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Star Wars: Empire at War Its a Trap Mod

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Its a Trap! modification modifies GC campaign 'The Conquest Begins' by decreasing the starting force size but increases the space population cap for both sides.

Patch details:

**Admiral_Ackbar11's "Its a Trap!" MOD for Star Wars: Empire at War V. 1.0**

**Installation Instructions**
Installing this mod is simple. Just copy and paste the 'Text' and 'XML' folders
into the gamedata/data directory on your hard drive. WARNING: It will ask you if
you want to replace the 'Text' folder that already exists. Either move it
somewhere safe OR make a copy of it and do the same. You will have to move any
other mods to a safe place if they use the same TEXT or XML files.


> Modified GC campaign 'The Conquest Begins'. All planets, you start with a
VERY small force.

> Space population cap increased to 45 for the Empire and 50 for the Rebels.

> Venator enabled. It is designed to counter the Rebels Assault Frigates and
those pesky Mon Calamari Cruisers. It carries 5 regular TIE squads and 3 TIE
bombers. Can be built at LVL. 3 Space Stations.

> V-Wing and Z-95 now enabled for the Empire. Can be built at LVL. 1 and 2
Space Stations respectively.

> Piett and Ackbar are now initially enabled.

**Known Glitches**

> After defeating a space station the enemy will 'retreat' even if there are no
opposing forces left. Just ignore this as it dosn't effect gameplay at all.

> Multiple text errors are likely. These include missing '&' symbols and misc.
symbols appearing where they don't belong. Please alert me about these on the
EaW baord at

**Only Activating certain Features**
To only activate certain features of this mod just simply add the XML files for
the ones you want:


> Imperial fighters: 'SQUADRONS' and 'SPACE UNITSFIGHTERS'

> Higher pop. cap: 'FACTIONS'

> Modified GC campaign/Piett/Ackbar: 'CAMPAIGNS_SINGLEPLAYER'

Lisätty 24.3.2006
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