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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Silver Dragon Armor v1.0 Mod

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This mod adds a variety of Silver Dragon armors, bows, and swords to the game.

Mod details:

This plugin adds a unique set of armor including mask and cape plus the fitting
weaponry to a cupboard in the Leyawin Blackwood Company room where the hist
tree mechanism must be destroyed. That means in order to get it you need to
solve all Fighters Guild missions to earn it since there seems to be no real
award for doing so but being named Champion.


Bow (not enchanted)
Sword 1handed (notenchanted)
Sword 2handed (notenchanted)
Helmet (ennchanted)
Gauntlets (ennchanted)
Boots (ennchanted)
Cuirass Male (ennchanted)
Cuirass Female (ennchanted)
Greaves Male (ennchanted)
Greaves Female (ennchanted)
Shield (ennchanted)
Arrows (enchanted (they appear in the buyable house in Skingrad allways twenty
at a time in the right corner cupboard while
standing with your back to the entry door GL))==> Supposed to change read on to
the end!!!

Just unzip the files into your Oblivion Directory.

Let me know what disturbes you ;)


Notes and Quotes:

The Armor is rather powerful so in order not to spoil your OBEXP you should
have at least achieved Level20.

This is my first mod for the game so it should probably have some things on it
that need fixing.
As this is a mod by a modder for modders feel free to change everything to your
likeing just give me some regards.

The Cape is taken from "capesandcloaks" by Someone1074 all thanks to himher
dunno man==> I only added the Dragon.

The Mask can be found in "Quest for mythic armor" made by D-Angel so you know
who to respond to==> I only added the Dragons.

Anyway you do not need to download this to files as this download plugin
includes the necessary Files anyway!


I intend to put a unique Quest around this set depending on the resonance i
get. CYA!!!

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