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World of Warcraft CTMod (Core) v1.842

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This user interface mod for World of Warcraft lets you customize the UI with statistics, timers and bars.

Mod details:

* Version 1.842
o Fixed a bug in CT_BottomBar where Hide Hotbar Texture did not
properly. - 09/27/2005 @ 03:53pm
o Added another 15 buff icons for the target frame. This will allow
you to see up to 20 buffs on a target. - 09/24/2005 @ 03:42pm
o Fixed a bug in CT_PartyHealth where using /partyhealth toggle would
continue up after style #7 and not move down to style #1. - 09/21/2005 @
o Fixed an on-load error with CT_BottomBar. - 09/21/2005 @ 05:27pm
o Fixed a bug with druid shapeshifting bars and cooldown count. -
09/21/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed a bug with hiding hotbar and bag textures. - 09/21/2005 @

* Version 1.841
o Fixed an issue with TickMod not showing correctly if you were in a
druid form while reloading the UI. - 09/20/2005 @ 05:28pm
o Fixed up the bug with druid shapeshifting and warrior stances in
regards to BarMod and BottomBar. - 09/20/2005 @ 05:28pm

* Version 1.84
o Changed the way the party frame shift works when using the left
side bar. It will no longer automatically shift, but we've added the option to
Shift the Party Frame right to the Misc. Mods page. Shifting it will simply
move it right, so it will no longer auto shift. This should fix any bugs where
the party frame got reset over the sidebar. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o Added a Cooldown option; if turned on via the Hotbar Mods page, it
will display a timer on your spells/items on your hotbars so you know when they
are going to be back up. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o Added a chat timestamps option, 12hour or 24hour format, via the
Misc. Mods page. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o Added a TargetLastTarget keybind, pressing it will simply swap your
target back and forth; Target 1, Target 2, Target 1, Target 2, etc. - 09/19/2005
@ 04:35pm
o Added a bag counter option for bank bags via the Misc. Mods page.
This option shows the space remaining and total space in your bank bags. -
09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o Added the ability to link bank bags. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o CT_Timer now works through UI reloads. It will also continue
counting after relogging, however it doesn't count time while offline. -
09/19/2005 @ 04:35pm
o Self Cast now works with bandages. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a bug with stealth/stances. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a bug with hide grid. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a TickMod border bug. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a bug with quest levels. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a bug with key bindings not saving as they should. -
09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Fixed a bug causing new raids post 1.7 to now show items in
CT_RaidTracker. - 09/19/2005 @ 04:34pm
o Removed the option to enable Quest Text Fading since Blizzard added
it to the default UI. To turn it on, hit Escape to bring up the main menu, click
Interface Options, then put a check in the box for 'Instant Quest Text.' -
09/19/2005 @ 04:33pm

* Version 1.801
o CT_MapMod has been greatly improved. The option to auto-record herb
nodes and mineral veins has been added. Icons for additional note types have
been changed so you can easily identify which type of note is which. Also with
the addition of auto-recording, we've added a note filter which allows you to
display only the type of notes you're looking for (Kingsblood for example). -
09/13/2005 @ 10:55am
o Fixed up coordinates display in MapMod so it should be more
accurate when on various screen resolutions. - 09/13/2005 @ 10:55am
o Added quest levels to npc quest text, and added appropriate quest
descriptors. D refers to Dungeon, R for Raid, and + for Elite quests. -
09/13/2005 @ 10:54am

