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World of Warcraft Gatherer v2.0.1 Mod

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This mod for World of Warcraft helps herbalists, miners, and treasure hunters by showing previously gathered items on a mini-map.

Mod details:

Gatherer is a WoW addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters. It's main
purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits and treasure locations on you

The addon does not track like a tracking ability does, rather it "remembers"
where you have found various items in the past. It does this whenever you
gather (perform herbalism, mining or opening) on an item, and records the
specific map location in it's history. From then on, whenever the item comes
into range of being one of the closest 1-25 (configurable) items to your
present location, it will pop up on you minimap.

When you view your main map, you will also see the item locations marked on the
particular map you are viewing there.

Official thread


Installation is easy, simply download the above installer and install it into
you WoW directory. (Non windows users can extract the files in the zip file)


The usage of Gatherer is fairly straightforward. You simply use the game as
normal, and the tracked items will appear in you minimap as soon as you gather

There are several configuration options and commands that can be configured via
slash commands within the game.

/gather on - turns on the minimap tracking functionality.
/gather off - turns off the minimap tracking functionality. (note, gathering
activities are still tracked, even though they do not appear in the minimap)
/gather toggle - toggles the gatherer between on and off states.
/gather mainmap (on|off|toggle) - select whether to show locations on the main
/gather minder (on|off|toggle) - turns the gather map minder on and off
(remembers and reopens your last open main map; within 60 seconds)
/gather dist number - sets the minimap tracking distance to this number of
units. (1 unit = 4 seconds of travel)
/gather num number - sets the maximum number of items that will appear in your
minimap at once (max 25)
/gather fdist number - sets a fade distance (in units) for the icons to fade
out by (default = 20)
/gather fperc number - sets the percentage for fade at max fade distance
(default = 80 [=80% faded])
/gather theme name - changes the default icon theme (available themes:
original, shaded, iconic; default = shaded)
/gather idist number - sets a pixel distance in your minimap before the icons
will change to iconic (default = 40, minimap radius = 60)
/gather herbs (on|off|toggle|auto) - select whether to show herb data on the
/gather mining (on|off|toggle|auto) - select whether to show mining data on the
/gather treasure (on|off|toggle|auto) - select whether to show treasure data on
the minimap

NOTE: The herbs, mining and treasure options are per-character settings
(meaning it remembers the settings for each character individually.
The auto setting uses the character's skills to determine whether they should
see the herbs or mines. Treasures are always shown when they are on auto.

Gatherer Changelog:

* UI: New movable UI button on minimap border, gives access to a quick toggle
menu for main filters (options for show/hide the quickmenu and move the
minimap icon in the options dialog).
* UI: by clicking on the quick menu title, you access a configuration windows
for Gatherer options (can also be accessed by using /gather options).
* UI: key binding available for the quickmenu.

* Filter (UI only): possibility to filter ore/herbs display by giving minimum
skill level (text field next to the gather type filter boxes).
* Filter (UI only): possibility to select specific objects to display.
* Filter (UI only): couple rare ore/herbs so that they can be displayed
(ex: tin and silver shown together by selecting only one, or for herbs
selection swiftthistle will show briarthorn and mageroyal)
* Filter (UI only): prevent gatherer icon from displaying when a node is
than the min icon distance (used to switch between theme icon and item icon).

* Localization: french and german localization fixes
* Localization: facility for swapping data around zones and fixing item names
localized clients

* Various: GatherRegionTable moved to it's own file outside of Gatherer.lua

* Bug Fix: remaining RegisterForSave removed from code, in some case they
cause a fatal client error with #132 error (note: this is not specific to
gatherer, it's true for all WoW addons)
* Bug Fix: missing icon for treasure in original theme fixed
* Bug Fix: Real zone text is now used that should alleviate difficulty to
the map in some zone on first try (ie. Ironforge).

Patched to WoW.1300

Fixed some other small stuff

Fixed nasty bug where icons would not appear on minimap.

Fixed minimap tooltip layering issue

Patched to version 1.2.4
Added extra german and french localizations
Fixed wandering icons on french localized versions
Reduced sizes of minimap icons to 12x12
Increased size of mainmap icons to 12x12
Improved visibility by moving minimap icons below player and skill icons
Added the ability to add herbs/ore when you do not have the ability simply by
attempting to gather it (triggered by the error message that you can't gather
Tweaked map-minder to be less annoying
Fixed map-minder disable bug

Fixed stupid unset variable bug with mapMinder

Patch day! Now up to date with patch level 4211 (1.2.3)
Reduced size of icons on main-map, made partially transparent and popped 'em
under the player icons.
Added "Map Minder". This little beast will remember your last open main map for
60 seconds and then take you back to it. If it's more than 60 seconds, you get
taken to your current location. You can turn it off with the new "/gather
minder off" command, but then you will just be taken to your current map every
time you close and reopen your main map.
Changed the icons, so they no longer have a border... nobody liked em 'cept
me... Poot.
Other really tiny stuff. I'm still working on 2.0, this release is just 'cause
of the WoW patch :)

Added icon fading in your minimap so that as the icons get farther away, they
will progressivly fade out.
Added partial German translations care of Lokibar - Dankeshoen! (Any further
translations very welcome!)

Fixed a bug when no arg1 was passed to the buffer reader.

No major changes, just packaging changes.

Fixed positioning, add multiline notes, correctly justified.

Fixed ore and treasure not appearing on main map as icon, but as a circle.
Deleted a rogue print2 statement.

Fixed wandering icon bug
Added main-map item locations
Added locale fixes for French localized version

Fixed some herb icon displaying stuff for mountain silversage and wildvine.

Fix ore gathering bug that was causing ore to not be recognized.

Cosmetic change - names in tooltips now in Title Case

Fixed bug where data was not initialized causing error

1.8.4: (many thanks to Jet who contributed much for this version)
Fixed bug with icon display causing script errors
Added per character filtering options.
Added localizations in French, care of Jet - Merci!
Added giant clam treasure.

Fixed bug with mining deposits not displaying correct icon

Changed to new versioning scheme
Fixed bug with looting treasure

Added new icons
Added treasure tracking
Fixed instance slowdown bug
Added version variable to LUA file
Added version to TOC file
Added note to TOC file
Fixed name in TOC file

There have been a rapid series of limited and selective public alpha testing
prior to this release which I am considering of a public beta quality. (It's
not expected that you will find any bugs...)
If you find any bugs, please send an email to me at norganna at -

A fuller description and more documentation is available at:
WoW Wiki

Type "/gather" in game for online help

This plugin only remembers the items that you personally see. It currently has
no functionality to share the information with others, nor have we any current
intention of doing so, as we feel this would be unfair to those of us who find
items in uncommon locations.

Also at the moment, any normal user can achieve the same functionality by
marking off the item locations on a paper map, and we don't want to step
outside the Blizzard guidelines on UI modification by giving any undue
advantages to UI users.

Norganna & Chandora

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