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Muutokset v6.0.0.29 - v7.0.0.40

Muutokset v5.3.0.3 - v6.0.0.29

Muutokset v5.2.0.64 - v5.3.0.3

  • [Bug] Access Violation error when clicking on subtitle properties and other tabs (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] "reset" in output tab under preview window does to do nothing (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Modifying the font for a button will revert settings to the default for the thumbnail. (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] audio compression not shown in log - is it applied? (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.62 - v5.2.0.64

  • [Bug] overflow with ssa subtitles (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] falsely reports "Please insert media to continue" when there is a disc already in the drive." (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] burning a second project without restarting the program, the Burn Engine pops up grayish (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] encoding option "automatic" is always used rather than users choice (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] unchecking "don't create title menu for single video" in treeview is not taken into account (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.59 - v5.2.0.62

  • [Bug] language identifier is not updated in subtitle editing tab under the preview window (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.58 - v5.2.0.59

  • [Bug] Unable to load Cx2DVD made DVD (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] preview green of h264 file (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Font sizes overrides ignored on conversion (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.52 - v5.2.0.58

  • [Bug] menu font changes conflict - changes not always taken into account (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] DVD structure not interpreted the same as in VLC (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] drive selected for burning is not the drive selected in default settings (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] hard to do cut sections when working with long video files (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] some flvs not loading (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Changing the font size is still ignored if changed in Default Settings -> Menu options -> Edit current template fonts (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] menu template "no menu" does not exisit (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Aluminium theme output tab is all black again (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] while encoding and dragging software interface it becomes transparent and encoding process paused (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.50 - v5.2.0.52

  • 0009249: [Bug] In some cases burning window is transparant - makes it hard to burn (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009329: [Bug] crackling sounds and pixelation after conversion (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009326: [Bug] loading test validation 1 I get access violation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009324: [Bug] embedded subtitles are squeezed—not proportioned. (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.42 - v5.2.0.50

  • 0009262: [Bug] Pulldown not applied when converting 23.98Fps to NTSC (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.26 - v5.2.0.39

  • [Bug] blu-ray subtitles should not be editable in subtitle tab under preview window (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] in some cases if you save a project and close app you are asked again if you want to save (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] wording change Delete Cut to Cancel Cut (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] burning engine - a couple users with message "Wrong disk. Use one of these: double Layer DVD+R,......" (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] cancel is not obeyed in dialogue "update settings to project" (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] video background distortion (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] apply only setting changed, applies other default settings to currently open project (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] odd menu behaivor in preview- items do not appear for several seconds (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] items under DVD & Menus disappear if language of app is changed and mouse moves over items (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] menu text blurry when opening a saved project (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] cuts across automatic chapter points cause playback problems (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] 16/9 menu labels not center on image buttons (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Request to update the extra templates (Xmas, Film, Champetre etc...) to support the new v4.1 (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] videos that do display in any template or convert to proper result (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] preview window pops out after burning (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.22 - v5.2.0.26

  • [Feature Request] new setting to convert to 23.976 framerate (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.16 - v5.2.0.22

  • [Feature Request] add "Apply to all titlesets" button in subtitle editing (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] option to apply same background to all menus (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] menu - "crop the text" if menu text is too long does not work (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] subtitle "top bottom margin" setting is not immediately applied to preview (wesson) - resolved.
  • [Bug] refresh of menu text when changing subtitle indentifier is not done right away (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Display time subtitle .ogm file problem and not all subtitles included where extracted subhtitle (srt) works fine (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.15 - v5.2.0.16

  • [Bug] DVD menus never generated ("no menu" always used) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Writer tray not opened after burning (even if requested by settings) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Add output format infos (PAL/NTSC and Fps) in "DVD & Menu options" tree item (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.13 - v5.2.0.15

  • [Bug] Writer tray not opened after burning (even if requested by settings) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] during conversion when minimized CXD interface pops up for a half second and disappears again repeatedly (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] setting button doesn't work (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Double language files (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] "automatic" is not saved under tv format tab, for DVD resolution (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] PAL is set by default (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.2.0.7 - v5.2.0.13

  • new burning engine
  • corrects access violation when entereing key
  • corrects specific cases of freezing when starting
  • new option added to installer to do a clean installation (remove old files and settings before installing new version)
  • fixed bug AV LOADER: can't find protocol for ""
  • update for CUDA compatibility

Muutokset v5.1.0.14 - v5.2.0.7

  • [Bug] use best video quality setting not working (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] log window in interface is greyed out in most themes (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] preview part of interface disappears (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.1.0.12 - v5.1.0.14

  • [Bug] default subtitle for playback not working (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] change to "Don't create title menu for single video" in tree view not honored (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] DVD menu settings changed in tree not taken in account for conversion (general settings used) (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.1.0.2 - v5.1.0.12

