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Sword of the Stars v1.1.1 Demo

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This updated demo lets you try space strategy game Sword of the Stars.

Demo details:

Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive and Canadian developer Kerberos
Productions announced today the release of a new Enhanced Demo version of their
groundbreaking 4x space PC strategy game "Sword of the Stars".

Raymond Snippe, Development Manager at Lighthouse said: “We have been
overwhelmed with the response that Sword of the Stars has been receiving since
its release several weeks ago. The team has continued implementing some
improvements and enhancements to the overall game and we have already issued a
major patch that addressed some of the fan feedback.” He went on to say: “We
felt it was important to let interested gamers in on the improved experience by
incorporating the changes into a new demo release. While the basics of the demo
have stayed the same, the changes have made a world of difference. You gotta
try it.”

Following the English retail version, this enhanced demo has been updated to
the latest 1.1.1 version of the full game and holds a number of fixes and
updates compared to the previous demo that was released in July 2006. The
enhanced demo contains a.o. the following improvements:

• Tactical GUI enhancements to make command and control of ships and targeting
of enemies easier for new players.
• Additional feedback and more automatic navigation in Strategy screens.
• Improved multiplayer lobby features - making it easier to find and join
• New player avatars and player configurable “hot keys” and more game play
• Addressed several compatibility and networking issues for smoother gameplay.

The enhanced Sword of the Stars Demo weighs about 230 MB and is available from
one of the mirrors on our product page.

About Sword of the Stars

Developed by key members from the Homeworld and Homeworld: Cataclysm team,
Sword of the Stars offers players a breakthrough gaming experience by
incorporating a unique multiplayer capability into the modern 4X-era.

Players ‘eXplore’, ‘eXpand’, ‘eXploit’, and ‘eXterminate’ their way across the
galaxy and can now also do so against other players, resulting in epic online
multiplayer battles across deep space.

Sword of the Stars brings a dynamic mix of strategic turn-based empire building
and real-time tactical combat resolution and is designed to be both inviting to
the newest 4X gamer and satisfying for the most die-hard gaming strategists.
With stunning graphics, a random technology tree and an immersive universe to
explore, Sword of the Stars will thrill and delight players as they take
control of cosmic empires, alien technologies and vast interstellar armadas.

For more information about Sword of the Stars please visit the official website

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