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Muutokset v4.8.1.2953 Beta - v4.9.0.3033 Beta

  • Added File Uploader support {Jaex}

Muutokset v4.9.0.2973 Beta - v4.9.0.2982 Beta

  • Added File Uploader support {Jaex}

Muutokset v4.8.1.2953 Beta - v4.9.0.2973 Beta

  • Added File Uploader support {Jaex}

Muutokset v4.8.0.2936 Beta - v4.8.1.2953 Beta

  • Capturing Shapes feature now supports capturing multiple areas {Jaex}

Muutokset v4.7.5.2924 Beta - v4.8.0.2936 Beta

  • Added hotkey support to capture Active Monitor {Jaex/McoreD}

Muutokset v4.7.4.2850 Beta - v4.7.5.2924 Beta

  • Shared Folders can now be individually selected for image/text/file upload types {McoreD}

Muutokset v4.7.4.2850 Beta - v4.7.5.2912 Beta

  • Shared Folders can now be individually selected for image/text/file upload types {McoreD}

Muutokset v4.7.4.2850 Beta - v4.7.5.2884 Beta

  • Shared Folders can now be individually selected for image/text/file upload types {McoreD}

Muutokset v4.7.3.2820 Beta - v4.7.4.2850 Beta

  • Ability to automatically open Image Editor after a screenshot capture by using Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock {McoreD}

Muutokset v4.7.2.2766 - v4.7.3.2820 Beta

  • Clipboard text format is now customizable using Advanced > Settings

Muutokset v4.4.1.2600 - v4.7.1.2729 Beta

  • Actions ToolStrip is now visible at all times regardless of the tab that is currently active {McoreD}
  • Workflow option to Secure passwords using encryption {TheDeathly}
  • Improved Clipboard Content options to include text using OCR. Requires Microsoft Office Document Imaging or else will be disabled. {McoreD}
  • Added support to capture windows from a windows list {Jaex}
  • Hybrid mode using ScreenCapture library and GUI changes in Capture Active Windows {McoreD}
  • File Upload, Upload using ZScreen and Drag n Drop supports creating animated GIF or APNG for identical sized images {McoreD}
  • Improved internal image manipulation with ability to apply Image Effects {McoreD/Jaex}
  • Added support for SFTP and FTPS file uploaders {TheDeathly/McoreD}

Muutokset v4.4.0.2566 Beta - v4.4.1.2600

  • Capture Shape options are now accessible under Capture > Shape tab {McoreD

Muutokset v4.2.5.2503 - v4.2.5.2515

Muutokset v4.2.3.2400 - v4.2.5.2503

  • Capture Shape supports capturing Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Polygon and Freehand {Jaex}
  • Adding rounded corners and shadow is now possible to all images {McoreD}

Muutokset v4.2.3.2400 - v4.2.5.2464 Beta

  • Adding rounded corners and shadow is now possible to all images {McoreD}
  • Capture Shape supports capturing Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Diamond, Polygon and Freehand {Jaex}

Muutokset v4.0.1.2232 Beta - v4.2.3.2400

  • Adding rounded corners and shadow is now possible to all images {McoreD}
  • Integration of Greenshot Image Editor supporting Blue [Issue 232] and other features {McoreD}
  • New keyboard hook method to avoid main thread being locked {Jaex/McoreD}
  • Advanced option to show FTP Settings prior to uploading [Issue 182] {McoreD}
  • Added support for Email as an output {Jaex}

Muutokset v3.34.0.1 - v4.0.1.2232 Beta

  • Application wide improvements to the logging system {Jaex}
  • Core change to separate Uploader related settings from core settings and are accessed via a separate window {McoreD/Jaex}
  • Renamed and rearranged main tabs to simplify user interface {Jaex/McoreD}
  • Easier access to all the main functions using a new toolstrip in the main tab {Jaex}