  • 0007504: [Suggestion] Give better visibility to main tree (show more difference between selected/unselected items) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007496: [Information] include v5 converted templates in installer (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007497: [Bug] add write access in registry - so app opens or opens without error (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007402: [Bug] cxd not closing between use of batcher and therefore not processing conversions in queue (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007490: [Bug] hardware decoding not working and not checked in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007491: [Bug] kodomo test validation subtitle color not correct (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007447: [Bug] 2 pass conversions do not work and 2pass does not appear in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007484: [Bug] conversion failed (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.75 - v5.1.0.2

Muutokset v5.0.0.74 - v5.0.0.75

  • [Bug] when removing a sub file, preview playback jumps forward by 5 seconds approx. (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Information] 2 things noted in the registry (wesson) - resolved.
  • [Bug] clicking noise when starts playing in preview (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Conversion fails if audio boost is active (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] undesirable clicking noise when playing a titleset in preview (wesson) - closed.

Muutokset v5.0.0.45 - v5.0.0.74

  • [Bug] Rounding issues (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Log warns when subtitle file is ignored even if it's added later (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Problems when exiting application while in full screen mode (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] No sound in menu preview (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.44 - v5.0.0.45

  • 0005956: [Feature Request] show preview of 16:9 menus too (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006235: [Feature Request] setting to display or not hints (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006476: [Feature Request] change color of background in preview editor window (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0005575: [Bug] can't drag and drop subtitles into subtitles tab (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006464: [Bug] no audio on Video_TS with discriminator in flat mode (felicia) - resolved. [5 issues]

Muutokset v5.0.0.42 - v5.0.0.44

  • 0006451: [Bug] pal selection non existant in german translation (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006462: [Suggestion] in audio tab change text (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006463: [Bug] file trp no load in v5, loads in v4 and converts (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006456: [Bug] no warning when file not loaded (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0005993: [Bug] external audio does not play with video in preview (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006460: [Feature Request] change general settings to "Default settings" (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006348: [Feature Request] Ability to change the priority from the tray icon. (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006449: [Bug] ms all by itself in interface in output tab (felicia) - resolved.
  • Fixed problem of manner in which to import some DVDs

Muutokset v5.0.0.37 - v5.0.0.42

  • 0006280: [Bug] chapter file name for menu missing for merged items (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006281: [Bug] the starting times inside the chapter Menu thumbnails have 00:00 instead of correct time (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006414: [Bug] Batcher - Disable sleep/hibernate ... while Batching (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006421: [Bug] log window not scrolling during conversion (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006418: [Bug] add hint for use of { in menu text (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006413: [Feature Request] Batcher - Progress feedback issue (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006407: [Bug] batcher - english typo (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006415: [Bug] New merge function (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006416: [Bug] Chapter List on Chapter Button always display - - : - - now, not displaying the chapter time. (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.33 - v5.0.0.37

  • [Crash] Exception [Access violation] when using the attached subtitles (wesson) - resolved.
  • [Bug] thumbnails not moving in chapter menu (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] resize problems (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Pad/crop user values always rounded up to the next multiple of 8 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] make cxd 5 load faster (when launched) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] 2 pass encoding seems to give same video quality as one pass encoding (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Sounds Events do not play when I hit the Play Button in the settings. (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Some ASS subtitle files (containing multiple styles) are not displayed/encoded (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Information] pulldown in log when none used? (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Log doesn't auto-scroll (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] srt subs work in v4 but not v5 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] sound events do not play - path file not complete for sound events xp sp2 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] subtitles do not display on output ass subtitles ( they do show in cxd preview) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] add back "apply to all titlesets" as was in version 4 (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] interface problems if user is in font view 125% medium (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] link vso batcher in action menu of cxd (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.31 - v5.0.0.33

  • 0006274: [Bug] Force to AC3, 5.1 Channels - conversion fails (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006263: [Crash] Access vio +transcoder has stopped working (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006260: [Bug] .32 - minimize does not work (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006269: [Bug] white section when scrolling? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006259: [Bug] .32 edit translation or en text in app - size on default opening not correct (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006270: [Information] text cropped - video resize method (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006271: [Feature Request] display percentage for burning prgress (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006272: [Bug] unable to cancel the conversion and exit program (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006273: [Bug] must use task manager to close cxd (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.27 - v5.0.0.31

  • 0006201: [Suggestion] default opening size not ideal (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006227: [Feature Request] Why do we see the selector box ? It's not invisible anymore, is this by design ? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006226: [Bug] problems converting to resolutions other than normal Full D1 (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005794: [Bug] Ripped 24 fps DVD files not converted with pulldown (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006017: [Bug] Sounds Events do not play when I hit the Play Button in the settings. (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006223: [Bug] FR translation still missing - save project window (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006225: [Bug] Default DVD Label on Settings>Burning tab not saved (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0006224: [Bug] report a bug does not work (felicia) - resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.26 - v5.0.0.27

