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Star Wars: Empire at War Just Another Space Mod v3.0

Pisteet: 3.00
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The mod changes several attributes of most of the space ships to balance the game and adds new effects, music and more.

Patch details:

"Just Another Space Mod" by [KP] Tokakeke (

This mod is meant to provide balance while adding realism - as a result many
ships are slower and do more damage. Most values are based on other sources
such as the movies and other games.


Directions: Place in your Empire At War folder.


- Fixed Venator and V-Wings (Virago/Moldy Crow are buggy, not going to put in
right now)
* Venators can be built at Pirate Station in Skirmish, in GC they can be built
anywhere with a tech level over 3
- Laser effects removed - were conflicting with Venator xmls. Merge later.
- Added menu music
- Increased X-Wing speed
- Increased Y-Wing armor
- Increased Slave I shields
- V-Wings are slower but do more damage


- New effects for lasers (Thanks Adonnay!)
- Virago and Moldy Crow should be unlocked - V-Wing and Jedi Starfighter MAY
- Menu sound FX updated!


= All ships speeds have been MAJORLY altered - everything moves at speeds that
make sense relative to each other
but slower than default.




- Speeded up (and made turn rate higher of) the A-Wing
- Made A-Wing have weaker shields


- Gave more shields and armor
- Slowed X-Wing down a lot
- Gave X-Wing less firepower when in locked foil mode - need to remove fire in
this mode

TIE Fighter:

- Slowed down
- Reduced turn rate
- Made cheaper to build
- Increased recharge rate

TIE Bomber:

- Increased mass
- Gave it way more armor
- Increased FOW reveal


- Decreased shield strength
- Massively upped armor
- Slowed it down a bit

TIE Scout:

- Decreased mass
- Removed shields
- Removed hyperspace
- Upped speed

Capital ships:

Mon Cal Cruiser:

- Upped cost
- Decreased armor
- Decreased shields
- Decreased build speed

Star Destroyer:

- Decreased turn rate by a bit
- Increased speed by a bit
- Massively increased armor strength


Tartan Cruiser:

- Increased speed
- Increased turn rate

Corellian Gunship:

- Decreased speed


Death Star:

- Increased credit cost



- Decreased armor dramatically
- Decreased build time
- Increased turn rate

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