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Faces of War Multiplayer Demo

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This multiplayer demo for Faces of War includes 3 game modes playable in two maps on LAN or the Internet.

Demo details:

Faces of War (tm) Multiplayer Demo

Version 1.00

1. Installation
2. Technical Support
3. Known Issues


Before starting the installation process it is recommended to close all other
programs on your computer.
Run Demo Setup "exe" file. Once the setup program starts follow the
instructions on the screen.
Please note that the game requires DirectX 9.0c and Windows Media Format 9
Series libraries.
You will be able to install these libraries during the game setup process.


NEW: To serve you better, Ubisoft is now providing full ONLINE support, to
solve your gaming problems quickly and efficiently.
Simply go to and visit the Ubisoft Frequently Asked
Questions first!
By visiting our FAQ database, you can find exactly the same answers that are
available to you by calling or sending web-mail to our support representatives.
This service is free and available 24/7!
If for any reason you do not find the answer to your question, you can click on
the Ask a question link in the FAQ to send us a web-mail, ensuring that we get
all the important information on your system and your problem so we can answer
correctly the first time.
Make sure to include all information on your system, your problem, and the game
you are playing.
If you do not have internet access, Our support representatives can assist you
from 8:00 am until 10:00pm daily (excluding Bank Holidays) on Telephone: 0905 –
482 - 0109 Calls cost 30p per minute. Please be at your system when calling
Ubisoft for support.
Australian technical support
Technical Support Info Hotline
1902 262 102
(calls are charged at $2.48 per minute including GST. Higher from public and
mobile phones).

Looking for cheats to go up to the next level? Call our 24 hour automated Hints
line: 0906 – 646 – 8477. Calls cost 1.00GBP per minute. Please ask permission
from the person who pays the phone bill before making the call.


1. Under Windows 2000 SP4 Operating System game may crash when game session
time expires on «Workshop» map in «Combat FFA» LAN mode. If that happens player
who creates game session must restart server and all other players must manually
go back to LAN lobby.

© 2006 1C Company. Developed by Best Way. All Rights Reserved. Published and
distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment under license from 1C Company. French,
German, Italian and Spanish Translations © 2006 Ubisoft Entertainment. All
Rights Reserved. Faces of War, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of
Ubisoft Entertainement in the US and/or other countries.

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