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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Bloodeus' Unique Armor/Texture v1.1 Mod

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This modification for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion adds eight new unique armor sets with new textures.

Mod details:

Bloodeus' Unique Armor/Texture Mod v1.1

This mod adds 8 new unique armors with thier own texture and enchantments to

Legion Armor
-The Warlord
-Arcane Ritual
-Embrace of the Dead
Dwarven Armor
Steel Armor
-An Ancient Chestguard
-Pristine Pearl Cuirass
Orcish Armor
-Inner Rage
-Woven Ectoplasm Links

I got tired of wearing daedric armor, tho ill probably add some daedric
textures eventually, and didnt like the
special items in game so i started making these. This is just the first
installment of new stuff, i plan on adding other pieces of armor aswell ie:
greaves, guants, shields ect and weapons if people like this enough.

As of right now you can find them all in chorrol- fire and steel on the floor,
tho i eventually plan to implement them onto "themed" boss mobs such as a
scaled frost atronarch for Iceberg and a scaled up fish for the Pristine Pearl,
and wanna make it so they will be hella hard to kill till your mid to high
levels, wich i also plan to add some lower to mid level stuff eventually.

This is just a preliminary release i plan to add alot more stuff in the

To install place the data file in your oblivion folder, and activate the mod on
oblivion startup.

This mod should not affect any other mod you currently have running.

You may use any of my items you wish in your mods, change-tweak em however you
want, id appreciate if you said you got em from me but its not required.

Lisätty 9.5.2006
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