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World of Warcraft v2.0.6 to v2.0.7 UK Patch

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This patch upgrades UK version of World of Warcraft from v2.0.6 to v2.0.7 fixing bugs and making some gameplay and balance tweaks.

Patch details:

World of Warcraft Patch 2.0.7

The latest patch notes can always be found at

* The amount of haste granted by a point of haste rating has been increased
by about 50%.
* 20 slot bags are now bind on equip.
* Any effect which benefits the victim of a critical strike will now
trigger even if resilience converted the attack from a critical strike to a
normal strike; this applies to melee, ranged, and spell. The affected talents,
abilities, and items are: "Eye for an Eye", "Blessed Resilience", "Enrage",
"Martyrdom", "Blood Craze", "Eye of the Storm", and "Bonespike Shoulder".
* The Crust Bruster has had a loot icon and sound change.
* Players can no longer send gift wrapped packages via COD.
* When sharing a quest, the order logic has changed to check whether or not
the player has completed or is ineligible for the quest before checking whether
their quest log is full.


* Battlegrounds
o If Primalist Thurloga is attacked and pulled off her pathing on the
way to summon Lokholar the Ice Lord, she will now properly path back to the
summoning ring to complete the event.
o PVP flags and graveyard nodes can no longer be captured through

Raids and Dungeons

* Players are no longer able to accept the quest "The Opening of the Dark
Portal" while the Black Morass encounter is engaged.
* In the Black Morass, Chrono Lord Deja will now properly spawn during a
Heroic Mode attempt.
* After completing the Black Morass encounter, all the additional mobs in
the zone will no longer all aggro.
* Durnholde Lookouts will now properly despawn after all 5 of the Baracks
in Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde are burned down.
* The items required to complete the Karazhan key quest can now only be
looted by the first group in the instance to reach them.
* A teleporter has been added to Barnes (in the front entrance of Karazhan)
that activates after the Shade of Aran is killed. This will port players back up
to the Shade of Aran’s room to allow more attempts on Prince Malchazzar.
* The aggro range for players when under the effect of "Incite Chaos" while
fighting Blackheart the Inciter in the Shadow Labrynth has been adjusted.
* Many creatures within Coilfang Resevoir have been slightly retuned.
* Many creatures within the Mana Tombs have been slightly retuned.


* Stability improvements in Multi-Threaded OpenGL support on future OS X

Bug Fixes

* The talent "Combat Potency" no longer causes rogues to have a chance to
gain energy when other players hit them with off-hand attacks.
* Players with multiple chat windows will no longer have fixed channels
(ie. general, trade) added back to the main chat window every time they log
* Attempting to prospect less than 5 pieces of ore will no longer cause a
game crash. (Spanish Only)
* The Fel Reaver for "It's A Fel Reaver, But With Heart" quest will now
respawn properly if you wipe on the quest.
* Fixed a crash that could occur when on a flight path.
* Fixed the local defense channel so that it will properly change based on
the player's zone.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.6 (01/23/2007)

The latest patch notes can always be found at


* "Silencing Shot" now does only 50% of weapon damage instead of 75%.
* The base damage for "Arcane Shot" has been reduced by about 9% and the
bonus damage from ranged attack power reduced from 20% to 15%.
* The bonus damage for "Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.
* The bonus damage for "Improved Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.


* Each rank of "Improved Fireball" now reduces your spell damage
coefficient by 2%.
* Each rank of "Improved Frostbolt" now reduces your spell damage
coefficient by 2%.
* "Counterspell" no longer triggers the global cooldown.
* "Mana Shield" now absorbs magical damage as well as physical damage.


* The bonus coefficient for "Shadow Word: Pain" has been reduced by about
9%. This should result in about 5% less damage done by "Shadow Word: Pain" for
the typical priest.

Bug Fixes

* The "Frozen Shadoweave Boots" will now properly increase shadow damage.
* Players will no longer lose control of their character if they try to
talk to an NPC while mobs are aggro on them.
* The /equip command will now work on pieces of gear that are not in your
primary bag.
* Fixed an issue that was causing some players to disconnect in Hellfire
Citadel:Blood Furnace.
* The "Corruptor" 4 piece set bonus will now be properly applied.
* The Legion Fel Cannons at Forge Camp Anger in Blades Edge will now
properly spawn above ground.
* The Arena queue tooltip will now show the arena that the player is queued
* Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect if they tried to
socket a gem that had been gift wrapped.
* Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect forming a party
with other members in the same area.
* Pet icons will now properly update in the Stables window.
* Improved the robustness of the pet action bar display. It is now less
likely to be accidentally blocked by addons.
* Players will no longer hear the gong sound repeated after initially
joining a queue for the battlegrounds.
* Having a group invite declined while queued via "Looking for More" will
no longer remove you from the queue.
* Nethershards will no longer cost honor to purchase but will cost gold
* Players will no longer be given access to both quest lines following the
Declaration of Allegiance to the Scryers or Aldor in Shattrath City.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.5 (01/14/2007)

* Increased the maximum number of realms that can be listed in the Realm
* Updated the Terms of Use.
* Created an option to disable UI Acceleration for users of select video
cards experiencing graphical corruption of the User Interface. To utilize this
option, enter the following line to the file, located in the WTF
subfolder of the game:

Set UIFaster "x"

Where x equals:

0 - This turns off all UI acceleration
1 - For Internal Use Only - DO NOT USE!
2 - Enables partial UI acceleration only.
3 - Enables all UI acceleration.


Set UIFaster "2"

Note: For users experiencing graphical corruption of the User
Interface, it is recommended to try option 2 in order to correct the problem.
If this does not solve the issue, then use option 0 to disable all UI

World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.4 (01/12/2007)

* Fixed a bug where flags in Arathi Basin could be captured at extremely
long distances.
* Fixed a bug where players who had set dungeons to Heroic difficulty level
previous to patch 2.0.3 could no longer enter instances.
* Fixed a bug that was causing multiple LUA errors in the German and French

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