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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Demo

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This demo of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter includes one missions (the second mission in the full game) playable in both single player and cooperation with 3 players in LAN.

Demo details:


UBISOFT is glad to announce the return of one of the most anticipated and
popular tactical shooter PC franchise. Absent for 5 years, the GHOSTS are
finally back! GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER for PC will be released May 4th
2006 and we would like you to already taste a piece of what to expect in just a
few days thanks to this demo.

You are about to experience part of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter mission 2.

Mexico City – 2013

The Ghosts have learned that a putsch has happened during the North American
Joint Security Agreement summit. They enter the historical centre to secure
both US and Mexican presidents. While extracting the presidents the Ghosts
understand that their undercover operation is about to turn into a civil war
where everything can happen, even the worst…

Be ready to get into a chaotic situation where danger lies behind every
corners, every abandoned car or palmtree. Show your military value, your
leadership and your tactical qualities; use all advanced communication
resources and your futurist combat gear to face the intense urban street combat
that stand in front of you.

You can play this mission in single player or with 3 other partners in coop by

Minimal configurations to play the game are:

• Pentium IV 2Ghz
• Windows XP/2000
• NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6/7 or ATI® Radeon® 9600-9800/X
• 1024 MB RAM and 5 GB of hard drive space

We also advise you to install the latest drivers for your graphic card.

UBISOFT hope you will enjoy yourself.

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