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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion King of Undeath & King of Darkness Mod

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This mod adds a quest and a boss in a secret area to the game.

Mod details:

The Story

Long ago in an age long forgotten their was a Necromancer named Dregoronos. He
was the Necromancer King and ruled over and commanded all the necromancers in
Cyrodil. He had his underlings summon and capture long departed souls for use
in an ancient ritual. He also had his underlings find and capture hundreds of
people for use in that same ritual. One day a young boy was brought before him
and he was told that they sensed great potential in him. So he took the boy,
who would come to be known as Mannimarco King of Worms, under his wing. Just
after completing the ritual and becoming the King of Undeath, Mannimarco and a
group of his fellow necromancers chased him out of his tower and trapped him in
a secret room in his old home now known as Benirus Manor never to be seen again
or so they foolishly beleived...

Note: this mod includes a bonus boss hidden in a secret room connected by a
trap door in the King of Undeath's throne room called the King of Darkness.
Also please note that this dungeon is not intended for weak characters so
please be at least level 35 or you'll probably only get the skeletons or if
you're lower than level 15 nothing but an empty room with locked doors and

Lisätty 14.12.2006
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