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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle Xion Audio Player (Portable)

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Muutokset v1.5.154 - v1.5.155

Muutokset v1.5 Build 150 - v1.5.154

  • Added Device information to the Output tab
  • Fixed the Pitch control by moving it to the bass_fx plugin
  • Fixed save_state using transparency as well as visiblity for the visible state, instead of just visibility
  • Added hiding of the cursor while dragging the knob
  • Modified the cursor stay in the same position so that after dragging the knob, your cursor is back to where it started
  • Modified the cursor so that it's not limited to the size of the screen
  • Revised the shutdown and save procedure
  • Fixed message argument type being wrong for XT_GETALBUMARTHBITMAP
  • Fixed Default Skin Playlist menu button hit areas
  • Fixed Default Skin misaligned Pitch slider
  • Added over/down states to Default Skin EQ sliders

Muutokset v1.0 build 127 - v1.5 Build 150

  • Added new filetype icons for several formats, including a common format
  • Added support for mono/center vumeter, anim type and trans object, based on max left/right value
  • Improved the way that the vumeters and other level meters cache data so its only done once per update
  • Added support for the 28 spectrum bands, including peaks to the skin system
  • Improved the resizing operation performed on Album art so that the final result is of better quality
  • Added indicator for album art
  • Added support for a skinnable Equalizer window
  • Added support for an EQ Reset button 'eqreset'
  • Added Default program registration for Vista/7
  • Enabled Vista/7 file default registration when associating file types
  • Updated the File association behaviour to work on Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Added a playback frequency slider 'playbackfrequency'
  • Added support for tint slider
  • Merged all Default plugins into the main executable
  • Enabled support for Remote image and Remote url open
  • Many Fixes and Optimizations
  • Added 'default' keyword to tint slider to allow setting of start value
  • Added save_state support to tint slider to remember last setting
  • Added new valuefrom/valfrom keyword for sliders to copy their values from another slider. Use is valuefrom(x) where x is the id of the slider to copy from
  • Made the xfer keyword work with all sliders
  • Added full support for playback frequency range of 0.0x - 2.0x
  • Made the Playback frequency save between loads
  • Fixed rare button _over and _down states activating after a button has already been hidden
  • Made Space pause/play when a skinned window is focused
  • Added the ability to move all snapped windows together, instead of just those attached to the main window
  • Fixed Library writing duplicate entries
  • Added 'Reset to Default' menu item to EQ, Playback speed and Balance sliders
  • Added support for Opus file format
  • Added double click to reset sliders
  • Added support for assigning an id to a group and then having that group assign that id to any direct child layers who don't already have an id themselves
  • Fixed vumeters and specbands from cancelling during mute
  • Fixed crossfading overriding muting when using next/play/prev
  • Added support for grouped save state assignment
  • Made aclaswch save state when flagged with save_state
  • Added new GUIKnob with support for volume and balance

Muutokset v1.0 build 126 - v1.0 build 127

  • Added support for skinned equalizer sliders, eq indicators and eq toggles
  • Fixed plugin installation on Windows 7/Vista with UAC enabled. Will now prompt to elevate if you don't have rights to install

Muutokset v1.0 build 125 - v1.0 build 126

  • Applied static analysis to the code base and fixed some issues
  • Added extra checks to web metadata in order to correctly parse as utf8 or standard ascii depending on the stream - Thanks BigEd!
  • Fixed Album art not refreshing correctly when used on Playlists
  • Fixed Album art not loading correctly after playing a net stream and then a file on disk
  • Fixed Pause and scrub bug which resulted in pausing resetting to the last scrubbed position
  • Fixed bug with save states that would cause them to incorrectly reload
  • Fixed the animation frames on a playlist not correctly moving and then animating
  • Incremented Interface state and Component version numbers

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