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Quake 4 World Mod 3.0a

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Q4W is a modification to Quake 4 that combines the gameplay of original QuakeWorld and new Quake 4. It has various changes in movement, HUDs, weapons and armours.

Mod details:

beta 3.0a - Release Date : january/25/2006

* New Features

- from bug reports :
* Damage disabled during warmup in Clan Arena mode.
* Player can die when falling on space maps for example.
* Bug in tourney vote menu.
* Bug in multiplayer menu.

- Features coded/modified :
* RJ increased by 10%.

Some explanations on new gameTypes :

Clan Arena :
Team game based on rounds, both teams have to frag all opponents during it. Once fragged, you will have to wait next round to play again. First team to reach roundlimit defined by si_roundLimit wins the match.
Characteristics :
- no self damage.
- no team damage.
- no items.
- all weapons/ammos from map definition.
- countdown between rounds defined by si_countdown in seconds.

Be Careful !!! You want to play Clan Arena ? You must vote it with the vote menu or callvote command (callvote gameType CA). This mode doesn't appear in Server creation menu

OOnage :
It's a gameType based on Team DM with some modified rules :
- if a player takes a powerup between quad, regeneration, invisibility, all his teammates will have it too ! Beware you drop the PU once killed, and the opponent can then take back the PU...
- As q4w's team is very concern by peace between friends, all teamdamage are doubled Smile
- projectiles seem weird in this mode, don't you think ? They can bounce twice on floor and walls !
Characteristics :
- no self damage.
- team damage x2.
- crazy projectiles (rox, nails, & plasma).

Be Careful !!! You want to play OOnage Mode ? You must vote it with the vote menu or callvote command (callvote gameType OOnage). This mode doesn't appear in Server creation menu

How works instagib :

You have first to vote with this command :
- callvote instagib 1
- callvote restart to enter into instagib mode !
Characteristics :
- no self damage.
- no items.
- only gauntlet and railgun.

New armor system ?

Yes ! after hard discussion, we offer you to test a new way to handle armors on maps. With this new feature available on DM, Team DM, CTF, Tourney and OOnage modes, you will have to keep in mind that armor could only be picked if some conditions are filled :
- you have no armor : you can take any armor and player will inherit it (materialized in hud with colored armor side to your armor value)
- you have an armor : you can take same or stronger armor. You must have less than the default value of the armor when you want to grab it, of course.
- you have an armor : you need to pickup a lower armor type, you need to have strictly less than 25% of your current default armor value to grab it.
- shard can be picked at any time and increase your inherited armor up to the max (=200). If you have no armor type, shards are defaulted to GA.

Examples : you take a RA (200), you can take YA/GA if you have less than 50 armor points left. You have YA (100), you can take shards up to 200 armor points (with 65% protection level), you can take RA at anytime (if you have less than 200), but you can take GA only if you have less than 25 armor points left. You have GA (50), you can take shards up to 200 armor points (with 55% protection level), you can take YA/RA anytime if you have less than their default value (100/200), and you can take GA if you have less than its default value (50).

Valid armors are :
- Green Armor (GA) = 50 and 55% protection level
- Yellow Armor (YA) = 100 and 65% protection level
- Red Armor (RA) = 200 and 80% protection level

Cvars (modified or added / vq4)

// server side :

- si_normalSuddenDeath
0 = q4 original feature (players respawn in overtime with goal to first frag/cap to win)
1 = q3 style, with additionnal time (by default)
- si_additionnalTime xx (default = 2)
xx in minutes. Duration of overtime when running with si_normalSuddenDeath = 1.
If overtime ends with still a tied game, overtime is applied again.

- si_bunnyHop (callvotable)
0 = no bunny.
1 = bunnyHop enable. (default)

- si_roundLimit xx (default = 13)
(callvotable) number of rounds for Clan Arena

- si_instagib (callvotable)
0 = no instagib. (default)
1 = instagib enable. (must restart the map to take effect)

// client side :

- ui_forceEnemyModel : forces all enemies to have the same model as defined by ui_enemyModel cvar.
0 = off
1 = on (default)
- ui_forceTeamModel : forces all teammates to have the same model as defined by ui_teamModel cvar.
0 = off
1 = on (default)
- ui_EnemyModel "" : model to be forced on all enemies.
default "model_player_tactical_transfer"
- ui_TeamModel "" : model to be forced on all teammates
default "model_player_tactical_elite"
- ui_enemyColor "" : defines enemies' model color (RGB: 0-255 0-255 0-255)
default "0 255 0" (green)
- ui_teamColor "" : defines teammates' model color (RGB: 0-255 0-255 0-255)
default "255 0 0" (red)
- ui_drawspeed :
0 = off (default)
1 = on
- ui_countdown :
0 = like in q4, displayed time is remaining time, (default)
1 = like in q3, time is current time since start of the match
- pm_crouchbob, pm_walkbob, pm_runbob, pm_runpitch, pm_runroll, pm_bobup, pm_bobpitch, pm_bobroll are
now client side and set by default to 0 and are archive (saved in default .cfg file).
- g_fov is archive now (saved in default .cfg file).
- g_hud
"q4w1L" (default) default one on left side
"vq4" if you love it :/
- g_showGibs
0 = off (deault)
1 = on
- g_simpleItems (warning, nomip will be implemented for next release. On very low quality, it should display ugly items..)
0 = off (default)
1 = on

- dev_addBot : Spawns a bot which doesn't move cause there is no AI (1: Marine, 2: Strogg) : cheat protected
- dev_removeBot : Remove the bot you indicated by its client ID. : cheat protected

**** REMOVED FROM 2.1 as theses features are now integrated in our physics **** (from xbattle mod )

- ! Removed! pm_stairJumps <0|1> allows strafejumping on stairs
on e.g. The Edge where long stairs are used it's not possible to SJ on
on them. In multiplayer you can do "clientcallvote stairjumps 1" to enable
it. All it does is enabling you to step on stairs, when you're in air.

- ! Removed! pm_smoothBoxJumps <0-16> allow smoother jumping on boxes
0 - Off
1 - smooth box jumps a little (default)
2-16 - more smoothing

If the stairjump fix is enabled, in Q4 you have the possibility to do
boxjumps, because the stairjump fix enables you to step on stairs,
while you are in air. If you have a box that is max 16 (max stepsize)
units higher than your jumpheight, you can step on it as on stairs and
jump to the next box. that's called a boxjump. but in some places,
like in "the edge" on the upper yellow armor, it is hard to do a
boxjump, because the box is too big, then you need to jump very exact
on the box, to do the boxjump. All smoothboxjump does is increasing
the max stepsize, when jumping in the air (doesn't work on ground).
This makes boxjumping possible from more positions much easier. Anyway,
someone may think, that it adds speed to get up there, but it doesn't.

Known issues
- arm's player buggy with some weapons
- when spectating, simple items are looking at last known player's position (will be fixed in next release).

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