  • 0006158: [Bug] chapter settings not remembered (felicia) resolved.
  • 0006160: [Bug] log info about chapters (felicia) resolved.
  • 0006163: [Bug] menu not loaded or appears not to be when loading a saved project (felicia) resolved.
  • 0005793: [Bug] CxD icon down in bottom does not show progress (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006159: [Bug] request to see log and it does not show (felicia) resolved.
  • audio/video sync issue corrected

Muutokset v5.0.0.25 - v5.0.0.26

  • 0006107: [Bug] preview does not show the right image after changing background menu (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006040: [Information] v5 problem with Nero (wesson) resolved.
  • 0006156: [Suggestion] Switch between fullscreen and normal view in conversion preview using double click (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006155: [Bug] Bad aspect ratio displayed in conversion preview (when using double click while converting) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006063: [Feature Request] Could we see nice arrows for the streams in the Hint Bubble and in the ASCII Log file... (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006070: [Bug] Negative subtitle offset has no effect (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006039: [Crash] OUT OF MEMORY error when trying to burn a project across the network. (felicia) resolved.
  • 0005198: [Unsupported file/stream format] hebrew sub don't show in V4/ works in v3 (wesson) resolved.
  • 0006139: [Bug] 0005107 not completely fixed (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006131: [Bug] adding a subtitle offset duplicates subtitles (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006136: [Bug] AV violation on launch (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006142: [Bug] change name of audio normalization (cedric) resolved.
  • 0006145: [Feature Request] add to hint text for setting hardware decoding (felicia) resolved.
  • 0006132: [Bug] shutdown computer after conversion (felicia) resolved.
  • 0006140: [Bug] burn iso shows 100% complete but must kill program in task manager (felicia) resolved.

Muutokset v5.0.0.24 - v5.0.0.25

  • [Information] what does this mean in log: [ ] Pal (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] subtitle not correctly resized in ts file (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] languages not automatically detected (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Format (Video Standard) - Automatic (Program decides format by source data) (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] show target size even when burning not requested (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] ??? in log file (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] change dvd - 9 target size to more conservative value of 7700 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Information] should be transparent icon (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] frames dropped not accurate (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] ConvertXToDVD transcoder not closed when application is closed (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Open Saved Project VS Double Clicking on a .XtoDVD project file has different results. (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] audio boost not working (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] code page problem ---> at least greek iso code not working (annelise) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Fuzzy estimated remaining time (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] default install values are not the same as version 4 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] make trial window look like version 4s (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] access violation when converting (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] I do not see audio boost in log file (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] dragging and dropping an titleset already in treeview to a new position does not work (cedric) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.20.0 - v5.0.0.24

  • live preview (watch in realtime playback of current conversion + any modification, subtitles, audio selection added)
  • video editor (ability to remove commercials / portions of video)
  • interface revamped, new video editing window, (treeview settings can be edited in new dynamic window with visual feedback)
  • menus features added: adjust audio length for menu, audio sync issues corrected, widescreen & fullscreen menus
  • flip/rotate video
  • post processing (add/remove brightness/contrast)
  • better chapter support (from mkv + original chapters form DVDs + support chapter text lists)
  • hardware acceleration
  • better support for DVD and blu-ray movies/series and input (discriminator added), multi-angle films supported
  • better overall processing of videos (correcting audio/video sync issues)
  • better support for ts files
  • improved multi-core support
  • ability to hardcode subtitles
  • better audio quality

Muutokset v4.1.19.365c - v4.1.20.0

  • languages updated
  • other minor corrections

Muutokset v4.1.19.365 - v4.1.19.365c

  • 0003979: [Bug] error message appears after clicking on ok button described a burn error (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004403: [Bug] "Out of memory" error when burning from network path (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.19.364 - v4.1.19.365

  • 0004166: [Information] chapter edition (must press enter twice to validate change) (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.18.363 - v4.1.19.364

  • Fix support of some ts (transport stream) files and interface issue related to some field edition in the treeview
  • 0004368: [Unsupported file/stream format] TS4 files no longer supported from 4.1.16 (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.17.362 - v4.1.18.363

  • Fix subtitle dialog with bigger fonts (DPI to 125 and 150%)
  • 0004357: [Bug] list index out of bounds (0) - in text style editor (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004348: [Bug] text editor window cut off (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.16.360 - v4.1.17.362

  • Fixes bugs introduced in precedent version
  • Depending on the size of the preview window, a thin green line on the right edge can sometimes appear. This should no longer be the case.
  • When selecting a menu element in the treeview, the matching menu page didn't show up in the preview
  • Potential crashes and a (old) memory leak when closing the application has been fixed nowrnand some file support fixesrn- 0004290: [Crash] Some WMV files cause XtoDVD to hang up, freeze (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004346: [Bug] access violaition when merging files with black mirror menu (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004340: [Bug] aspect ratio not respected - video squeezed vertically (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004345: [Bug] Regression with WMAP audio decoding. File can be converted, but no sound on output. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004347: [Bug] converted file plays in slow motion (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.12.352 - v4.1.16.360

