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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Spell Leveling v1.01 Mod

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This mod attempts to improve the system how spell power increases.

Mod details:

Strategy Masters Spell Levelling Mod V1.01


This is a very basic mod that attempts to improve the urge to actually level by
making some spells
level automatically.

This idea sort of formed after playing Quest leveling mod by Namegduf where i
wanted my quest
spells to increase in power based on my skill in destruction, not only just my
And then went further to other types of spells

The mod has been made modula to so people can mix and match bits there want.

The following are the different categories of spells addressed and other

Quest Spell Levelling - SM Spell Quest Levelling.esp
- This is based on the Quest levelling mod by Namegduf Live but modifies spell
levelling to now
level not only based on level but also based on your destruction skill. This
keeps you
with a spell you can cast till you are actually able to cast newer version.
e.g. if you have a destruction skill of 5 and get given the wizards fury spell,
it will
actually downgrade the spell to one you can cast at such a skill level.
No more pure level 50 warrior with no destruction skill being given the
ultimate finger spell.

- Finger of mountain has 3 master version each exponentially more powerful so
now instead of
replacing the old finger of mountain spell with new one. The 3 master versions
dont replace
each other. They are too widly different in powers to replace in the old
version spell.
The non master versions still get replaced as should do.

- Better detection of when player gets wizard fury to try and prevent people
circumventing the
leveling system.

- Fully possible to delete the spells if you wish unlike what was in the
original quest levelling

Racial Levelling - SM Racial Levelling.esp
- All racial power spells now get stronger as you level. By level 50 your
racial abilities will
be roughly 200% more powerful than your original starting version. Your spell
levels every
10 levels. In otherwords you have 5 versions.
- Shield spells cannot get 200% stronger so instead defensive powers are
improved by about 50%
over the 50 levels as well as increasing time length to a total length of 120
- Khajiit night eye is now a toggle (pretty bog standard)

Birthsign leveling - SM Racial Levelling.esp
- Birthsign spells now grow based on your level. This is similar to the racial
leveling except
these spells dont grow by e.g. a fixed 200%. They grow based on the balance
of original
to make spells still balanced when enemies are stronger.
- This means weak signs like serpent are much more useful at level 50. It acts
as a great weakening
spell. At level 50 it will deal roughly a total 900 damage over the 60
seconds or so it lasts.
- The lords spell is now a great healing regeneration power in later levels.
Its length increases
to 40 seconds to heal a total of 650 at level 50.
- Tower power level 15 open hard locks, level 30 open very hard locks.
- Tower warden is now an always active abilty and every 10 levels increases
reflect damage by 2%
- Moonshadow adds a 15% per 10 level chameleon effect that lasts 30 seconds
longer than
invisibility. At level 50 it gives a 75% chameleon effect.
- Lovers kiss only increases paralyze length by 10 seconds over the 50 levels

Starting spell leveling - SM Start Spell Levelling.esp
- Your starting spells given to you based on your major abilities will now
automatically level
based on your skill stats and from V1.01 your level has some effect
- Apprentice Spells: Requires journeyman magic skill or level over 10
- Journeyman Spells: Requires expert magic skill or (journeyman and level over
- Expert Spells: Requires Master magic skill or (expert and level over 20)
- Master Spells: Requires master magic skill and level over 25
- e.g. you have a major in destruction. Your starting skills of flare and
shocking touch
and cold touch will improve and new spells will be received as destruction
improves. Once you
are a master but still level 1 you will have the expert spells available
- NOTE: Older versions do not get replaced as I class the spells as different
- You can still delete the older spells if you wish using the manual console
- You can still learn the spells by buying the spell earliar if you wish or
making your own.

- I've tried to keep the balance of all the levelling and in general it
succeeds as well as
make the powers more useful at later levels.
- Other abilties have not been included. Vampire abilities are not touched.
- Charm abilities are not touched.
- Yeah i pretty much spelled 'levelling' incorrectly throughout entire mod.
Live with it :D

I tried to make cheating be compatible with the mod as best as i could. Only
problems your have
is if you lower your level as recieved spells will not be removed. So those
will have to be done
manually using the following commands in the console depending on the esp's
your using.

set SMRacialSpellLevelling.levelreset to 1
set SMSpellQuestLevelling.levelreset to 1
set SMStartSpellLevelling.levelreset to 1

The spells you should have will then be recalculated and correct spells removed
for you. Remember: this is only if you cheat to lower your level.