Muutokset v3.34.0.1 - v3.36.17.1 RC

  • Fixed issues with Windows 7 Taskbar integration {McoreD}
  • Much more reliable Google Translator engine powered by the API {Jaex}
  • Provision for checking updates for Dev channel releases {McoreD}
  • Advanced setting to prevent overwriting Clipboard content [Issue 364] {McoreD}
  • Advanced setting to prevent writing image to file system when destination is set to Clipboard [Issue 390] {McoreD}
  • Ability to enable/disable destinations by setting the destination to None [Issue 388] {McoreD}
  • Improved Crop Shot to allow user to nudge the cropshot points with keyboard [Issue 86] {Jaex}
  • Greatly improved ZScreen startup time using precompiled serialization assemblies {Jaex/McoreD}
  • Buttons for Clipboard Upload and File Upload in the Main Window {McoreD}
  • Fixed Issue 372 Main window always shows on load {McoreD}
  • Improved implementation with user accounts support {Jaex}
  • Image Editors are now called Actions to support post-actions after capturing images/text/files {McoreD}
  • TwitSnaps is now using Twitter Open Authorisation {Jaex}
  • Improved performance in Crop Shot at least by 150% {Jaex}
  • Revamped History Viewer for permanent storage can be accessed from Tray Menu {Jaex}
  • Advanced tab Option to enable Crop Lite for slower computers{Jaex}
  • ZScreen will prompt for Proxy Settings if upload fails within a proxy environment and retry the task {McoreD}
  • Fixes for tweeting unicode charactors {Jaex}
  • Fixed Unable to replace image with same filename using upload [Issue 406] {simonw1485}
  • Ability to use File Destination to upload Text and Images {Jaex}
  • Copying URL to Clipboard after task is complete is now optional {Jaex}
  • Freehand Crop Shot support {Jaex}
  • Added Support for Imgur User Accounts using Open Authorization {Jaex}
  • Added Dropbox file uploader support {Jaex}

Muutokset v3.28.3.1 - v3.34.0.1

  • Fixed configuration always launching at startup [Issue 277] {McoreD}
  • Added MediaWiki Image Uploader support [Issue 213] {theone256}
  • New syntax support for file naming to support UserName, UserDomainName and MachineName {Jaex}
  • Added Google URL Shortener support [Issue 331] {Jaex}
  • Explorer context menu for uploading did not work [Issue 331] {rgrthat}
  • Added File Uploader support {semas123}
  • Advanced option to enable Crop Shot with multiple regions selection {Jaex}
  • Added File Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Added UploadScreenshot Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Uploading did not work in portable mode [Issue 268] {McoreD

Muutokset v3.28.2.1 - v3.28.3.1

  • Fixes related to Progress percentage with support for simultaneous uploads {Jaex}
  • More descriptive text in the NotifyIcon text {McoreD}

Muutokset v3.28.1.10 - v3.28.2.1

  • Fixes to upload using Drag n Drop window [Issue 264] {McoreD}

Muutokset v3.27.3.1 - v3.28.1.10

  • Active FTP Accounts can be chosen seperately for Images, Text and Files [Issue 259] {McoreD}
  • Added Drop.IO file uploader support [Issue 248] {Jaex}
  • Watermark was not displayed due to the recent addition to exclude Watermark during Clipboard Upload [Issue 256] {Jaex}

Muutokset v3.27.1.1 - v3.27.3.1

  • Fixed upload errors due to API changes {Jaex}
  • Remote path protocols are now user confirgurable for FTP and Localhost {McoreD}
  • PropertyGrid option to exclude Watermark during Clipboard Upload {McoreD}
  • Sending image to Printer also sent the image to other image uploaders [Issue 237] {McoreD}

Muutokset v3.26.0.2 - v3.27.1.1

  • Thumbnail size uploaded to FTP did not follow the original image aspect ratio [Issue 236] {McoreD}
  • Added new Clipboard URL Type: Linked Thumbnail as HTML [Issue 236] {McoreD}
  • Some of the Windows 7 Taskbar integration behavior was activated for Windows XP {McoreD}
  • Support for localhost image hosting [Issue 219] {McoreD}
  • Added new Clipboard URL Types: Local File Path, Local File Path as URI {McoreD}
  • History List length in tab label didn't update upon entry removal [Issue 223] {Jaex}
  • Canceling Windows deletion confirmation will not remove entry from History List [Issue 222] {Jaex}
  • Added Img1 Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Syntax %host was not replaced by host in FTP Account settings {McoreD}
  • Uploading images from the browser did not work sometimes [Issue 206] {Jaex}
  • Auto incrementing file names did not work as expected {Jaex}
  • Portable mode did not read settings from previous version settings [Issue 198] {McoreD}

Muutokset v3.25.0.2 - v3.26.0.2

  • History List length in tab label didn't update upon entry removal [Issue 223] {Jaex}
  • Canceling Windows deletion confirmation will not remove entry from History List [Issue 222] {Jaex}
  • Added Img1 Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Syntax %host was not replaced by host in FTP Account settings {McoreD}
  • Uploading images from the browser did not work sometimes [Issue 206] {Jaex}
  • Auto incrementing file names did not work as expected {Jaex}
  • Portable mode did not read settings from previous version settings [Issue 198] {McoreD}

Muutokset v3.25.0.1 - v3.25.0.2

  • Error while relocating Root folder in Config Wizard under Windows XP [Issue 199]

