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World of Warcraft GypsyMod v0.9

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This UI mod for World of Warcraft includes movable and improved hotbars, player bars, bags etc.

Mod details:

Main GypsyMod Features

* Draggable Screen Elements - GypsyMod Capsules allow the user to drag and
place every persistant screen element but the minimap wherever they like. This
includes the player, target, and party bars, the action bar, player buffs, and
the casting bar. Each of these elements becomes movable by moving the cursor
over them and dragging the tab that appears. Our Capsules are also lockable,
preventing the capsule from popping up when you hover over it with your mouse,
and subsquently locking the screen item in place.
* Options - When using the entire GypsyMod package, enjoy the benefits of a
central options menu to control the many available options. When using
stand-alone add-ons slash commands allow all the same functionality.
* Improved Info Display - GypsyMod adds vital information displays to
various areas of the screen. The player frame has a large colored text display
for health, health percentage, mana, and experience, and the party frames all
have large health text displays. The player buffs and debuffs display their
name and duration.
* Improved Action Bar - The GypsyMod HotBar removes the space-hogging
default action bar art, experience bar, lag meter, and menu buttons. At the
same time it adds 17 action buttons and the ability to make the bar quickly
change page when you hold down a key, and change back when you let go, allowing
for quick access of a full 24 additional action buttons.

Features & Changes by AddOn


* Removed default action bar art, experience bar, lag meter, and menu
* Added second row of 17 hotkeys with key bindings.
* Movement capsule for custom positioning, lockable when you have it where
you want it.
* Option to show or hide blank hotkey placeholders for hotkey slots with no
assigned action.
* Option to show or hide action button key binding labels.
* Option to set action button spacing for space-saving between
* Option to group action bar pages with the GypsyMod buttons, creating 3
pages of 24 buttons instead of 6 pages of 12.
* Option to allow or disallow default page turning. Turn this off to enable
* Turn-Page-On-Press function, turns to the next page of action buttons
when you press a button, which you define in the key bindings, and then
instantly switches back when you let the key up.
* Reset option, resets HotBar position and action button options to
* Integrates with GypsyMod Shell options menu for graphical configuration,
or utilizes slash commands for stand-alone compatibility.


* The UnitBars AddOn adds a movement capsule to the player, target, and
party bars to allow you to drag them wherever you wish.
* Option to group frames with the player frame, making it easy to move them
all around the screen as a group.
* If frames are grouped, there's an option to invert the frames, on by
default, so that they display at the lower left corner of the screen, allowing
you to keep an eye on them along with your chat and combat, and your
* Option to reset the unit bars to their default GypsyMod positions in the
lower left corner, and to reset the other options to default.
* To the player frame specifically we've added an extended information
frame. This frame ALWAYS shows your hit points both in numbered format, current
out of total, and in a percentage. It also shows your mana, current out of
total. On the bottom, it displays your current experience, experience to level,
and amount of experience gained from current rested state.
* Option to color the player's name red when attack is turned on, in
addition to the default red glow.
* To the party frame specifically we've added another information frame,
that is always on, and shows you your party's hit points in large, readable
text. There's also an option to make this display as a percentage.
* There are also options for the player and party frames both to show the
health text in color. The color starts green, and when the character drops
below 75%, changes to yellow, and then orange at 50%, and finally red at 25%.
There is a similar option for the player frame mana display - it colors the
mana text according to mana type, blue for mana, red for rage, yellow for
* Also, for the party frame, we've added a row of buff icons displayed
below the default debuff row so you can tell who you have and have not buffed.
These icons have a blue border as well, instead of the default.
* Option to show 'Target Party Member' key binding labels (F2-F5 by
default) above the party bars.
* Note as well that for pet-users, the pet frame will automatically display
on either the top or bottom side of the player frame depending on which position
you have it in, and in order to save space for when unit frames are grouped,
frames will automatically adjust to make room when you summon your pet, and
adjust back when you dismiss him.
* Right click menu placement for the player and target bars are also
automatically adjusted per user settings.
* Like the HotBar, the UnitBars can either integrate with the GypsyMod
Shell system or utilize slash commands for configuration.


* We've included a togglable enhanced buff frame that is also movable and
lockable like our other AddOns. By default the frame displays vertically below
the minimap, and hides the default buff display. In addition to the default
buff and debuff icons, it displays the effect's name and duration if applicable
in clearly visible text to the right of the icon. There are also color-coded
borders and backgrounds for the effects, blue for buffs and red for debuffs.
* Option to use either the GypsyMod buff frame or the default. Note that if
you change this, the durability and quest timer frames are moved appropriately
so as to not cause positioning conflicts.
* Option to show or hide duration text.
* Like our other AddOns, the BuffBar can integrate with the GypsyMod Shell
for it's configuration, or utilize slash commands if standalone.


* Our general options add-on adds a replacement lag meter docked to the
right of the minimap. The lag meter can be turned on and off.
* Option to enable the casting bar frame capsule, allows you to move the
cast bar wherever you like, and lock it in place.
* Option to reset the casting bar to it's default spot.
* Option to display quest levels in the Quest Log.
* Option to enable or disable quest text fade-in.
* Options to relocate the main game tooltip to either the top middle of the
screen, or the cursor.
* Integration with the GypsyMod Shell options menu, or slash commands allow
option configuring.


* Lastly is the GypsyMod Shell, our options menu and configuration system.
This AddOn provides a nice graphical menu display for configuring all of the
GypsyMod options. The options menu is accessible via a button positioned at the
bottom of the minimap, or via key binding.
* The Shell also adds a lock all mechanism to GypsyMod. A lock button is
positioned to the left of the options menu button around the minimap cluster,
and will allow the player to lock the display of all GypsyMod capsules,
effectively locking them in place and preventing the capsules from displaying
when you hover over them. This function is also accessible from a key binding.
* The GypsyMod shell also adds a much needed Reload Interface key binding.

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