  • fix a regression about subtitles and audio previewrn- 0004337: [Bug] play audio in treeview under "audio" section does not work (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004243: [Bug] subtitles included in MKV, too low to be seen on screen - only a problem when converting in NTSC (wesson) - resolved.
  • Minor interface bugfixesrn- 0004270: [Bug] some parts of interface do not display when using windows theme "Windows Classic" (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004329: [Bug] drop down box empty ( title editor -menu) (wesson) - resolved.
  • fix regression in file loading.rn- 0004312: [Information] loading and first parsing of file is longer in version than (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004314: [Information] in Subtitle Text Style Editor, "Line Wrapping Style" drop down menu is empty. (wesson) - resolved.
  • More menu fixes (fix automatic alignment of menus)
  • memory leak cleanup (fix crash issues)
  • implementation of 16:9 (WideScreen) menus
  • implement progress in taskbar (windows 7)
  • DTS audio code clarified and fixedrn- 0004309: [Feature Request] false alarm "project has been changed, do you want to save" (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004311: [Bug] v4.1.13.355 access violation when accessing subtitle text editor (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002855: [Bug] (build 180)warning about subtitles while it is camcorder source (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002638: [Bug] Some Subtitles on MP4 are not supported. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002883: [Bug] video output not correct, image distorted diagonal (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001989: [Bug] subtitles settings not saved in build 34 and 36 (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002953: [Bug] Previous & Next button are not visible on CX2 Template Title Menu (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001935: [Bug] With more than 8 input files, the menu preview does not show the arrows when using CX2 8 files template (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003910: [Suggestion] always for dts-hd to ac3 for DVD playback compatibility (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004288: [Bug] text style editor window does not always display preview correctly (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004289: [Feature Request] Implement progress on Taskbar (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004160: [Bug] inconsistant but reproducable Access violation during menu creation with 2 pass setting + thriller menu template (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004269: [Bug] .AVI gives access violation when loaded in CX4. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003104: [Feature Request] Widescreen menus 16:9 menu (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004274: [Bug] CX2 menu - No navigation buttons are shown until the cursor is hovered over them + more (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004273: [Bug] Minimal and classic menus does not Automatically Adjusted Placement of Titles (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004272: [Bug] Film template not displaying navigation buttons unless the mouse cursor is hovered over them (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004275: [Bug] Blackmirror templates problem of thumbnail reflections displayed up inside the thumbs in title menu of blackmirror template (wesson) - resolved

Muutokset v4.1.11.351 - v4.1.12.352

  • Fix menu issues, especially Thriller menu
  • 0004266: [Bug] Some text to edit in source english translation (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003107: [Bug] Incorrect default focus when log is displayed (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002893: [Crash] srt causes conversion crash "List index out of bounds (-1)" (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002947: [Bug] Black Mirror Template with Video : duplicate entry for chapter 1, 2 & 3 in .ini file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002579: [Bug] Thriller template: transition avis are encoded but not played (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.10.348 - v4.1.11.351

  • Various fixes :
  • subtitle resizing issues
  • choppy playback - bad frame rate detection issues
  • conversion freezing issues
  • interface (toolbars) update
  • 0004263: [Feature Request] no menu does not appear on top of the list (anymore) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003730: [Bug] when changing menu I have access violation in a non reproducable manner (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003958: [Feature Request] Directory structure for BUP/IFO/VOB shall use project name instead of 1st file name (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003833: [Feature Request] Add folder name entry (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004247: [Bug] image is distorted after conversion (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003908: [Bug] regression no audio on test validation file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004246: [Information] when a conversion is paused - the settings name should be changed to resume (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003194: [Crash] Access Violation when deleting an item (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003862: [Bug] regression ts file not supported in version 4, did work in version 2 (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004166: [Information] chapter edition (must press enter twice to validate change) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004167: [Feature Request] have + add file icon always showing in merge window (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002901: [Bug] video does not play "smooth' after conversion / Video format AVC (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004212: [Bug] subtitle not correctly resized in ts file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004231: [Crash] conversion freezes at 90% (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004221: [Bug] Garbled audio, going too fast (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004239: [Bug] ConvertXtoDVD only converts part of a .flv file while AVS completes conversion of whole file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004243: [Bug] subtitles included in MKV, too low to be seen on screen - only a problem when converting in NTSC (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004182: [Unsupported file/stream format] Avi doesn't load: there is no decodable video stream (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.9.347 - v4.1.10.348

  • interface fixes
  • fix on support of embedded SSA tracks in Matroska files
  • updated FFMPEG DLL
  • Add Russian voice prompt and DVD-menus translations
  • 0004143: [Bug] mkv file no longer converts (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004153: [Bug] debug info appears under preview window when converting subtitles (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004161: [Feature Request] New languages added for installer (benjamin) - resolved.
  • 0004154: [Feature Request] Update URL to auto detect the customer language (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.7.343 - v4.1.9.347