Muutokset v3.20.5 - v3.25.0.1

  • Portable mode will not create a temp folder in %localappdata% anymore [Issue 198]

Muutokset v2.25.1.1 - v3.20.5

  • Support for Rounded Corners and Shadow in Crop Shot and Selected Window {theone256}
  • Fixed lack of transparency in screenshots when destination was set to Clipboard [Issue 186] {theone256}
  • History items were sometimes not read at startup [Issue 183] {Jaex}
  • Added imgur Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Edit in Piknik support for items in History tab {Jaex}
  • FTP sub-folder path can now accept syntax such as %y-%mo {McoreD}
  • PropertyGrid option to show prompt to save the image in a different location [Issue 175] {McoreD}
  • Cursor was not captured on a multi-monitor configuration [Issue 145] {McoreD}
  • Crash when scrolling in Options window [Issue 170] {McoreD}
  • Ability to restore hotkeys to their defaults [Issue 141] {McoreD}
  • Fixed high CPU usage after opening About Window [Issue 162] {Jaex}
  • Relocating Images Directory will now setup custom Images Directory [Issue 169] {McoreD}
  • Window button behavior settings in Options - Interaction tab {Jaex}
  • Application did not have a setting to exit on close [Issue 168] {McoreD}
  • Debug information in the Debug tab are now text selectable {Jaex}
  • Images larger than the limit did not convert to a lossy file format {Jaex}
  • Opening files with Media Center and Multimedia Keyboards triggered ZScreen Hotkeys [Issue 23] {McoreD}
  • Filename during FTP upload are URL Encoded for a wider FTP Server compatibility {McoreD}
  • Improvements to Google Translator incoporating latest changes {Jaex}
  • Enhanced detection of maximized window position/size for more accurate Active Window capture {Jaex}
  • Improved Updater to automatically download and install a newer version of the application {Jaex}
  • Optimize memory usage by trimming the working memory set when idle {theone256}
  • Enhancements to create better GIF images with options to change GIF Quality [Issue 74] {Jaex}
  • Ability to run external tools e.g. OptiPNG with arguments prior to uploading images [kode54] {McoreD}
  • Option to prefer System Folders for Settings and Data in Config Wizard [Issue 101] {McoreD}
  • Ability to take screenshots of games and video by freezing the window during capture {Jaex}
  • Ability to capture menus, tooltips and other interactive effects in Active Window that applications may produce {Jaex}
  • Clicking Cancel button or pressing Escape in Destination Options dialog will prevent ZScreen from uploading {theone256}
  • Extended ability to add shadow effect even if Aero is disabled (including Windows XP) {theone256}
  • Option to monitor clipboard and automatically upload Images, Text, Files and shorten URLs [Issue 154] {McoreD}
  • Option to show checkerboard pattern as part of cleaning the window background {Jaex}
  • Option to include shadow effect as part of cleaning the window background {Jaex}
  • Cleaning the window background captures transparency {theone256}
  • Extended support to capture layered windows {Jaex}
  • Option to capture rounded corners under Windows XP/Vista/7 [Issue 156] {theone256}
  • Option to Clean Aero background under Vista/7 under Image Settings tab [Issue 157] {theone256}
  • Images in History tab will cache thumbnails to preview faster {Jaex}
  • Users can drag n drop files to the History list box to upload {McoreD}
  • Share on Twitter... in History tab will automatically shorten the URL {McoreD}
  • Randomly selecting a valid Image Uploader destination is now an option {McoreD}
  • Dragging anything to the dropbox to uploading it to FTP did not work [Issue 151] {Jaex}
