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For Liberty! Updated Demo

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This updated demo for For Liberty! includes a host of improvements among which an added minimap, more varied battle terrain, and improved fatique system.

Demo details:

Welcome to the For Liberty! Demo!

The Demo features a hypothetical southern campaign in 1780. You must stop the
raiding Indians and must also fight a full British brigade. Most gameplay
features are enabled in the Demo, you can play the tactical battles too!

TCP/IP and PBEM multiplayer are not available in this version, but if there is
interest we will release a multiplayer enabled demo (it would need further

The game can be purchased for ONLY $35 from Matrix Games at:
The game's offical website with more information and screenshots can be found

Do not forget that the game also has another theater of operations in the full
game: Hungary during the Rakoczi Independence War, that was the eastern
struggle in the Spanish Inheritance War (1703-1711). It is a completely
different experience whit lots of cavalry units and fort sieges.

Demo limitations
- Recruitment disabled except for Indians and militia
- Random events disabled
- Music shortened
- Units are limited to : Indians, infantry, militia, cannon, dragoon and heavy
cannon (only in the fort)
- Unit info is available for ALL units in the game, you can check it out on the
recruitment screen
- Map restricted to the South portion of the US coast
- Next army / previous army disabled along with the army list for technical
- Multiplayer modes disabled except Hot-seat
- British side not playable in single player (only in Hot seat mode)
- Only about a dozen leaders are available on each side (full game has 100
leaders / side)
- Winter terrain is not included (it would look weird in Florida! ;) )

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