  • Regression fix (rare case)
  • Interface fix
  • Translation update
  • 0004110: [Feature Request] when only 1 burner listed, select it by default (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003710: [Feature Request] change link of buy button (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004104: [Bug] no audio on converted result (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004103: [Bug] video does not play smooth, fps detection different per ConvertX version (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003730: [Bug] whening chaning menu I access violation in a non reproducable manner (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.4.338 - v4.1.7.343

  • 0004013: [Bug] regression, doesnt get past menu creation (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0004016: [Feature Request] wording: change wording in settings under the burning tab (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003987: [Bug] no thumbnails generated in menus (wesson) - resolved.
  • fix issues of rare occurence
  • fix burning engine crash condition on random case
  • fix crashes on some files
  • restore support for dvr-ms file
  • 0003959: [Bug] Problem with DTS-HD audio stream in Delicatessen main file (00006.M2TS) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003949: [Bug] regression - audio messed up in and not in (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003951: [Bug] half of screen is green (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.2.336 - v4.1.4.338

  • 0003867: [Crash] freezes near end of conversion (I think during start of menu creation) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003161: [Bug] When conversion complete with error, there is a bad log information and wrongly try to burn the result (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003831: [Bug] regression: Unrecoverable error while reading. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003814: [Crash] Video encoder can't be initialized. Conversion aborted - two pass problem (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003798: [Unsupported file/stream format] AVI stream not decoded (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003844: [Bug] regression audio level box will not take any custom value number (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.1.1.334 - v4.1.2.336

  • 0003745: [Feature Request] special setting for 12 core (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001446: [Suggestion] Display "no menu" as first item (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003195: [Feature Request] Add DVD Options to log for No Menu template (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002373: [Suggestion] Move "No menu" entry to top of template drop-down list (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003801: [Information] hint is not longer suggesting the correct way to edit items in the treeview (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003796: [Bug] some files cannot be merged (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.0.12.327 - v4.1.1.334

  • 0003163: [Feature Request] link to BatchXtoDVD from File menu (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003771: [Bug] Template Selector in the main window displays all black, cannot preview templates ! (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.0.10.324 - v4.0.12.327

  • 0003343: [Bug] v4.0.11.326: Files are lost when we try to load a saved project
  • 0003366: [Information] Change URLs for RegNow certification (wesson)

Muutokset v4.0.9.322a - v4.0.10.324

  • Fix XEON processor support
  • Fix ClickFree automatic backup compatibility

Muutokset v4.0.6.316 - v4.0.9.322a

  • Improved interface:
  • Implemented a merge feature directly from drag/drop, using the key
  • Fixed issue when reloading settings
  • 0003085: [Bug] Video processing failed to init on stream 0000001 error, I can't convert - resolved.
  • 0003087: [Feature Request] Easy merge mode - resolved.
  • 0003067: [Bug] v4.0.6.316 ßeta: Add a few files, then click Automatic / Add lots more files, no changes on the Advisor ! - resolved.
  • 0003084: [Feature Request] add info under preview window that subtitles are not visible during conversion - resolved.

Muutokset v4.0.5.315a - v4.0.6.316

  • Titleset content editor fixes
  • Interface fixes
  • 0003062: [Information] change box shot in trial window ( for consistancy with website) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003061: [Bug] 315: Advisor get not displayed when a short project (8 min) iadded with Automatic encoding option. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003036: [Bug] Chosing Automatic in conversion setting in the front of GUI, dont update the encoding option (wesson) resolved.
  • 0003060: [Bug] 315: Encoding option does not change when click on Automatic. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003064: [Bug] ordering files in merge editor window gives error: Init failed on input stream # - Msg "list out of bounds (#)" (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003063: [Bug] v4.0.5.315a enter goldmember key and get "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" (wesson) - resolved.
  • compiled with newest innosetup 5.3.6(unicode)

Muutokset v4.0.3.313 - v4.0.5.315a

  • 0003053: [Bug] v4.0.5.314 in window to enter license key " pressing 'enter' closes window not saving key (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003052: [Suggestion] Reworded and improved conversion advisor (wesson) - resolved.
  • Interface improvement and fixes.
  • Added a "Save Project As ..." feature
  • Reworked the "Save Project" feature
  • Added a "Reset forms positions" feature
  • Reworded some unclear statements
  • Corrected one wrong statement.
  • 0002374: [Suggestion] Save project behaves like "Save As", instead of simple "Save" (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002979: [Feature Request] windows size back to default (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002368: [Suggestion] When editing texts, jump to dots using Ctrl+Cursor (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002165: [Bug] Remove add video icon at "bottom" line merging window (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002967: [Suggestion] Re-arrange text for Encoding options (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002612: [Bug] Text in sub-window Settings (header) lost. shows iuf (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002590: [Suggestion] better understanding of "item" language identifier (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002581: [Bug] Hint box [Default Subtitle anguage] always displayed in English language, whatever language you select. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003048: [Information] updater pointing to shop page instead of download page (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003039: [Crash] cannot convert files when output is on a network (like coincoin): problem error in log is inaccurate (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003047: [Bug] : open desktop on 7 instead the output folder (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002983: [Bug] Convertion Setting is always optimal(build (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002995: [Bug] Second column not visible in DVD menu label window (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003044: [Bug] Regression, lost edit function at DVD menus labels sub-window (DVD menus tab) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0003045: [Bug] : registration : failed to set data 'licensekey' (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002994: [Bug] v4.0.3.311: "Failed to set data for LicenseKey" (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v4.0.3.312 - v4.0.3.313

  • internal key list updated

Muutokset v3.8.0.193c - v3.8.0.193d

  • Burning SDK ( increase long write in progress timeout)
  • updated translations.
  • force to delete swscale.dll in the setup script.