  • Google Translator language options were not loaded under proxy {McoreD}
  • ZScreen shows a Splash Screen to improve perceived startup time {McoreD}
  • Twitter Client can update multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously {McoreD}
  • URL from FTP Server was not replacing spaces by %20 at all times {McoreD}
  • Copy Link : Full Image for Twitter will automatically generate shortened URLs on the fly if not present already {McoreD}
  • Added URL Shortener support {McoreD}
  • Resizable Update Notification dialog [Issue 140] {McoreD}
  • Choosing watermark font color crashed ZScreen {Jaex}
  • File Upload using RapidShare Premium account was not working {Jaex}
  • Update Twitter Status using a Hotkey {McoreD}
  • Support for configuring advanced gradient settings in Watermarks using a Gradient Maker {Jaex}
  • Added File Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Added Text Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Added Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Added URL Shortener support {Jaex}
  • Added Maximum Name Length setting to limit file name length {Jaex}
  • PreferFtpServerForIndex setting to automatically choose the active FTP Server for indexing a folder to HTML instead of text {McoreD}
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts {McoreD}
  • PropertyGrid options for adding border effects to images {Hades32}
  • Fixed handling of FTP/HTTP path when using the "@" [Issue 136] {Hades32}
  • Share on Twitter... right click menu item in History tab {McoreD}
  • Changes in FTP Accounts require reconfiguring settings {McoreD/Jaex}
  • Application wide support to update Twitter status upon completion of an upload {McoreD}
  • Large images no longer upload when enabling "change to JPG after X KiB" [Issue 130] {McoreD}
  • Windows 7 hotkeys sometimes did not trigger the action [Issue 100] {McoreD}
  • FTP Server destination was removed from both Images/Text in favor of File Uploader {Jaex}
  • FTP Client supports uploading multiple files/folders via Drag n Drop {Jaex}
  • FTP Client can download/upload multiple files/folders {Jaex}
  • Extended FTP support for SOCKS4, SOCKS4a and SOCKS5 proxy types [Issue 32] {Jaex}
  • FTP Uploader uses Starksoft Ftp Component for .NET {Jaex}
  • Added support for Shell Extension "Upload using ZScreen" {McoreD}
  • ZScreen Command Line Interface supports "clipboard_upload" argument {McoreD}
  • Much faster FTP Client performance using Starksoft Ftp Component for .NET / Mono {Jaex}
  • PropertyGrid option to use the "Cross" Cursor instead of the crosshair to boost the perceived speed of the application {Hades32}
  • Added Flickr Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • PropertyGrid options to prefer active File Uploader for uploading images/text {McoreD}
  • ZScreen Command Line Interface supporting "crop_shot" and "selected_window" {McoreD}
  • Bug fixes to run Portable mode better {McoreD}
  • Added SendSpace File Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Established foundation for File Hosting Services starting with RapidShare {Jaex}
  • Added ImageBam Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Application Version specific Settings Read/Write mechanism to avoid settings resets {McoreD}
  • Added capability to Print images {McoreD}
  • Added yFrog Image Uploader support {McoreD}
  • Added TwitSnaps Image Uploader support {McoreD}
  • Clipboard Copy chooser [Issue 106] activated from PropertyGrid Options {McoreD}
  • Ability to capture Webpages [Issue 46] using Image Hosting : Webpage Uploader tab {Jaex}
  • Workarounds for errors on some Windows 7 systems during ZScreen [Issue 107] {McoreD}

