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Quake 4 Q4gib v1.3 Mod

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Q4gib is a instant gib modification for Quake 4 that reduces your weapons to railgun and lets you kill enemies with one shot.

Mod details:

// ---- Description -------------------

Q4GIB is a simple Quake IV multiplayer instagib mod,
The only weapon you can equip is the railgun all other weapons and the most
spawns are disabled
only the Haste power up spawn isn't disabled, This mod should work with all
maps and game types available.

// ---- Installation -------------------

> Client side
Unzip or Install this mod into your Quake IV root folder and run
'Start_Q4GIB.bat' to play.
If you have used the installer you can also use the shortcut created on your
desktop to play.
When you already install Q4GIB before please delete the older version before
installing Q4GIB v1.26!

> Server side

>> Windows
Unzip or Install this mod into your Quake IV root folder and open
'Start_DED_Server_Q4GIB.bat' with a text editor and change the ip/port.
When you have done this go to the 'q4gib' folder and open 'q4gib-server.cfg'
Change the server settings to how you want it, now save and close it. Go back
to your root folder
and launch 'Start_DED_Server_Q4GIB.bat' now the server should start.

>> Unix/Linux
Unzip this mod into your Quake IV root folder,
When you have done this go to the 'q4gib' folder and open 'q4gib-server.cfg'
Change the server config to how you want it, now save and close it.
Now simply run the server using the way you want

// ---- Notes -------------------

This mod is only tested in Windows so there may appear some errors in Linux!

When you start the game using a game browser (for example. The all seeing eye)

you can't type or click on a button ingame to fix it simply push on the console
button 'TILDE' and it will be fixed.

// ---- Changelog -------------------

v1.30 (First version thats compatible with v1.1)
- Updated all files to work with Q4 v1.1 BETA
- Updated guis to support voice chat
- Re-added all loading icons
- Removed main.script
* Added server download (Needs to be configured)

v1.26 (Last version that works with v1.0, Non SDK release)
- Re-made player.def
- Re-made items.def
- Optimized main.script for faster loading speed
- Fixed graphics in 'controlers > weapons' menu
- Removed unused things in mainmenu.gui
- Removed the 'Small health' loading icon
* Optimized the server config
* Changed g_countDown to si_countDown
* Renamed mapcycle script to q4gib-mapcycle
* Added Q4 Quakemas maps to the map cycle script
* Added instagib server commands in the server.cfg (Not used yet)
* Removed server auto download, now it only shows the Q4GIB website link

v1.25 (Final)
- Cleaned up mainmenu.gui
- Added 'GIB' text in the Quake IV icon
- Removed more unused things in player.def
- Renamed Q4GIB directory to q4gib for linux compatibility
- Fixed Unknown weapon 'weapon_machinegun' console error
* Added more categories in the server config file

- Fixed team games summary.gui
- Filled the MP loading screen with transparant black to the bottom

- Edited the main menu background a little
- Removed SP items from the items.def file
- Added a Q4GIB logo to the MP loading screen
- Added colours to the mod name in description.txt
- Added custom Q4GIB text to english_guis.lang
- Fixed the graphics go out the border in the CTF accuracy menu
- Fixed the MP main menu > Players status menu with Team modes
- Removed the "Combo kill and Humiliation" award from the accuracy menus
- Removed unused weapons at the "Settings > Controls > Weapons" menu
- Removed more unused things from the player.def file
* The server runs now with a mapcycle script
* Added CTF maps to the DM gametype in the mapcycle file
* Fixed the team games map switch crash at the dedicated server
* Changed si_maxPlayers to 12 (12 players maximum in the server)
* Removed unused configs and added new configs
* Added default Q4GIB colours to the server name

- Added a Q4GIB splash loading screen
- Added +disconnect and +set com_allowConsole 1 to the startup bat file
- Changed the main menu layout
- Changed the Multiplayer loading screen (Special thanks to Preatorian for
- Changed default HP on spawn stats to 150
- Updated the string table for the new main menu
- Fixed returnmp and disconnect mouse over graphic/sound bug
- Fixed crashes with custom maps, especialy the weapon error crashes
- Fixed the Quake 4 icon so it's fully transparant (not white)
- Cleaned the player.def file, deleted some things that are only required for
* Added the server config into the client so you don't need the dedicated
server config anymore
* Added "gamename "Q4GIB v1.**" to the server config and removed si_version
* Changed si_maxPlayers to 8 players maximum, the most maps are to small for 16

- Fixed some little things that caused problems in the mainmenu.gui
- Fixed Mainmenu missing Q4GIB text without +nologo
- Removed +nologo from the bat file it caused problems for some people
- Removed more unused single player things from the mainmenu.gui
- Disabled the Intro's in the mainmenu.gui file
* Added more server commands
* Disabled bobbing server side
* Added si_version Q4GIB
* Removed public server info
* Added Download Settings so it shows the site link on missing .pk4 files
* Updated the command descriptions

- Updated the summary score tab so it shows only the accuracy of the Railgun
- Removed unused Single player menus from mainmenu.gui

- Updated the Quake4.ico it's a clone of the official version now
- Updated the Q4GIB Menu "text" logo to "Q4GIB - Instagib Mod"
- Fixed Mainmenu MP menu (Added custom Return MP, Disconnect button)

- Added mod list description
- Remade player.def
- Fixed mphud.gui line 9 error
- Fixed mainmenu.gui errors
- Fixed Ammo/Items/Powerups/Weapons spawnclass errors in console

- Optimized the .pk4 file
- Added MOD description in the Readme.txt file
- Updated String with some more custom text

- Updated the main menu
- Releasing this mod in two versions (Zipped/Installer)

- Changed the MP Menu hud Accuracy stats
- Fixed missing weapon model at the player model select screen
- For now ignore the missing weapon error in the console when you die

- First final release with the most things tested and working!
- Deleted def_dropitem at Railgun.def now it should not drop anymore

- Made the Railgun not drop when you are dead (Not tested)

- Fixed haste now spawning
- Updated item.def now REALLY all items don't spawn
- Modified Accuracy menu ("Z" key) so it only shows Railgun

- Removed Railgun spawn it was making your client crash on pickup

- Disabled all weapon spawns except Railgun
- Disabled all power up spawns except haste
- Added ammo.def/items.def to disable Ammo/Item spawn
- Made the menu text a little higher

v0.10 (Remake)
- Remade Q4GIB, now there ain't that much bugs left to fix
- Updated the Main menu gui it's done for now
- Disabled all weapons except for Railgun
- Fixed the Railgun hud colour bug
- Removed custom map scripts they ain't used anymore

- Changed the Railgun back to WeapID 7 (Should really fix the accuracy
- Added +nologo to the bat starter

- Started working on a new main menu
- Fixed Accuracy/Stats menu for Railgun

- Added flashlight in SP to Railgun
- Changed back the railgun at single player
- Modified menu text for Single Player
- Removed unused script commands
- Fixed Railgun MP hud

- First public test release

- Fixed that you only spawn with a Railgun
- Removed first start weapon so it doesn't switch to Railgun
- Disabled all other weapons but you can still see the spawns

- Added default weapon Railgun
- Added Unlimited ammo to Railgun
- Removed Splash Damage from the Railgun (Wasn't working)
- Removed "min_ammo_railgun" (Wasn't working)

- Removed weapon spawn and added default weapon railgun
- Modified the menu text and layout for Q4GIB
- Changed default ammo to 999 and minimum to 999

- Railgun damage changed to 9999

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