Muutokset v3.7.3.190c - v3.8.0.193c

  • new burning sdk update :
  • Burning SDK - {
  • New Enhanced SPTI interface,
  • better AnyDVD support,
  • better drive locking mechanism,
  • other minor fixes }
  • 0002894: [Feature Request] Add notification for media parsing (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002895: [Bug] When burn error is reported, the percentage were the error occured is wrong (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002592: [Suggestion] Always an extra comma after last burn speed in the logs / Available write speed: 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x, (wesson) - resolved.
  • new burning vso_hwe.dll SDK 4.0 ( include several old bugs and improved support for SPTI on Windows 7 configuration, better anydvd detection )
  • recompilation of ConvertXtoDVD to benefit of the latest burning SDK
  • internal key list updated
  • fix a problem of display of the subtitle / style editor windows ( with netbook and low resolution screen )
  • fix a /co generation issue due to incorrrect reference path

Muutokset v3.7.2 - v3.7.3.190c

  • Fixed Menu issues related to sound, but can fix also problems of conversion if you convert several files in the same time, and disabled buttons in DVD menu with some templates ( default ), and some settings combinaison.
  • update new translations
  • add new burning sdk with better compatibility with windows 7 , 64 bits ( provide feedback if any issue )
  • add a shortcut for burning compatibility mode
  • 0002873: [Bug] /co .htm (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002876: [Crash] Simple Menu template no longer working when converting one video (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002875: [Bug] Out of Sync issue with files generated by a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 when converted to PAL, 100% in NTSC (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.6.13.178 - v3.7.2

  • yet another fix on audio in menus
  • 0002865: [Bug] Regression: Fix of bug 2843 (video) causes Audio no longer working for menus. (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.6.12 - v3.6.13.178

  • Minor fixes
  • 0002811: [Bug] / is not a \ (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002757: [Suggestion] A few minor things wrong with the language lists in the audio selector (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002821: [Suggestion] "vsoscaler.dll not found" is displayed in the About window (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002807: [Crash] Access Violation when going into the settings, subtitles, rendering real quickly (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002832: [Crash] access violation during load, if the remplates aren't still not completely loaded (wesson) - resolved.
  • multithread & deinterlacing fixes
  • 0002831: [Bug] : Green lines at the bottom of the screen when converting MPEG2 Files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002787: [Bug] Weird behaviour in chapter creation when converting a movie file. (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.6.4.158 - v3.6.10.170c

  • Solving double pass issue
  • 0002809: [Bug] audio not sync with video when 2pass enabled (wesson) resolved.
  • updated script, updater behaviour, and landing page for notification about keys
  • preview improved a little bit for H264 sources in TS files,
  • support for Hi Definition digital camera improved
  • 0002788: [Bug] [Regression] False detection of an MP3 audio stream in a movie file CxD (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002787: [Bug] Weird behaviour in chapter creation when converting an MP4 movie file. (wesson) resolved.(confirmed as solved)
  • 0002810: [Bug] Video failed to convert in 2 pass mode (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002808: [Bug] Output conversion is jaggy on MTS file (wesson) resolved.
  • Audio & conversion fixes
  • 0002795: [Crash] A few specific files I have makes v3.6.7.165 Crash with an access violation (wesson) resolved.
  • Installation script has been updated to display only PAL or NTSC as output choice, it is due to too many issues for playback depending
  • on the source file format and hardware configuration of the users to playback DVD
  • ffmpeg updates
  • Feature added: Burn ISO files
  • Some fixes on DV Video, Deinterlacing that caused artifacts, subtitles in MOV files, ...
  • 0002668: [Bug] Subtitles embedded in MOV are not decoded correctly (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002557: [Bug] Some avi file are out of sync after conversion (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002618: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Artefacts in output dvd file when converting an interlaced high definition M2TS file. (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002594: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Some Avi Files with dvvideo stream are no longer converted completely (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002112: [Bug] burn existing project (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002778: [Bug] V162: Missing amount of files and file size in log (wesson) resolved.
  • Regression fix version, restored support for many file types, added support for new stream formats, fixed issues about synchronization
  • 0002613: [Crash] Access violation on loading some MKV Files (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002648: [Bug] Some MKV files with h264 and aac streams, are out of sync after conversion. (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002677: [Bug] Audio plays too fast on some converted .mov files including an AAC audio stream. (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002735: [Bug] error when enable 2 pass enconding option (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002675: [Bug] Some .mov files are not loaded. (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002680: [Bug] [Regression] Bad framerate detection in some MPEG2 movie files (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002734: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Bad colours conversion in avi files with Raw RGB32 video stream (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002733: [Bug] Some M2TS files with AC3 2ch audio stream have no audio after conversion. (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002719: [Bug] Some RMVB (with RV40 video stream) are no longer converted (wesson) resolved.
  • 0002759: [Unsupported file/stream format] [REGRESSION] Some .REC files are no longer loaded with Convertxtodvd (wesson) resolved.
  • various background work for multicore optimisation

