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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Krell Full Race v1.0 Mod

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This mod adds a new Krell race, with unique stats and abilities, to the game.

Mod details:

Krell Race Mod 1.0

1. Legal Info
2. Disclaimer
3. Installation Instructions
4. The Krell
5. Stats and Abilities
6. Future Updates and mods.
7. Known Glitches
8. Contact

1. The Krell mod may not be redistributed on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or
"plugged" into a mod without my full consent.

2. The Krell are an entirely fictional race. They are based on nothing and no
one from any place, fictional or not, other than my mind. Do not therefore
complain about them going against Tamrielic lore etc., or being copied from you
or anything else. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! As this is my first mod don’t be too
mean about quality etc.

3. Save the file in ‘Data’. Then extract the files. Then start up Oblivion,
click on data files, and tick the Krell Mod box. Start a new game and
(hopefully) the Krell will be there! NOTE: This mod requires the custom race

4. Rumours state that a mysterious race lives deep below the ocean. Human-like
in appearance, yet bearing strange fins on their heads and large orange eyes.
This underwater race is masterful in magic, and can breath underwater.

Male Female
Str 35 35
Int 50 50
Wil 50 50
Agi 35 35
Spd 40 40
End 35 35
Luc 50 50
Pers 25 25
Alchemy 5
Alteration 5
Conjuration 10
Restoration 5
Athletics 5
Light Armour 5
Illusion 10

6. Depending on the comments and popularity of this mod a new Krell mod with
properly done textures will be released at a later date. Also look out for the
Beastman, Ranger and Ghost mods that may be released shortly.

7. If when you start a new game, the Krell may be bald. This can be fixed by
changing the gender and then changing it back again (or keeping it if you want
to be female).

8. Contact me at if you have any questions about this
mod, another mod I have done, or if you wish to know how to make a race of your

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