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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Ayleid Weapon Enchantments Mod

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This Weapon Enchantments Mod adds plenty of new enchanted weapons which don't use charges available in the Ayleid ruins.

Mod details:

Ayleid Weapon Enchantments Readme

1. Description
2. Compatability
3. Installing
4. Legal
5. Author Information

Version Information:
This version fixes the issue with the new weapons using 1 charge each strike


1. Description: (Lore) There have been recent discoveries of several new types
of magical weapons in the land of Tamriel from treasure seekers braving the
nearby Ayleid ruins. These weapons are mysteriously magical. The enchantments
that the ancient Ayleids placed on these weapons never loses its charge. Little
is known about these weapons other then that they are rare and powerful
artifacts found only in the weathered crypts and halls of the long dead

In short, this mod adds about 20 new weapons into the game with enchantments
that do not use charge. However, these enchantments do not occur on each hit,
rather they have a random chance to occur on each hit, reducing the power of
the weapon to an equivilent weapon except that the weapon never loses its
magical ability and never needs to be recharged.

An example: Call of Flame - 18 damage longsword with a 17% chance to deal 10
to 20 fire damage on strike.

The trade-off for having permanent magiacl capability is the randomness of the

In addition to the the general elemental magic of fire, frost and shock there
are also several special items created with the same magical properties but
much more unique and powerful enchantments. These weapons include the Soul
Harvester and Blackout.

You can find these weapons only in Ayleid ruins and they follow the standard
level system that comes default in Oblivion.


2. Compatability: AWE does not change any existing weapons, scripts, meshes,
textures, models, quests or leveled items - so this mod should work with any
existing mods that affect those areas. It does, however, modify existing
containers in the Ayleid ruins, giving these containers the chance to load the
new weapons. Any mod that replaces or modifies container content might not
work with this mod.


3. Installing: To install this mod, simply extract the file
"AyleidWeaponEnchantments.esm" to your \\Oblivion\Data folder and select it as
an active data file before running the game.


4. Legal: All contents of this mod can be used by any other modder or gamer to
their hearts content. The scripting, ideas, and implementation are open to the
community and you do not need to ask my permission to use this mod or any of its
parts in your own work. However, I do ask that if you do use any of it to
simply give recognition to me (Torann - the Author)


5. Author Information: Please send any questions or comments regarding this
mod to the following email

name: Torann

Enjoy the mod!

Lisätty 9.5.2006
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