Muutokset v3.6.2.153 - v3.6.4.158

  • Fix a problem with some CPU instruction ( AMD Phenom for example ) in trial mode, preventing to convert.
  • updated translations.
  • vsoscaler.dll is not required anymore and has been removed from the package ( vsoscaler was actually Intel IPP scaler )
  • setup script updated.

Muutokset v3.5.2.137 - v3.6.2.153

  • Integration of optimized routine of VSO scaler for up to SSE4 processor. On some computer, this may result in a slight gain of speed. To be sure to use the newest VSO's internal scaler, rename swscale.dll to swscale.old
  • - 0002722: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Avi files, with uncompressed RGB24 video stream, are badly encoded (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.5.1.135 - v3.5.2.137

  • 0002638: [Bug] Some Subtitles on MP4 are not supported. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002637: [Bug] Subtitle_File.ssa" failed to re-open. Can't continue (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002636: [Bug] converted file freezes on play back (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002635: [Bug] 'Exception [Bogus Subtitle bitmap, some pixel color are outside the palette bounds]' error when converting some TS files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002625: [Bug] Bad conversion of avi files containing Raw Video rgb32 stream (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.5.0.131 - v3.5.1.135

  • 0002619: [Bug] Slowdown in Conversion speed with (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002458: [Bug] Error while converting some MKV Files : "Error during DVD Subtitle decompression : data error" (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.4.8.123 - v3.5.0.131

  • Prepare the engine for 2 pass encoding
  • Prepare engine to limit the number of cores used during image resizing process
  • some regression fixes
  • 0002564: [Bug] Vertical green line and access violation on a specific mkv file. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002601: [Crash] Exception [Invalid Pointer operation] when converting some MKV Files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002606: [Bug] .Dat Files from VideoCD are no longer supported (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002610: [Information] 3.5.0 : pass 1/1 instead 1/2 (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002600: [Bug] Black Mirror with Video / Chapter Menu Display Issue (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002561: [Bug] v119 Alpha: Using the Super Filter, all menus come out green (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.4.7 - v3.4.8.123

  • Fixe navigation in black mirror template
  • add 2 variations of the black mirror template
  • improve merge titleset dialog (now several files can be added at once)
  • 0002305: [Feature Request] Allow adding of several videos at once in merge dialog (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002563: [Information] Black Mirror VS Black Mirror with video / Templates (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002589: [Bug] Black Mirror with Video template / Chapter Menu button issues (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002584: [Bug] Black Mirror template / Chapter Menu button issues (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.3.4.107 - v3.4.7

  • minor fixes
  • 0002549: [Unsupported file/stream format] v119 Alpha: 2 x specific .RM file will not load, please analyse (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002550: [Unsupported file/stream format] v118 Alpha: A specific .AVI will cause an Access Violation on load, please analyse. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002548: [Unsupported file/stream format] v118 Alpha: A specific .MP4 file will not load, please analyse (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002525: [Crash] Exception error on rendering subtitles. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002514: [Bug] Some movie files with H264 video streams & AAC audio streams are not supported by Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002505: [Bug] SRT Subtitles files failed to reopen (wesson) - resolved.
  • TS fixes
  • New image scaler
  • 0002545: [Bug] (v118 Alpha) Main window will not stay maximized (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002544: [Bug] (V118 alpha) Distorted video preview window (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002511: [Bug] menu items duplicate when opening and closing the settings (top menu navigation) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002543: [Bug] V118 Alpha Black mirror template missing after install. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002537: [Crash] video crash (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001222: [Feature Request] New format - EVO (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001458: [Bug] can't convert hd-dvd with .405 (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002538: [Unsupported file/stream format] Some .REC files are unsupported by Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001900: [Bug] .Rec support (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002061: [Bug] Some .rec video files are ignored by Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002246: [Bug] Some .TS files are not loaded by Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002242: [Unsupported file/stream format] Support requested for .TP0 Files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002526: [Bug] Audio sync problem on DTS -> AC3 Conversion. (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.3.4 - v3.3.4.107

  • Minor fixes :
  • fix mkv regression
  • higher thresold for project size (now 24 Gb.) (R&D to build mega DVD saved on Blu-ray support )
  • language update
  • Update burning SDK to version
  • 0002500: [Crash] mkv crash on load (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.3.3.104 - v3.3.4