SM Racial Spell leveling has no known incompatiblities.

SM Spell Quest Leveling is not compatible with Quest award leveling.(Please use
extra included esp
that fixes that)

SM Start Spell Levelling has no known incompatabilities. Be aware if you start
game from save game
further than the sewer a dialog will appear asking you to select you major
magic skills. Make sure
you remember what those are.

SM Ancestral Guardian is for those who dont use levelling mods that address
this or other ghost mods.
This mod just allows ancestral guardian to level up to level 50 and makes its
spells get stronger.
This should be a part of racial spell levelling but was separated as would be
incompatible with
many mods.

Requirements - Just latest patch. It might work on original version but is not
supported by me.
Install - Just place files in oblivions data folder and select the mods in data

Included Files:
SM Racial Spell Levelling.esp
SM Spell Quest Levelling.esp
SM Start Spell Levelling.esp

Quest Award Levelling - Spell Levelling Compatability (Namegduf Live's mod
without the spell bits)
for details of this mod This uses version 1.6]

SM Ancestral Guardian.esp (Allows the ancestral guadian to have a max level of
SM Spell Levelling.txt

Updating from older version - You should be able to just replace mod files with
the new ones with
no problems as it will remember the variables the mod was on.

Method 1)
Make sure khajiits night eye isn't active and then remove the esp files or
uncheck from data files.

Be aware if you use the tower birthsign the TowerWardenSpell may still be
active and requires
using following console commands depending on your level. DO THIS BEFORE

player.removespell BSSMTowerWarden50
player.removespell BSSMTowerWarden40
player.removespell BSSMTowerWarden30
player.removespell BSSMTowerWarden20
player.removespell BSSMTowerWarden10
player.removespell BsSMTowerWarden

Once done save and immediatly exit. Then uninstall the files like usual.

Method 2) just use the cheats to change your race to something other than
khajiit and make change
your star sign to something other than tower then wait for abilities to all be
replaced. Then
uninstall the mod files like usual.

Known Issues
-Theres sometimes a wait for abilities to upgrade or reconfigure. Dont worry
this is only a
maximum of 30 seconds. I'm sure you can all live with that.

-Changing your class mid game using cheats may cause issues for the Start Spell
mod. I havn't tested and I am unsure as to what will happen.

Release History
SM Quest Spell Levelling
- Now compatible with mods that modify the skill level required to be classed
as apprentice
, journeyman, expert or master.

SM Racial Spell Levelling
- Shadow chameleon percentage greatly reduced over all levels so that by level
player has 75% chameleon. (down from 100%)
- Shadow chameleon length is now 60 seconds at level 10 down from 90 and
respectivly up to 90 seconds once you reach level 50.
- Fixed issue where khajiit night eye and Tower Warden abilities could be
- Racial Spell Levelling is now compatible with other mods that modify the
original birthsign
/racial powers and lesser powers.
- Fixed an issue where changing your race or starsign would leave behind some
powers from
your old sign or race.
- Reduced magnitude of Lord and serpent spells but to compensate increased
length. This change was
done as serpent basically became the instant kill spell when it should be
more of a death over
time spell. Also lord spell was healing player too fast. Both spells overall
damage/ health
healed has stayed the same.

SM Start Spell Levelling
- Now compatible with mods that modify the skill level required to be classed
as journeyman,
expert or master.
- If you use cheats to lower your level and then use the levelreset command, it
now will remove
the spells you shouldn't have or didn't buy.
- Massive script rework to optimize the script and increase effeciency.
- You can now have your spells level earlier depending on your level. See
information in the readme
- Fixed some issues where certain spells were available too early for your
spell skill.
- Now compatable to start anywhere you want. If you start later than the sewer
a dialog will appear
to ask you for your major skills.

SM Ancestral Guardian
- Made the guardians spells level in similar manner to the other scripts.

Readme Errata
- Updated compatability information, cheat information.
- Bundled the Quest Award Levelling Readme file.

Public Release

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