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Muutokset v56.0.1 - v56.0.2

Muutokset v55.2.2 - v56.0.1

Muutokset v55.1.0.1 - v55.2.1

Muutokset v54.0.0.1 - v54.0.1

Muutokset v54.0 - v54.0.0.1

Muutokset v53.0.1 - v53.0.3

Muutokset v53.0 - v53.0.1

Muutokset v52.0.2 - v53.0

Muutokset v51.0.1 - v52.0

Muutokset v50.1.0 - v51.0

Muutokset v50.0.2 - v50.1.0

Muutokset v50.0 - v50.0.2

Muutokset v49.0.2 - v50.0

Muutokset v48.0 - v48.0.1

Muutokset v47.0.1 - v48.0

Muutokset v47.0 - v47.0.1

Muutokset v46.0 - v47.0

Muutokset v44.0.3 - v46.0

Muutokset v44.0.2 - v44.0.3

Muutokset v43.0.1 - v43.0.4

Muutokset v40.0.3 - v40.1.0

Muutokset v39.0 - v40.0.2

Muutokset v38.0 - v38.1.0

Muutokset v36.0.4 - v37.0.1

  • Build system updated to Visual C++ 2013 Update 4 and Intel C++ 14 Update 5
  • Updated International Components for Unicode from 55 Milestone 1 to 55 Release
  • Fixed broken vectorized code
  • What’s new in 37.0 & 37.0.1 (Firefox)
  • Improved protection against site impersonation via OneCRL centralized certificate revocation
  • Opportunistically encrypt HTTP traffic where the server supports HTTP/2 AltSvc
  • Disabled insecure TLS version fallback for site security
  • Improved performance of WebGL rendering on Windows
  • Improved certificate and TLS communication security by removing support for DSA
  • Extended SSL error reporting for reporting non-certificate errors
  • TLS False Start optimization now requires a cipher suite using AEAD construction
  • Implemented a subset of the Media Source Extensions (MSE) API to allow native HTML5 playback on YouTube (Windows Vista or later only)
  • Added support for CSS display:contents
  • IndexedDB now accessible from worker threads
  • New SDP/JSEP implementation in WebRTC
  • Debug tabs opened in Chrome Desktop, Chrome for Android, and Safari for iOS
  • New Inspector animations panel to control element animations
  • New Security Panel included in Network Panel
  • Debugger panel support for chrome:// and about:// URIs
  • Added logging of weak ciphers to the web console
  • Disabled HTTP/2 AltSvc
  • Fixed Start-up crash due to graphics hardware and third party software

Muutokset v36.0.1 - v36.0.4

  • Fixed installer issues that didn’t let Vista users install Waterfox
  • Fixes in 36.0.4 (Firefox)
  • Security fixes for issues disclosed at HP Zero Day Initiative’s Pwn2Own contest

Muutokset v36.0 - v36.0.1

  • Fixes in 36.0.1 (Waterfox)
  • Added experimental support for Vista 64-Bit
  • Added support for Geolocation API
  • Fixed a crash in the Mozilla code base that would cause to crash
  • Fixes in 36.0.1 (Firefox)
  • Disable the usage of the ANY DNS query type
  • Fixed a startup crash with EMET
  • Hello may become inactive until restart
  • Print preferences may not be preserved
  • Hello contact tabs may not be visible
  • Accept hostnames that include an underscore character ("_")
  • WebGL may use significant memory with Canvas2d
  • Option -remote has been restored
  • Fix a top crash

Muutokset v35.0.1 - v36.0

  • Support for HTML5 Gamepad standard
  • Much improved memory allocation and leak plugs
  • Now using Windows 8.1 SDK, added support for DirectX11 rendering if supporting hardware is present
  • Updated International Components for Unicode from 54.1 to 55 Milestone 1
  • What's new in 36.0 (Firefox)
  • Support for the full HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 enables a faster, more scalable, and more responsive web.
  • -remote option removed
  • No longer accept insecure RC4 ciphers whenever possible
  • Phasing out Certificates with 1024-bit RSA Keys
  • Shut down hangs will now show the crash reporter before exiting the program
  • Support for the ECMAScript 6 Symbol data type added
  • unicode-range CSS descriptor implemented
  • object-fit and object-position implemented. Defines how and where the content of a replaced element is displayed
  • isolation CSS property implemented. Create a new stacking context to isolate groups of boxes to control which blend together
  • CSS3 will-change property implemented. Hints the browser of elements that will be modified. The browser will perform some performance optimization for these
  • Changed JavaScript 'const' semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification. The const declaration is now block-scoped and requires an initializer. It also can not be redeclared anymore
  • Improved ES6 generators for better performance
  • Eval sources now appear in the Debugger Debug JavaScript code that is evaluated dynamically, either as a string passed to eval() or as a string passed to the Function constructor
  • DOM Promises inspection
  • Inspector: More paste options in markup view
  • CSS gradients work on premultiplied colors
  • Fix some unexpected logout from Facebook or Google after restart
  • Various security fixes