* Version 1.8
o Added the ability to ctrl+click a name in chat to target that
person (if they are in range) to CT_MasterMod. - 08/26/2005 @ 07:52pm
o An issue with CT_BottomBar in relation to warrior stances, druid
shapeshifting, and rogue stealth while using Blizzard's hotbars (instead of
CT's bars) has been fixed. - 08/26/2005 @ 07:52pm
o CT_BottomBar - BagBar - hiding the bags bar didn't stay hidden
after zoning, this has been fixed. - 08/26/2005 @ 07:52pm
o Uploaded a slightly modified version of CT_UnitFrames which allows
for showing defecit hp. - 08/26/2005 @ 02:40pm
o Fixed several issues in CT_BarMod and CT_BottomBar, where bars were
disappearing and appearing improperly. - 08/12/2005 @ 11:43pm
o Fixed an issue in CT_BarMod that affected warriors, druids and
rogues. - 08/03/2005 @ 10:12pm
o Added the ability to toggle unlocked frames by right-clicking the
control panel button - 08/02/2005 @ 05:27pm
o Fixed scaling on stealth and shapeshift bars - 08/02/2005 @
o Fixed "Remove space on hotbar buttons" for stealth and shapeshift
bars - 08/02/2005 @ 05:27pm
o Fixed an issue where main menu bar action buttons would show up
when stealthed or shapeshifted - 08/02/2005 @ 05:27pm
o Fixed an issue where the talent menu button would show when it was
supposed to be hidden - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed several issues where BottomBar would act as if it was enabled
when it was not - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed a bug where the main hotbar would show its background texture
while rotated - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed a bug where the bags bar would show its background texture
while rotated - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed a bug where CT_BarMod would return an error when CT_BottomBar
was not present - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Fixed stealth/shapeshift bars from showing up when talking to NPCs
and doing other things - 08/02/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Recoded the way the pet and class bars showed up in relation to the
hotbars, which should fix any issues users were having with the bars shifting to
incorrect locations (like on top of the hotbar). - 07/29/2005 @ 12:30pm
o Some changes to the control panel were made, and several options
were moved. The hide griffons, hide class bars, and remove class bar textures
options have all been moved into the CT_BottomBar menu. The new Breakable
Bottom Bar menu has been added to the Hotbar Mods page of the control panel. -
07/29/2005 @ 12:30pm
o CT_MailMod has had some adjustments made. It will no longer attempt
to send mails if you don't have sufficient cash. It also now checks to see that
each mail is sent which should help account for lag on many servers. -
07/29/2005 @ 12:30pm
o Added the ability to rotate the menu buttons & main menu bar when
the bottom bar is broken and textures are disabled. - 07/29/2005 @ 12:30pm
o CT_BottomBar has been added. Usable via /bottombar, /bb, or the
hotbars page of the control panel, you can break the default bottom bar apart
and each piece will be movable when frames are unlocked. You can hide textures,
hide parts of the bar, or move pieces wherever you like. Unchecking the button
to break the bottom bar will re-combine it and it will function just like it
does normally. Additionally you can right click the drag buttons of the main
hotbar, menu bar, and bag bar to rotate those bars vertically. - 07/29/2005 @

* Version 1.79
o CT_RaidTracker 1.2 has been put up which should hopefully fix any
crashes on load or raid join people were having. - 07/15/2005 @ 03:33pm
o A new version of MasterMod was uploaded showing the correct version
number, it previously was 1.79 but was still showing 1.78. No actual code
changes were made. - 07/15/2005 @ 03:32pm
o CT_Timer has been slightly modified in its functionality.
Shift+click is now used to move the timer, and right click will reset it. -
07/12/2005 @ 02:07pm
o Hotbar Scaling has been added. To change the size of your hotbar
buttons, go to the bar mods page of the control panel and click the scaling
button. You can adjust the size of all hotbars from 50% to 150%. Additionally,
you can remove the spacing between hotbar buttons. - 07/12/2005 @ 11:10am
o CT_Timer has had its slash commands changed.
New slash commands:
- '/timer' - shows the list of slash commands in game
- '/timer start' - starts timer counting up from 0
- '/timer 15' - sets the timer to 15 minutes and starts counting
- '/timer 15:15' - sets the timer to 15mins 15secs and starts
counting down
- '/timer stop' - stops the timer
- '/timer reset' - resets the timer - 07/12/2005 @ 10:58am
o Removed '/timer toggle' command. - 07/12/2005 @ 10:57am
o CT_Timer was improved a bit to ensure more precise timings. -
07/12/2005 @ 10:55am
o CT_PartyBuffs has been modified to accomodate for the new pet
frames. Debuffs will show above the hp values from CT_PartyHealth, to the right
of the party member's name.(Added with 1.5 patch but went undocumented) -
07/12/2005 @ 10:55am
o CT_BagMod has had the ability to link backpacks from your bag bar
added. - 07/12/2005 @ 10:54am
o Added an 'Are you sure?' confirmation to CT_MasterMod when buying
bank bag slots. - 07/12/2005 @ 10:54am
o BuffMod - fixed a bug so bg food, noggenfogger elixir, etc. won't
spam chat when they are about to fade. - 07/12/2005 @ 10:54am
o Added /ctlock and /ctunlock slash commands to lock and unlock
frames. - 07/12/2005 @ 10:48am
o Fixed CT_ShieldMod to show 0 damage left when having "Enhanced
Tooltips" disabled - 07/12/2005 @ 10:48am

