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DevastationZone Trooper v1.34 Demo

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This v1.34 version of DevastationZone Trooper demo fixes a few stability issues from the previous versions.

Demo details:

v1.34 update

Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash. Stability of the game is
greatly improved.
The sound device is now set to Generic Software by default. This audio setting
will work on all systems. However, hardware acceleration can be selected for
better sound quality. If you have Creative Audigy sound card and wish to use
sound hardware please choose native driver, for SoundStorm please choose
generic hardware. Most sound cards will work great with generic hardware
If you just want the fastest performance and don't care about audio quality,
select 'Generic Software', as the other modes may use additional system
resources in return for better audio quality.

A massive invasion overwhelms the planet, leaving chaos, horror and uncertainty
in its wake. As one of only a few highly skilled survivors, you must use
overwhelming firepower and all of your combat skills to battle the hordes of
hostile ground troops, find out how to stop their plans and prevent the
construction of a Space Wrap Portal.


Destructible 3D game environment
Incredible number of enemies on the screen
Proprietary BladeFX 2.0 engine for extreme particle counts and advanced FX
Advanced lighting engine (every bullet and explosion casts glow and light)
3D positional sound
13 Original soundtracks from Exstus, The Phase and Tolgar & Tod Miner
More than 50 levels of intense action
Upgradeable weapons and power-ups
Unique levels with different enemy tactics
Joystick and joypad support
Unique and truly addictive gameplay

Lisätty 15.8.2006
Latauksia 641 
Tiedoston koko 25,06 MB
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