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Half Life 2 Combine Destiny Mod

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Combine Destiny is a modification which adds Half-Life 2 a new single player campaign in which you play as a member of combine squad and battle zombies.

Mod details:

The town Coonersville has been compromised, the rebels there have made a base at
the top of the mountain, and instead of wasting Combine Soldier's lives, have
they sent headcrab canisters to the town. After the whole town had become
zombies, a Combine sweeper team was sent in to take over the whole town and
take over the base. The Combine turned the rebel base into the Quiver Mountain
Research Faculty and Military Installment. Recently, the Citadel has lost
contact with the Quiver Base and the administrator feels that the remaining
rebels around there might have taken it over. The Combine sent Headcrab
canisters to the town, but have somehow actually missed their target, and they
have lost all track of them. The administrator doesn't want to send in any
forces, because he says something big will be coming and that they will need as
many troops as possible to deal with this incoming threat. The Combine Advisors
however, feel that they need to strike and take back the base. You are part of
the team being deployed to infiltrate and take back the base. Good luck.


Q: What is Combine Destiny?
A: A Half-life 2 singleplayer modification there you play as a combine.

Q: How many maps are you planning to do?
A: Around 17 maps.

A: Will there be a Multiplayer mode?
Q: Thats not decided yet, but maybe if we get many fans.

Lisätty 6.4.2006
Latauksia 8 378 
Tiedoston koko 89,14 MB
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