* Version 1.782
o Fixed a small issue with CT_MasterMod's player spell list. -
05/27/2005 @ 12:24pm
o Added the ability to hide the border and background for CT_TickMod.
- 05/10/2005 @ 03:09pm
o Added a hook for Titan Panel for CT_TickMod. - 05/10/2005 @
o Improved update behaviour, which should decrease memory leaks for
CT_MailMod. - 05/10/2005 @ 03:00pm
o Added protection against soulbound/quest items/conjured items from
being sent in CT_MailMod. - 05/10/2005 @ 02:59pm
o Removed tell completion from CT_MasterMod - 04/27/2005 @ 01:37am
o Fixed an issue in CT_ItemBuffs where it confused seconds with
minutes. - 04/22/2005 @ 01:20pm
o Fixed two small issues with CT_ItemBuffs - 04/21/2005 @ 01:35pm
o Fixed an issue with FPS not displaying - 04/20/2005 @ 01:48pm
o ItemBuffs now display minutes & seconds when using default style,
instead of only minutes - 04/19/2005 @ 08:10pm
o A "target's class" option has been added to CT_UnitFrames. It
displays a small box over the targetframe with your target's class. This option
can be turned on from the player mods page. - 04/19/2005 @ 08:09pm
o A few small changes were made to CT_MasterMod - 04/19/2005 @
o Fixed up itembuffs to work with the World of Warcraft 1.4 patch -
04/19/2005 @ 08:08pm

* Version 1.78
o Fixed a small bug in CT_PartyHealth, which caused mana to not show
until mana had changed for that party member. - 04/07/2005 @ 06:25pm
o Multiple-Reset has been added. When you hit Reset Frames in the
control panel, it will now pop up a box asking which frames you would like to
reset, so you don't have to reset them all when just making one change. -
04/02/2005 @ 09:26pm
o Add map note on current location option has been added - 04/02/2005
@ 09:26pm
o Ctrl+click is now used to add map notes instead of just clicking -
04/02/2005 @ 09:26pm
o Colored pet health bar so it changes from green to red - 04/02/2005
@ 09:26pm
o Fixed up self casting, added alt, shift, or control option, setting
it to 'none' allows you to bind your own key via the key bindings menu -
04/02/2005 @ 09:25pm
o Moved default party positions to work with left sidebar -
04/02/2005 @ 09:25pm
o Removed self cast from dispell, since it's both beneficial and
detrimental - 04/02/2005 @ 09:25pm
o Fixed quest timers stretching out over screen. - 03/30/2005 @
o Added /ctcp command to bring up control panel. - 03/30/2005 @
o Fixed control panel icon being inaccessible. - 03/30/2005 @
o Added CastParty support (requires CastParty), fixed buff and debuff
queueing, added slider to change check time for mana conserve, improved mana
conserve behaviour. - 03/30/2005 @ 11:07pm
o Removed buff tooltip on mouseover when party buffs are set to show.
- 03/30/2005 @ 11:06pm
o Fixed party members not being movable during certain ocassions. -
03/30/2005 @ 11:06pm
o CT_RaidAssist: Fixed lag issues. - 03/27/2005 @ 03:45pm
o Hopefully fixed class bar jumping down - 03/26/2005 @ 10:18pm
o Fixed FPS displaying in center of the screen - 03/26/2005 @
o CT_RaidAssist: Optimized communication - 03/26/2005 @ 10:06pm
o CT_RaidAssist: Made MT's default to checked - 03/26/2005 @ 10:04pm
o CT_RaidAssist: Added ways to regulate spam - 03/26/2005 @ 10:04pm
o CT_RaidAssist: Added ability to scale windows - 03/26/2005 @
o Fixed the POI button error when viewing map (thanks Iriel!) -
03/24/2005 @ 02:42pm
o Made item buffs show when using Default-style buffs - 03/24/2005 @
o Fixed FPS display showing up in center of the screen without
numbers - 03/23/2005 @ 06:31pm
o Fixed issues with CT_QuestLevels - 03/23/2005 @ 06:30pm
o Changed default buff style to use CT-style durations - 03/23/2005 @
o Made durability guy movable again - 03/23/2005 @ 06:30pm