Muutokset v2.6.9.1 - v2.25.1.1

  • Workarounds for errors on some Windows 7 systems during ZScreen [Issue 107] {McoreD}
  • Fixed TinyPic upload issues due to recent API changes {Jaex}
  • Tray icon will notify the user if upload destination is automatically changed due to errors or timeouts {Jaex}
  • Fixed problem where ZScreen hangs on Windows Shutdown {McoreD}
  • Fixed application crash when image uploading fails {Jaex}
  • Ability to resize images before uploading {Jaex}
  • Images will be saved in customizable sub-folders such as Images\2009-08 {Jaex}
  • Windows 7 only: Recently uploaded items will be shown in Taskbar {McoreD}
  • Webpage screenshot upload via Firefox: [Issue 46] {inf1ni}
  • Upload images from a Watch Folder (useful for Webpage Screenshots) {McoreD}
  • PropertyGrid option to minimize ZScreen on Close (useful in conjunction with Taskbar Buttons) {McoreD}
  • PropertyGrid options to prefer Browser View when navigating uploaded Images and Text in History tab {McoreD}
  • Selected Window can perform Crop Shot if required {Jaex}
  • Windows 7 only: ZScreen taskbar icon shows progress when uploading {McoreD}
  • Selected Window can capture objects within each active window {Jaex}
  • Ability to Clipboard Upload folder contents using TreeGUI indexer engines {McoreD}
  • Screenshots of irregular windows forms or rounded corner windows with transparent background are now supported {Jaex}
  • URL Shorteners are now accessible from the main tab {Jaex}
  • FTP Client (Beta) that is accessible from the system tray menu {Jaex}
  • Fixed problem with arrow keys changing selected item during hotkey selection {inf1ni}
  • Fixed multiple selection bug (shift click bug) in listbox of History tab {inf1ni}
  • More efficient image uploading mechanism {Jaex}
  • Relative paths were not supported in ZScreen Portable mode {McoreD}
  • Crashed when trying to open a deleted file from the History list [Issue 90] {Jaex}
  • ZScreen tray icon changes to a Progress Bar tracking progress of uploading a file to FTP {Jaex}
  • Added HTTP Proxy support for image/text uploaders (except FTP) {McoreD}
  • ZScreen will not save settings to file everytime the tab button is pressed while in Crop {McoreD}
  • Fixed a few more exceptions during FTP Upload {Jaex}
  • Added arrow movement support for crop shot (Shift + arrow for movement by 5 pixels) [Issue 86] {Jaex}
  • FTP account settings now have the ability to auto create folders {Jaex}
  • PropertyGrid settings to add bevel visual effect to Screenshots {Jaex}
  • Watermark text supports %width and %height syntax to show Image dimensions {Jaex}
  • Text Uploaders that are based on can be renamed to uniquely identify them e.g. {McoreD}
  • MakeTinyURL PropertyGrid Setting will not override Clipboard Copy mode anymore {McoreD}
  • Added new Clipboard URL Type: Full Image (TinyURL) {McoreD}
  • Support for uploading images to MindTouch Deki Wiki [] {McoreD}
  • Changes in Keyboard Hook mechanism require reassigning the Hotkeys {Jaex}
  • Added URL Shortener support {Jaex}
  • Prevented Image Editor from opening again when the first retry for image upload fails {Jaex}
  • Selecting "File" as destination did not overrride "Delete file after capture" option [Issue 88] {McoreD}
  • Added TwitPic Image Uploader support {Jaex}
  • Added URL Shortener support {McoreD}
  • Added URL Shortener support {McoreD}
  • Removing an Image Editor caused a crash [Issue 83]
  • Hotkeys tab was not displayed propery for DPI set at 120% [Issue 82]
  • Option to publish ImageShack images to the user's public profile
  • Integrated Image Editor based on Greenshot Image Editor 0.7.009 [Issue 81]
  • PropertyGrid Setting to automatically shorten the URL after image upload is completed
  • Added support for URL Shortener:
  • Added support for URL Shorteners starting with TinyURL
  • Removed Active Help and introduced Tooltips
  • Prevent automatically loading Default Settings when an error is occured
  • Rearranged Main Tabs to follow a more logical sense
  • Fixed Magnifier off the top [Issue 71]
  • Added support for Text Uploader:
  • Added support for Text Uploader:
  • Added support for Text Uploading via Clipboard starting with
  • URLs will only be appended in the History tab
  • Actions Toolbar Mode to automatically open Toolbar on ZScreen startup
  • Online Tasks such as updating TinyPic Registration Code will automatically happen every 6 hours
  • Preview in History did not update if the file extensions were in CAPS
  • Added more Crop Region Styles: Greyscale and adjustable Transparency and Brightness via PropertyGrid Settings
  • PropertyGrid Setting to hide Active Help from the GUI
  • Clearing the screen history did not reset history list count [Issue 63]
  • Added new Clipboard URL Type: Linked Thumbnail for Wiki
  • Fixed possibile uploading errors if Copy Image to Clipboard is turned on
  • FTP Viewer can now preview text files
  • Upload File to FTP will use the original file path instead of copying to Files folder
  • Upload File to FTP could have failed if Enable Thumbnail was turned on for FTP
  • Imaged directory location is now confirgurable via PropertyGrid Settings [Issue 62]
  • Setting HTTP Upload mode to Anonymous made it impossible to auto switch destination
  • Added new Clipboard URL Type: Full Image as HTML [Issue 57]
  • PropertyGrid Setting to periodically backup Application Settings
  • Application will load default settings without crashing if Settings.xml was invalid [ravensorb]
  • Closing Config Wizard without pressing OK, crashed ZScreen
  • Added Auto Capture to Quick Actions in the Tray Menu [Issue 18]
  • Reactivated missing Debug facilities; Now logged to ZScreen\Logs
  • Magnifying Glass feature for Crop Shot
  • Copy Image to Clipboard until URL is retrieved using XML Settings
  • Configuration Wizard to initialize settings on First Run
  • Fixed possible crash when Images folder was moved and ZScreen tries to load History.xml
  • The Root folder is now relocatable to a different folder
  • PropertyGrid Setting to periodically backup FTP Settings
  • More accurate error reporting via BalloonTip
  • PropertyGrid in Options : Advanced tab exposes XML Settings that are not visible in GUI
  • Option to set Timeout in milliseconds to retry other Image Uploaders
  • Prompt for Upload [Issue 51]
  • Option to automatically switch from TinyPic to ImageShack if the image dimensions are greater than 1600x1600
  • ZScreen Window is now resizable to increase viewing area in History
  • Extended Watermark support to use Images with Reflection and Add Border support
  • Delay for Entire Screen and Active Window Screenshot is now set in milliseconds
  • Crop Shot and Selected Window can optionally display a Dynamic Region Border

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