual Errata/Addendum

Page 7 - Game Settings
The default volumes for the different sounds in the game should be as
follows: Sound Effects=28; Music=80; Ambient=28; Speech=100

Page 9 - Creating Custom Characters
The last 4 options (face, skin color, hair style, hair color) are inactive
in the game.

Page 14 - The Game Screen
A line is missing from the end of this section indicating that the game
compass can be seen at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Page 18 - Repair, Identify
The identify ability was removed from the game after it was determined that
it did not offer significant benefits in its current form. Repair was also
removed for balance reasons relating to deterioration of weapons/armor
during combat.

Page 25 - Camping
Some hearths are lit in-game but the actual fire does not appear. This
does not affect whether a player can actually camp there or not.

Page 32 - Hosting/Joining An Internet Game
Selecting Multiplayer from the main menu, leads you to a new menu - LAN or
Internet. Selecting the Internet option allows you to pick Direct IP
(connect directly to an IP address) or Gamespy, which uses the Gamespy
service to find and connect to other players.

Page 41 - Skills
As noted above, the Identify and Repair skills are inactive.

NOTE: Additional information on the Dungeon Lords v1.3 release and the
contents of this secton can be found, along with other translations
online at:

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