* Version 1.77
o Item buff durations now hide correctly when buff durations are
turned off. - 03/22/2005 @ 05:33pm
o Quest tracker checkmarks moved right to work better with quest
levels showing. Quest tracker default position also moved to avoid overlapping
by CT style buffs. - 03/22/2005 @ 05:26pm
o Default Style buff durations have been removed. To use the new
blizzard style buff durations, turn them on via the Interface Options menu. -
03/22/2005 @ 05:03pm
o Durability doll position has been slightly adjusted so it will no
longer first appear half off screen. - 03/22/2005 @ 05:02pm
o QuestTracker is now movable when frames are unlocked. - 03/22/2005
@ 04:03pm
o Build updated to 1300 for World of Warcraft 3/22 patch. -
03/22/2005 @ 02:54pm
o Level Reveal mod removed - Blizzard removed the functionality in
their March 22 patch, this mod will no longer work. - 03/22/2005 @ 02:13pm

* Version 1.76
o A bug which made CombatStats not draggable has been fixed -
03/12/2005 @ 12:39pm
o Bug with petbar moving when closing the map fixed. - 03/11/2005 @
o Moved a variable from CT_BuffMod to CT_MasterMod for universal use
- 03/11/2005 @ 05:58pm
o Class bars (aura, stance, shape, stealth, and pet) have been
adjusted to work a bit better. - 03/11/2005 @ 05:26pm
o A bug where hotbars would open on top of bags has been fixed. -
03/11/2005 @ 05:25pm
o Default position for casting bar has been raised to show above the
hotbars - 03/11/2005 @ 04:30pm
o A bug which made hotbar buttons unaccessible during certain
occasions has been fixed - 03/11/2005 @ 04:30pm
o A bug where the casting bar would show behind the right hotbar hass
been fixed - 03/08/2005 @ 02:56pm
o CT_MovableParty has been added as a standalone, non-included mod.
If you picked up 1.75, you'll need to delete your CT_UnitFrames folder. If you
are having problems with UIscale or party frame showing incorrectly, or simply
want to move it, this is for you. - 03/06/2005 @ 01:29pm
o Class bars look and drag correctly now. - 03/06/2005 @ 01:29pm
o A bug with the right hotbar not dragging has been fixed -
03/06/2005 @ 01:29pm
o The pet bar resets to the correct position above the left hotbar
now, if you don't have that hotbar on, you'll have to move it down by unlocking
frames and dragging it. - 03/06/2005 @ 01:29pm
o The control panel regen toggle now functions properly - 03/06/2005
@ 01:29pm

