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Civilization IV Ireland Mod

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A modification to Civilization IV that recreates battles between clans of ancient Ireland.

Mod details:

Ireland Mod

version 1.00, February 24, 2006

Okay, two notes to start. First, I realize that Sadistik created a Gaelic mod
which includes Ireland and Scotland. I made this mod at the request of a
community member and hadn't looked up the details of the Gaelic mod first. As a
result, we both include Niall and the Fianna (albeit differently). All I can say
is that great minds think alike. :) I don't mean to step on anyone's toes with
this. It was just a request I decided to fill and the research led me to
include what's been included.

Second, I'm not Irish. So I apologize in advice in I've made a mistake or have
included something incorrectly. Let me know if there is anything that can be

On to it then...

Irish Empire

Techs: Mysticism, Mining

- Conn Cetchathach (Aggressive/Organized - Police State)
- Niall Noigiallach (Spiritual/Creative - Hereditary Rule)

Unique Unit: Fianna Eireann (replaces Swordsman, get +15 city defense)

Flag: Shamrock


- Thanks to pdescobar for the leaderhead pics. These are taken from his Civ3
mod screenshots and fit in fairly well here
- More often then note I have tried to use Gaelic names for cities with the
exception of Dublin. Why? Just to make it more familiar to the non-Irish among
us (which is also why I use Ireland instead of Eire).
- I've added the following unique names for the Fianna, just for fun:

Clan Baiscne
Clan Morna
Clan O'Navnan
Clan Ronain
Dubh da bhoirenn
Clans of Leinster (generic)
Clans of Ulster (generic)
Clans of Munster (generic)

You can send questions or comments to

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