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Half-Life 2 Antlion Troopers Deuce Mod

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This mod follows the events of Antlion Troopers map. In this mod you fight against swarming Antlionsa and you can control your allies to defeat them and upload scores online.

Mod details:

The Antlion threat has grown
Following the events of Antlion Troopers, you again play a young combine
soldier. Due to you exemplary performance in the first antlion encounter the
Combine Advisors have started you on a path to become a commander. They have
placed you under the care of Commander Vesque to train in the abilities needed
to be a proper commander. Your first mission as a trainee is to provide relief
support to an outpost somewhere in the Death Valley desert. The antlions there
have been quite agitative and the defensive machinery has been failing. Without
operational thumpers the base is slated to quickly fall to the whim of the
antlion mobs.

Control your allies
New to Antlion Troopers Deuce is the ability to control your ally soldiers.
Using the default keys of 'N' and 'M' you can move your allies around. 'N'
selects and deselects an ally. While 'M' moves all currently selected allies.
When selecting allies it is key to know that it selects using the bounding box
of an ally, so whether an ally is standing or crouching they will still take up
the same volume to which they can be selected from.

The antlions are a relentless foe
Antlion Troopers Deuce is roughly 4x the amount of gameplay of Antlion
Troopers. The Antlions want nothing, but to murder every combine soldier.
Luckily they inherently exhibit a wavelike behavior. Use this to your
advantage. When a lull in the combat comences be sure to stock up on any and
all ammo and other necessities you can find. Another key note is always listen
to your commander. Failure to do so could result in you being left behind in
the dust.

Do you have what it takes to save an outpost from certain doom?
Will you take the banner of the Combine Regime and rise against the antlions or
will you let the antlions barge in teeth and claw, and let them mercilessly
murder your combine comrades. It is up to you to save the outpost and determine
the fate of those few allies left.

Lisätty 7.4.2006
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