* Version 1.75
o Class bar texture can now be hidden/shown. - 03/05/2005 @ 10:15pm
o All hotbar tooltips now show in the position of player/object
tooltips, so if you have tooltip set to bottom right, all will be there. -
03/05/2005 @ 10:04pm
o New key bindings have been added that allow you to show or hide
hotbars via the press of a button, rather than having to open the CP. If you
want to permanently set them to on or off, you'll need to use the cp options. -
03/05/2005 @ 10:04pm
o CT_TickMod has been revamped. The look has been redesigned and the
frame is now movable. It now updates more accurately as well as shows regen
during combat. - 03/05/2005 @ 10:04pm
o All movable frames have had their unlock and reset buttons combined
into one general unlock and reset, which are found on the general page of the
control panel. - 03/05/2005 @ 10:04pm
o The control panel is now movable (should be easier to adjust party
health settings now) - 03/05/2005 @ 10:04pm
o PartyFrame is now movable, you can drag each party member to the
location of your choosing. - 03/05/2005 @ 10:03pm
o PetBar buttons now lock when hotbar button lock is turned on. -
03/05/2005 @ 10:03pm
o Status bar text has once again been fixed on the player frame,
unsure as to why that code got changed, heh. - 03/05/2005 @ 10:03pm
o Class bars are now movable. (stealth, stances, shapes, etc.) -
03/05/2005 @ 10:03pm

* Version 1.72
o PartyHealth has had an error fixed which was caused by diving 0 by
0 when attempting to show a player in another zone/area's hit points or mana as
a percentage, please make sure you get this fix. - 03/04/2005 @ 11:30am
o If buff fading reminders were set to off, they were still showing
at 15seconds, this has been fixed. - 03/04/2005 @ 11:30am
o CT_MasterMod now shows the quantity of ammo/arrows you have if the
number is > 1,000. - 03/02/2005 @ 10:50am
o Made CT_BuffMod buff tooltips relocate automatically to prevent
showing outside screen - 03/02/2005 @ 10:43am
o Added the ability to move your casting bar (or reset via cp) to
CT_MasterMod. - 03/01/2005 @ 05:31pm
o Updated CT_UnitFrames; the TargetFrame will now change color as
your target loses life, from green to red. - 03/01/2005 @ 04:16pm
o Fixed an issue where Page Lock would revert to first bar when the
pages were locked at another bar than #1 - 03/01/2005 @ 04:15pm
o CT_PartyHealth added. This mod allows you to view your party
members hp/mana as numerical values or percentages. - 03/01/2005 @ 04:14pm

* Version 1.71
o Changed PlayerNotes to have faded notes if no note was present -
03/01/2005 @ 03:15pm
o Changed default bag opening positions for movable bags, bank bags
should no longer open behind the bank (hopefully) - 03/01/2005 @ 03:15pm
o Made it so you could close bags vis the [x] instead of having that
as part of the 'drag' frame. - 03/01/2005 @ 03:14pm
o Fixed a bug very few people were getting regarding 'flashing'
hotbars. - 03/01/2005 @ 03:14pm
o Fixed a bug where CT_QuestLevels would give an error on load. -
03/01/2005 @ 12:21pm
o PlayerNotes Friends Notes were resetting when you logged out, this
has been fixed. - 03/01/2005 @ 02:12am
o MailMod has been updated and improved, it should now send more
accurately and with less chance of failure. - 02/28/2005 @ 10:48pm
o Status bar text has now totally been fixed. - 02/28/2005 @ 10:47pm
o A fix for combat stats sometimes showing negative dps is in,
hopefully this does indeed fix it all. - 02/28/2005 @ 05:37pm
o CombatStats stats window now remembers where it was dragged to. -
02/28/2005 @ 05:36pm
o A fix for CombatStats has been released, in order to fix a bug when
tracking heals. - 02/26/2005 @ 07:54pm
o The timer has been slightly modified so you can now use this
script(or macro) to start/pause it: /script CT_Timer_Toggle(CT_TimerFrame) You
can also reset it with the script(or macro): /script CT_Timer_Reset() -
02/26/2005 @ 03:49pm
o CombatStats now saves information between sessions (you'll actually
have to click reset to reset it now, it won't clear when you log out) -
02/26/2005 @ 03:44pm
o CombatStats has been vastly improved for healers. You can now track
the amount of damage you have healed as well as spell type and critical spell
rate. - 02/26/2005 @ 02:03pm
o CombatStats stats window will now close via escape rather than just
having to click the X. - 02/26/2005 @ 01:08pm
o BarMod bound hotkey view shortened - CTRL is now C, Alt is now A,
etc. - 02/26/2005 @ 11:56am
o Fixed a bug that was disallowing Blizzard's key bindings for
self-cast spells while using our SelfCast mod. - 02/26/2005 @ 11:41am
o CT_UnitFrames (player frame) really is fixed now! Status bar text
will no longer overwrite after you log out and back in. - 02/25/2005 @ 08:34pm
o BarMod now changes to show 'out of mana' spells to be blue, while
'out of range' are red or grey if the toggle is on. - 02/25/2005 @ 07:38pm
o The Buff Mod has been fixed up and improved a bit. Errors with the
message/chirp not reoccuring have been fixed, and it should work a bit more
smoothly now. - 02/25/2005 @ 05:31pm
o Added a toggle for the buff chirp sound, you can now turn it on or
off. - 02/25/2005 @ 04:53pm
o Fixed an error related to CT_BuffMod. - 02/25/2005 @ 03:41pm
o Added the ability to move the CT icon on the minimap anywhere along
the outside. Credit for this goes to the BC team for their intuitiveness with it
on the tracking mod. - 02/25/2005 @ 02:39pm
o changed general text (forgot that in 1.7, heh) - 02/25/2005 @
o added a toggle in Misc. for adding the pet's bar texture back -
02/25/2005 @ 02:38pm
o fixed a bug with CT_MailMod regarding using all in one inventory /
myinventory - 02/25/2005 @ 02:38pm
o fixed a bug with page lock not saving state when you logged out -
02/25/2005 @ 02:37pm
o modified the 'out of range' toggle to now go between off, grey, and
red - 02/25/2005 @ 02:37pm
o fixed a bug with the out of range indicator not saving when you
logged out - 02/25/2005 @ 02:37pm
o fixed up item buff mod to work with shaman buffs again. -
02/25/2005 @ 12:25pm
o fixed bug that was supposed to be fixed in 1.7 regarding status bar
text and the CT_PlayerFrame (kinda forgot it in 1.7, oops) - 02/25/2005 @

