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Star Wars: Empire at War Tie Advanced X-1 Mod

Pisteet: 3.00
Tiedostotyyppi: Modit

The mod adds a new space unit to the game, Tie Advanced X-1.

Patch details:

Name: New unit - TIE Advanced X-1

Description: I was inspired to make this after seeing the previous TIE advanced
mod and set out to add it to the build list as a new unit rather than replacing
the default TIEs.
The Advanced is available at tech level 2 with a level 2 space station (Empire
only obviously,) they are a good match for all fighters and even corvettes in
large numbers. They are fully shielded, hyperdrive capable and faster than the
original TIEs.
I accidentally found an icon for the Advanced while browsing through the files
and put it to good use, although there were no SFX files, hence the reason they
have default TIE sounds.

Installation: Extract the XML folder to the \Star Wars Empire at
War\GameData\Data folder, then place the mastertextfile_english.dat file into
the \Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data\Text folder. !!!MAKE A BACKUP OF THE
To uninstall simply delete the XML folder and replace the
mastertextfile_english.dat file with the original version.

Credits: None whatsoever, except LucasArts and Petroglyph for making the game
in the first place.

Legal: You may use this file for whatever purpose you see fit without my
consent, distribute it, modify it further, totally mess it up, sell it at an
extortionate price, and other random things. Just don't come complaining to

Contact: (don't come asking me to make you mods, I mod
for the fun of it, not because I must.)

Comments: If you want to modify the stats for this unit in any way just open
the Spaceunitsfighters.xml file in the XML folder with wordpad or notepad, all
the unit info is in this file. If you want an unfair advantage you can change
weapon damage, fire rate, speed, shield hitpoints and other values. Be warned,
mod at your own risk.

Lisätty 24.3.2006
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Tiedostotyyppi Modit
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