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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Open Cities v1.0 Mod

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This mod removes gates from each city and lets you explore the cities without loading.

Mod details:

Open Cities - Complete
Version 1.0
by Texian & godhugh

Whats it does
Open Cities removes the gates on all the cities, except the Imperial City, and
brings them into the main game world. You can now move seemlessly into all of
the cities, without loading screens.

FPS inside the Open Cities will mimic your FPS in the open world. If you only
get 5 fps while wandering the country side it is not recommended that you load
Open Cities.

To Install
1. Unzip into your Oblivion\Data folder
2. Make sure that the meshes\Architecture\Castle folder has been created and
contains the Open Cities meshes.
3. From the Oblivion launcher, select "Data Files"
4. Check "Open Cities.esp"
5. If you have previous Open Cities mods loaded (OpenCities_Anvil.esp, etc...)
uncheck them.
6. Click OK and play the game

To Uninstall
Remove the "Open Cities.esp" file in your Oblivion\Data folder.

Oddities & Glitches
There may be a short time period of odd NPC behavior as they move into the new
cities. This period does not last more then 12 in-game hours.

The Illumination mod is currently not supported in Open Cities. The mod will
load, but the windows will not be lit in Open Cities. The author of
Illumination Revived is currently working on an Open Cities compatible

Any mods that were located within the city limits will not appear in Open
Cities. If any mod authors wish to make their mod compatible with Open Cities,
we're more then willing to help.

Occassionaly horses may exhibit odd behavior inside Open Cities. They are
generally able to get themselves out of such situations pretty quickly.

Contact Info
If you have any questions or comments send us a PM on the Elder Scrolls forum.
Our ID's are:


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