* Version 1.7
o PlayerNotes has been added - Player notes adds note options to your
friends, ignore, and guild lists. Click the note to edit it or hover your mouse
over the note to view it. - 02/24/2005 @ 06:26pm
o Tooltip relocation option added to mastermod - 02/24/2005 @
o CombatStats was updated to a more recent version - this should
hopefully fix all of the 'dropdown' type error messages - 02/24/2005 @ 06:26pm
o CombatStats is also now movable, right click and drag to move it. -
02/24/2005 @ 06:26pm
o 'out of range' toggle added - skills/abilities that are out of
range can now be set to grey out, making it more notacible. - 02/24/2005 @
o The top hotbar (5th bar) has had keybindings added. - 02/24/2005 @
o Added a toggle for showing the key bindings on hotbar buttons, as
well as hiding the numbers on the hotbar buttons - 02/24/2005 @ 06:25pm
o Added the option to allow buff expirations to make a 'chirp' (the
sound when someone signs on or send you a tell) - 02/24/2005 @ 06:25pm
o Fixed slowdown in CT_ItemBuffs - 02/24/2005 @ 06:25pm
o Added buff recast binding option - you can bind a key to recast a
buff that notifies you that it's fading. If two buffs fade at the same time,
they will be queued so you can recast both. - 02/24/2005 @ 06:24pm
o Added an audible 'chirp' when the timer reaches 0 counting down. -
02/24/2005 @ 06:24pm
o Added an option to reset buff positioniong. - 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Combined pet and hotbar unlocks so unlocking bars will unlock all.
- 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Settings should now be saved for individual characters - 02/24/2005
@ 06:23pm
o Fixed a bug with party buffs for pet showing only 4 buffs after
relogging - 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Fixed a bug with hotbar tooltips going off screen if bars were
rotated/moved to certain places - 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Fixed a bug that was causing buff timers to either notify always or
not at all - 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Fixed a bug causing multiple bars to show the same highlighted icon
as the main bar when a skill on the main bar was used. - 02/24/2005 @ 06:23pm
o Fixed a bug with the status bar text showing up behind
ct_playerframe text, thanks undocumented blizzard ui changes! - 02/24/2005 @
o LevelReveal was improved to show the level in the tooltip now as
well. The toggle to turn level reveal on/off was removed, if you don't want it,
you'll now have to disable or remove the addon. - 02/24/2005 @ 06:22pm
o The PlayerFrame no longer drags CombatStats with it. - 02/24/2005 @