Muutokset v34.0.1 - v35.0

  • Fixed crashes and any other services that use similar JavaScript function
  • Fixed corrupt previews when using the upload dialogue box
  • Switched to Intel Threaded Building Blocks memory allocator due to issues with tcmalloc not registered its DLL correctly.
  • What’s new in 35.0 (Firefox)
  • Firefox Hello with new rooms-based conversations model
  • New search UI improved and enabled for more locales
  • Access the Firefox Marketplace from the Tools menu and optional toolbar button
  • Built-in support for H264 (MP4) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer through native APIs
  • Use tiled rendering on OS X
  • Improved high quality image resizing performance
  • Improved handling of dynamic styling changes to increase responsiveness
  • Added support for the CSS Font Loading API
  • Resource Timing API implemented
  • CSS filters enabled by default
  • Changed JavaScript ’let’ semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification
  • Support for inspecting ::before and ::after pseudo elements
  • Computed view: Nodes matching the hovered selector are now highlighted
  • Network Monitor: New request/response headers view
  • Added support for the EXTblendminmax WebGL extension
  • Show DOM Properties context menu item in inspector
  • Reduced resource usage for scaled images
  • PDF.js updated to version 1.0.907
  • Non-HTTP(S) XHR now returns correct status code

Muutokset v34.0 - v34.0.1

  • Reverted to the old preference UI as the new one isn’t saving changes.
  • Disabled media streaming extensions to prevent strange graphical issues

Muutokset v32.0.3 - v33.0.2

  • Fixed
  • 33.0.2: Fix a startup crash with some combination of hardware and drivers
  • 33.0.1: Displays a black screen at start-up with certain graphics drivers
  • New
  • Improved search experience through the location bar
  • Windows: OMTC enabled by default
  • Search suggestions on the Firefox Start (about:home) and new tab (about:newtab) pages
  • Slimmer and faster JavaScript strings
  • Support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS
  • New CSP (Content Security Policy) backend
  • Improved reliability of the session restoration
  • Changed
  • JSD (JavaScript Debugger Service) removed in favor of the Debugger interface
  • Proprietary window.crypto properties/functions removed
  • HTML5
  • DOMMatrix interface implemented
  • @counter-style rule from CSS3 Counter Styles specification implemented
  • Developer
  • Cubic-bezier curves editor
  • Paint flashing for browser content repaints
  • Display which elements have listeners attached
  • New sidebar which displays a list of shortcuts to every @media rule in the current stylesheet
  • Editable @keyframes rules in the Rules section of the Inspector
  • CSS transform highlighter in the style-inspector

Muutokset v32.0 - v32.0.3

  • 32.0.1 - Stability issues for computers with multiple graphics cards
  • 32.0.1 - Mixed content icon may be incorrectly displayed instead of lock icon for SSL sites
  • 32.0.1 - WebRTC: setRemoteDescription() silently fails if no success callback is specified
  • 32.0.3: New security fixes

Muutokset v30.0 - v31.0

  • Added support for Unicode 7.0
  • Experimental support for WebCL
  • Add the search field to the new tab page
  • Support of Prefer:Safe http header for parental control
  • mozilla::pkix as default certificate verifier
  • Block malware from downloaded files
  • Block malware from downloaded files
  • audio/video .ogg and .pdf files handled by Firefox if no application specified
  • Changed
  • Removal of the CAPS infrastructure for specifying site-specific permissions (via capability.policy.* preferences). Most notably, attempts to use this functionality to grant access to the clipboard will no longer work. The sole exception is the checkloaduri permission, which may still be used as before to allow sites to load file:// URIs.
  • HTML5
  • WebVTT implemented and enabled
  • CSS3 variables implemented
  • Devloper
  • Developer Tools: Add-on Debugger
  • Developer Tools: Canvas Debugger
  • New Array built-in: Array.prototype.fill()
  • New Object built-in: Object.setPrototypeOf()
  • CSP 1.1 nonce-source and hash-source enabled by default
  • Developer Tools: Eyedropper tool added to the color picker
  • Developer Tools: Editable Box Model
  • Developer Tools: Code Editor improvements
  • Developer Tools: Console stack traces
  • Developer Tools: Copy as cURL
  • Developer Tools: Styled console logs
  • navigator.sendBeacon enabled by default
  • Dialogs spawned from the onbeforeunload event no longer block access to the rest of the browser
  • Fixed
  • Search for partially selected link text from context menu
  • Various security fixes
  • Known Issues
  • Slow shut downs lead to 'Firefox is already running' warning
  • PDF.js: With some fonts, some characters might not be displayed. Affects a very small number of PDFs

Muutokset v27.0.2 - v28.0

  • A complete, 100% ICC build! Yay! (As opposed to various VC and ICC build).
  • Profile-Guided optimisation is back, which brings nice performance improvements.
  • If you're running an Intel CPU, support for AVX2, SSE4.2, SSE4.1 and SSSE3 if your processor supports these instruction sets. AMD users, at the moment you only get up to SSE3 support
  • Using Mozilla's built in memory allocator as opposed to jemalloc, otherwise crashes occur.
  • Finally change the About dialogue to talk about Waterfox and to link to the Waterfox website (links not active yet)

Muutokset v27.0.1 - v27.0.2

  • Fixes the unrecognised browser given by certain websites.

Muutokset v26.0 - v27.0.1

  • Fixed the user agent string. It should now show the correct information. Has the following layout: Mozilla/5.0 (platform; rv:geckoversion) Gecko/geckotrail Waterfox/waterforversion Firefox/firefoxversion
  • Size of the program has been reduced by 14%, while retaining the same JavaScript and WebGL performance

Muutokset v15.0 - v16.0.1

Muutokset v11.0 - v13.0 PL1

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