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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Weapons of the Damned v1.0 Mod

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This mod adds some huge and powerful weapons to the game.

Mod details:

Weapons of the Damned v1.0
by Darqnight.
Well here it is, my second mod and this time it isn't a crappy glass mod!
After many long nights of figuring out how to use blender and edit my meshes,
I finished it!
For those of you who LOVE BigAss Weapons, then this is a rockin mod for you.
This mod features:
1.) 2 new BigAss weapons: A longsword and a Battleaxe.(With
pretty kool textures too)
2.) And!! Just for you huge weapon lovers. I created my first Lance! (This
lance is
majorly huge, it's a bit bigger than a lance from Monster Hunter even.)

How to install::~

1.Read these instructions.(If you can read this now but are not reading these
instructions then I have somehow created a rip in the space time continueum
and life as we know it will probably cease to exsist.)
2.Exract the contents of the mod to your Oblivion/Data folders.
3.Check this mod in the Data Files on startup of the game.

****~Location: Duh` In front of the statue in the marketplace. (not very easy
to miss)

Coming soon to a theater near you!!!
~A sweet new Badass Katar for those ninjas and assasins out there.
~A super speed bow that will fire tons of arrows, very far, if clicked

And remember kiddies~
-Bigger is always most of the time Better-
-Don't hit use your words...-
(HAHAHA Just kidding The More Gore The Better!!!~

Darqnight out``

Lisätty 14.12.2006
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