* Version 1.65
o Updated version for World of Warcraft emergency patch on 2-22. -
02/22/2005 @ 01:20pm

* Version 1.64
o CT_MailMod has been added. - 02/20/2005 @ 02:52am
o CombatStats menu will now show on click as opposed to on
hover...this was made in version 1.6 but not documented. - 02/19/2005 @
o Slight modification made to CT_MapMod that should help useres who
lost mapnotes recover them. - 02/18/2005 @ 05:11pm
o Version updated for World of Warcraft patch on 12/15 - 02/18/2005 @

* Version 1.63
o CT_BarMod rotation fix - if you rotate your hotbars then log out or
reload your ui, they will now stay the way you rotated them instead of reverting
to default. - 02/14/2005 @ 03:26pm
o New MapMod version is in; you shouldn't lose any notes, and anyone
using an older version should still be able to send you notes. You may not be
able to send notes to a previous version user though. - 02/13/2005 @ 02:36pm

* Version 1.6
o *Note* - If installing 1.6 over a previous version, you will need
to delete both CT_TargetFrame and CT_PlayerFrame folders from your AddOns
o A 6th bar has been added, which will use bar #6 (shift+6 by
o A timer has been added.
o All hotbars are now even more customizable, in that they can be
rotated either horizontally or vertically. When hotbars are unlocked, left
click and drag the move button to move them, or right click to rotate them.
o The pet bar is now movable as well. Click the unlock Petbar button
in the control panel to allow pet bar movement.
o Additional hotbar button numbers now show red when out of range
like the default hotbar.
o Map Coordinates will now show in the upper left corner when moving
your mouse in the world map
o Rogues, Warriors, and Druids can now hide their class specific 3rd
bars via a toggle in the Misc. Mods section. This should help clear up some
space for those who hotkey them.
o A Quest Level toggle has been added to the control panel, turning
this on will show the level of your quests to the left of the name in the quest
o The ability to move buffs as been added. By unlocking the buff
frame via the control panel, you can now move the buffs to your selected
o Buff swap, the ability to put the icons on the right and the buff
names on the left, has been added; to rotate your buffs, unlock them from the
control panel then right click on the move button.
o A toggle has been added to allow you to turn debuff names red to
make them stand out more
o The buff expiration toggle has been modified to allow buff
expiration messages to show at either 1minute, 15seconds, or not at all
o A Reset/Reload option has been added to the control panel. If
options aren't saving, something seems laggy or bugged, try this before posting
an error.
o Made it so when the hotbar buttons are locked, you can still
shift+click to drag an icon.
o When the durability doll shows up to let you know your armor is in
need of repair, you can now click and drag it to the location of your choice.
o Both Player and Target frames are now movable. Unlock them via the
control panel and you can move them to your desired location.
o Fixed up the playerframe so default hp/mana values will now show
onHover when the CT hp/mana values are turned off.
o Another attempt to fix the UIDropDown error some people are
experiencing has been put in, and we hope this one fixes it.
o Fixed a bug with party buffs that was causing the tooltips for
debuffs to not show
o The Griffons on the left and right of the bottom bar can now be
hidden via a toggle in the control panel.

