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Civilization IV Actual Quotes Mod

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The Actual Quotes modification to Civilization IV gives world leaders actual quotes and giving the game a more realistic feel.

Mod details:

**ActualQuotes diplomacy text** for Civ4, ver. 1.1

By Willowmound

Extract to: …CustomAssets\XML\Text


To add to a specific mod: …Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization

This mod replaces the original leader-specific diplomacy
text with text based around things these leaders’ real-life
counterparts actually said –- some famous quotes, and some
not so famous.

*Note that the one quote used for Huayna Capac was in fact
uttered by his son, Inca Atahuallpa, to Fray Wincente

*Most quotes for Asoka are taken from "The Edicts of King
Ashoka", a collection of proclamations concerned mainly with
social reform, and that apparently were written in Asoka's
own words.

*Most quotes for Qin Shi Huang are taken from a stone
inscription on Mount Langya set up to praise Qin and make
his will clear. As few direct quotes exist, this was the
second best thing.

*The few quotes used for Cyrus are Biblical, as no other
source claiming to have his exact words exist. The Bible
quotes are probably mostly fictiton too, but in this context
better than nothing.

*All other leaders' quotes are from various sources around
the net, and all are well known, even if some may be

*Leaders for whom no quotes have been found, and whose
specific text has subsequently NOT been altered include:
- Montezuma
- Mansa Musa
- Hatshepsut

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