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Quake 4 Q4MAX v0.72 Competition Mod

Pisteet: 3.00
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A modification to Quake 4 that improves the competitive aspects of the game, such as new HUDs.

Mod details:

This changelog is the canonical source of information for Q4MAX.

Any document that disagrees with it is almost certainly wrong.

Note: like every other version of Quake, Q4 "listen" servers are EXTREMELY defective.

They MAY work but they're not officially supported. Always use a "dedicated" server.

Notes for version 0.72 (27 Feb 06)

add: mode CTFS - CaptureStrike

add: health and armor votes for CA/CTFS

(no vote_allow control on these: they're too trivial)

add: pause (referees only)

add: PM skins. tweak r_gamma/r_brightness/r_lightscale if they're not bright enough

add: "weapon" as an alias for _impulse 0-9 for binds

chg: menu now has zoom toggle, GL smoke, RL smoke, draw gibs, draw blood, weapon fov effect, and team model.

chg: #l now uses the same location desc as team overlay.

chg: #l works in CA.

chg: CA does not allow firing at the end of round to prevent grenade exploit.

chg: mode TOURNEY for Raven's tournament mode

chg: mode DM (also named duel) means real 1v1 play, not Raven's tournament

chg: CA spawns default to 100H/150A

chg: railguns no longer dropped on player death in IG

chg: RG has infinite ammo in IG

chg: no throwing weapons in IG/CA

chg: g_feedScorebot defaults to 1

chg: CTF defaults to no team damage

chg: removed si_entityFilter

chg: Windows only: Error handling

Access Violations and other crashes now drop to the console and log the error rather than displaying the Windows error dialog.

Please submit the error displayed on the console if this happens (multiple lines).

chg: Crosshair name fade-in time speeded up

chg: Crosshair name displays for spectators

chg: the #i token requires you are looking at the item more than before - gives more accurate information.

cgh: cg_logXMLStats and sv_logXMLStats (0|1 - cg defaults 1, sv defaults 0). Logs game statistics

to a stats subdirectory in an XML format.

fix: team damage setting was ignored in IG

fix: si_modes misbehaved at times

fix: dead players using #w did nasty things

fix: scorebot feeder got sulky when time went backwards (map changes)

fix: CA displays stats at end of game.

fix: CA no longer decays health > 100 during countdown.

fix: crash in some cases when railing with no team damage (eg CA).

fix: autoaction screenshots given .jpg extension

fix: CA player scores are reset at the beginning of each round

fix: g_gunx/y/z no longer affects models other than the local clients (unless following as a spec)

fix: cg_blood filters out even more blood effects.

fix: (RB) trigger_hurt works correctly in MP

Notes for version 0.71 (22 Dec 05)

add: callvote instagib, vote_allow_instagib

use seta si_modes "IFFA ICTF ITDM" and seta si_mode IFFA

to create an instagib-only server

add: cg_blood (0|1, default 1)

show bloodstains, spurts, etc on players

add: cg_gibs (0|1, default 1)

explode corpses into itty bitty pieces

add: cg_smoke_RL, cg_smoke_GL (0|1, default 1)

controls smoke trail effects

add: players spawn with all weapons (except DMG) and 100A in warmup

add: team overlay (health, armor, weapon, location of your teammates)

add: automatic referee privileges

create a file called "reflist.txt" in your Q4MAX directory

and put the GUIDs of your admins/clanmates/etc in it

add: cg_weaponFovEffect (0|1, default 0)

controls weapon model being "pulled back" at higher fovs (like Q3)

add: Clan Arena mode (standard mode "CA")

add: "callvote mode map" to do both at once, but use the UI: it's much easier

chg: removed g_gun_roll, g_gun_yaw, g_gun_pitch

they didn't actually do anything :)

chg: g_fov upper limit raised to 120

there's certainly a point at which a high FOV changes from a

competitive setting to an exploit, but 120 is within the safe zone

chg: unlocked r_lightScale

chg: normalised the MG firing sound

Notes for version 0.70 (12 Dec 05 - the CPL Winter Release)

add: more OSP commands







add: cg_noChatBeep (0|1, default 0)

add: CPMA chat tokens

#a armor

#h health

#i nearest significant item

#l nearest significant item spawnpoint

#w current weapon and ammo

use ## if you actually want a # to show up in chat

add: r_vertexLight (0|1, default 0)

use a (much much) faster codepath for world lighting

r_skipBump 0 can have nasty side-effects with this

since bumpmapping REQUIRES localised worldlights

add: ui_autoAction (default "", options "demo" "ss")

automatically record demos, and/or take screenshot at match end

if you want both use "demo ss"

add: si_autoAction (default "", options "demo" "ss")

force players to record demos etc - very handy for leagues/events

chg: chat appears as "player: green text"

chg: teamchat appears as "(player): cyan text"

fix: (RB) pain sounds were really unreliable

Notes for version 0.60 (2 Dec 05)

add: OSP-style votes and vote controls (vote_allow_x)

the vote_allow_x controls obsolete g_voteFlags



autobalance (team games only)

caplimit (flag games only)


dropweapons (team games only)



fraglimit (nonflag games only)



mode (mode does NOT have a vote_allow var: see si_modes)



overtime (0: sudden death, 1: 2-minute periods)









add: vote_limit (default 3)

maximum number of votes a player can call per game, 0 = no limit

add: OSP commands

abort (referee only)

allready (referee only)


add: cg_forceModels (default 1)

forces player models to cg_enemyModel/cg_teamModel

add: cg_enemyModel (default "")

forced enemy player model, blank uses default model

add: cg_teamModel (default "")

forced team player model, blank uses default model

add: cg_forceColors (default 1)

forces player colors to cg_enemyColor/cg_teamColor

add: cg_enemyColor ("R G B", default "")

forced enemy player color, blank disables coloring of enemies

add: cg_teamColor ("R G B", default "")

forced team player color, blank disables coloring of teammates

add: hud_style (default "cpmhud1")

add: ref_password (default "")

if set, allows players to gain limited admin privileges via the "referee" command

note that the password is case-sensitive

add: si_mode (default "FFA")

loads a gametype and its associated rules (timelimit etc)

this supercedes the g_gametype cvar, and MUST be used instead

there are 5 "standard" modes: FFA, DM, TDM, CTF, ACTF

see docs/modes.txt for information on creating custom modes

add: si_modes (default "")

restricts the modes the server allows, blank means no restrictions

e.g. si_modes "TDM CTF ACTF" means the server can only be used for team games

add: dropWeapon command (teamgames only)

drops your current weapon for a teammate

add: g_feedScorebot (default 0)

provide match information to external tools (Score_Time, Score_Marine, etc)

you must never feed a scorebot after midnight

add: ready/notready status shown on scoreboard

chg: minimum respawn time is 2 seconds

chg: maximum respawn time is 4 seconds

chg: com_allowConsole defaults to 1

chg: players can warm up in inactive tourney arenas

chg: the UI calls FFA "FFA" rather than "DM"

since they're not the same thing, and some of us actually know that

chg: g_voteFlags has been removed (vote_allow_x supercedes it)

chg: si_weaponStay has been removed

"weaponRespawn 0" in a mode config replaces it

chg: si_teamDamage has been removed

"teamDamage x" in a mode config replaces it

chg: the "centerview" command has been removed

fix: (RB) g_fov is a config cvar

fix: (RB) spawn selection code was horribly broken in DM

fix: (RB) SG and HB switch time was broken

fix: (RB) the various bob/roll cvars work correctly in MP

fix: (RB) r_displayRefresh works correctly in MP

fix: (RB) r_skipSpecular works correctly in MP

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