* Version 1.51
o A small bug was fixed for users using both CTMod and cosmos

* Version 1.5
o "Too many buttons in UIDropDownMenu:CombatStatsAttackDropDown"
error should no longer occur
o "Too many buttons in UIDropDownMenu:WorldMapDropDown" error should
no longer occur
o MobHealth AddOn removed due to too many inconsistencies
o Left and Right bottom bars once again show behind the griffon
o Fixed a bug with hotbars pages 4 and 5 which was causing them to
display incorrect additional bars
o Cleaned up the CT icon on the minimap, it looks much nicer now.
o New CT Control Panel design which should be easier to use and less
o ItemBuff mod added - item buffs will show at the bottom in the
normal CT Buff list. The ItemBuff AddOn is dependant on the CT_BuffMod. The
option to view buffs with durations under 15 seconds (totems for example) has
also been added, and is off by default.
o PlayerFrame mod added - Off by default, turning this mod on will
add text values of your hp/mana onto the bar as well as hp/mana percentages to
the right of the bars. Both options are off by default and either/both can be
hidden via the CT control panel.
o TargetFrame mod added - Off by default, this mod allows you to see
your target's hp as a percentage which is placed on their hp bar, as well as
allows you to see their actual mana value. For players in group targeted, it
will show the exact hp as well as exact mana. Either/both can be hidden via the
CT control panel.
o Hotbar Page Lock mod added - Toggling this on or off via the CT
control panel will make it so when you shift+# to change hotbar pages, only the
main bar will change.
o Button Lock mod added - Toggling this on or off via the CT control
panel will lock your hotbar buttons in place, making it so they can't
accidentally be dragged off the bar.
o PartyBuffs mod added - On by default, the party buffs mod will make
it so your parties buffs will always show below their mana bars. A toggle in the
CT control panel allows you to set the number of buffs to view; the default is
4. The toggle also allows you to turn this mod off, or set it to view only your
pets buffs and not other group members.
o All hotbars and sidebars are now movable. Uncheck the hotbar lock
button from the CT control panel then drag the bars to where you'd like them.
To lock them simply click the hotbar lock button again.
o Made left and right hotbars independent; you can now set the number
of buttons per bar so if you want 12 on left and 6 on right, it's doable.
o Added the ability to make unused hotbar buttons visible or
transparent via control panel.
o Added optional Level reveal mod - off by default, turning this on
will show pc and npc levels even if they normally show as ??

* Version 1.46
o minor fixes
o version updated for December 21st patch.

* Version 1.45
o Version updated for World of Warcraft Launch

* Version 1.44
o Added right side bar key bindings
o Moved the fps number to the upper left of the screen -- will no
longer overwrite the hotkey bars
o Moved the durability paper doll to the top of the screen -- will no
longer interfere with buffs
o Moved timed quest timer to the top of the screen -- will no longer
interfere with buffs
o Fixed pet border on barmod
o Fixed stealth border on barmod
o Fixed stances border on barmod

* Version 1.43
o Added optional right side sidebar
o Fixed the bug with bags overlapping the Right hotbar
o Moved the CT icon down to avoid the new mail notification icon
o Moved the regen values down to avoid conflict with the GM notes and
the tracking/gathering skills icons
o Moved FPS number so it didn't overlap the bottom hotbar
o Quest text fading and other options will now stay the way you set
them, rather than having to set them each time you log on.
o The CT channel will no longer autojoin, and is no longer required;
as a result, you will temporarily be unable to send map notes
o Full tooltips will now display when hovering over spells/abilities
o Removed the Bank Mod as it was no longer functioning properly

* Version 1.4
o Added Regen Mod which shows hp & mana per tick
o Added the ability to view your bank contents from anywhere in the
o Added the option to not auto-join the CT chat channel
o Added the ability to map every key on each of the additional hotkey
bars via the key mapping options
o Changed the Options window icon to the CT logo and moved it to a
better spot.
o Fixed a bug with the map notes not saving unless sent to another
o Fixed a bug that involved mapping additional hotkey bars to
o Fixed a bug that was keeping the group members list away from the
left side if the sidebar was hidden
o Bug fixed that was causing players to lose keybindings when logging
o NOTE! You may experience problems with sending & receiving notes
from users with previous CTMod versions

* Version 1.3
o All extra bars can now be hidden/shown via the Control Panel.
o Additional key binding options have been added.
o Added optional sidebar
o Added map mod
o Added the option to disable quest text fading

* Version 1.2
o Various minor bugfixes
o Options are now saved between sessions
o Fixes the Blizzard bug that changes the chat text's alpha
o Bug involving rogue stealth, warrior stances and druid
shapeshifting was fixed, the default hotkey bar will now function as intended.

* Version 1.1
o Official release version

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