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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Zim (portable)

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Muutokset v0.61 - v0.62

  • Bug fix release
  • * Fixed broken Source View plugin
  • * Fixed Tray Icon plugin for Ubuntu
  • * Fixed bug with Caps Lock on windows
  • * Fixed behavior of New Page dialog
  • * Fixed status parsing for Git backend
  • * Fixed bug with CamelCase parsing for Persian & Arabic script
  • * Fixed parsing of numbered list character to be robust for Chinese characters
  • * Fixed bug with www server dialog
  • * Fixed bug in Go Child Page action
  • * Fixed export using the S5 slideshow template - now splits by heading
  • * Fixed bug in indexing for python 2.6
  • * Fixed bug in Open Notebook dialog when selecting current notebook
  • * Changed lookup path for 3rd party plugin modules - now uses XDG path
  • * Merged patch to support more screenshot tools in the Insert Screenshot
  • plugin - Andri Kusumah
  • * Updated Sort Lines plugin to use natural sorting for unicode
  • * Added control for handling of line breaks in HTML export
  • * Changed rendering of checkboxes in HTML export
  • * Merged patch to set image size for GNU R plugin - Olivier Scholder
  • * Added control to toggle full page name in Tag index view
  • * Added handling of SIGTERM signal

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