  • Some translations updated
  • Subtitle regression fix, some Access violation fixed
  • 0002481: [Bug] Acces violation when try to edit at video resize method window when using (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002460: [Bug] When merging files, subtitles will not display on merged videos (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002482: [Suggestion] Add text labels audio/subtitle from sugg. 2433 into the translation table. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002453: [Bug] /preview switch no longer working? (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002467: [Bug] Template Xmas : Settings menu strange behaviour (wesson) - resolved.
  • Burning SDK version ( improvement for Blu-ray and AVCHD )

Muutokset v3.3.1.99 - v3.3.2.100

  • 0002237: [Crash] Selecting the Black Mirror menu and selecting OK (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002422: [Crash] crash log pid 'user-mapped' section open (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002442: [Bug] Overflow issue with RAW COPY of DTS Audio Stream (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002427: [Bug] [REGRESSION] Some MP4 files with H264 streams are no longer supported by Convertxtodvd (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002438: [Bug] [Regression] Conversion errors on movies containing MPEG2 stream (wesson) - resolved.
  • update the burning sdk now to fix a error of "out of memory", it was depending on disc format used (DVD-R) their size and the size of the project to be burnt

Muutokset v3.3.0.96 - v3.3.1.99

  • [Bug] V98: Audio sync problem with rmvb(actual it is a video pulldown problem) (wesson) - resolved.
  • [Bug] [Regression] DTS to AC3 conversion is mixing up channels (wesson) - resolved.

Muutokset v3.2.9.94c - v3.3.0.96

  • [Fix] Problem on the burning SDK : Bad Enumeration list of dvd burners ( some drive dissappear )
  • updated translations

Muutokset v3.2.4.82 - v3.2.9.94c

  • Fix : If a negatif value for the subtitle stream offset is added, it was applied to the video and audio stream but not for the subtitle stream.
  • Yet another bugfixes
  • 0001909: [Bug] Wrong duration of subtitle file length displayed at treeview. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001968: [Bug] Preview is showing you the wrong menu, after YES apply the changes to your current project (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001984: [Bug] v3.1.3.36 ßeta: When converting minimized, Building Current Title Window still appears (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0001988: [Bug] Wrong text in title menu button (only in preview window) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002411: [Bug] Warning File "00001.MTS" has invalid Timestamps. build (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002074: [Information] Black Mirror Template - 'Background text in Audio/Subtitle settings menu - Use Template default' (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002215: [Bug] convertion problem with build in a movie file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002345: [Suggestion] Load interface, then load menu templates (wesson) - resolved.
  • Various bugfixes
  • 0002234: [Bug] Offset of Video and Audio (for sync) does not work in (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002343: [Crash] Version (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002346: [Bug] access violation, at end of completed conversion (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002364: [Bug] Not all detailed source file info shown at tree view(source file info node) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002406: [Crash] Crash,access violation, invalid pointer (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002408: [Bug] regression on ass subtitle file (wesson) - resolved.
  • Include burning SDK 3.1.1
  • updated translations ( Chinese, etc.. )
  • fix problem when unicode files are loaded
  • fix crashes when loading and saving project
  • ffmpeg compiler updated
  • ffmpeg reference updated
  • gdiplus.dll distributed is the reference version of Microsoft
  • Interface fixes (save windows position and state)
  • Some audio out of sync fixes
  • 0002294: [Feature Request] Option to save window size/positioning (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002276: [Bug] Window sizes and location not saved in registry (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002367: [Bug] Checkboxes not visible with Eos theme (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002369: [Bug] Burner Selection under Settings (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002402: [Bug] V84. Manual entered value at crop/pad at window resize method not correct when first char. is odd (1, 3, 5, 7 ,9) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002405: [Feature Request] add pop up 'thanks for registering' (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002391: [Bug] Out of sync on audio with some FLV movie file (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002390: [Bug] Out of sync on audio with some WMV files (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002243: [Bug] Some MPEG Files makes convertxtodvd non responding, at the beginning of the conversion. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002399: [Crash] memory error loop during conversion (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002400: [Bug] v3.2.5.84 ßeta: Settings does not keep our burner choice. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002401: [Suggestion] Fix the column width for the log window (wesson) - resolved.
  • Include Burning SDK 3.1
  • Update translation and english reference
  • updated subtitles dialog ( preview of subtitle over the tooltip of the code page button )
  • fix a problem with audio output when the input format is mpeg mono.
  • fix some issues with source containing AC3 3 or 4 channels.
  • various fixes.

Muutokset v3.2.3.81 - v3.2.4.82

  • Interface fixes, Subtitle issues fixes
  • 0002393: [Crash] Access Violation with a specific .SRT Subtitle File (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002235: [Bug] If extenxion for subtitle file (srt) written in CAPITALS, it does not load. (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002382: [Bug] Thumbnail start time value increases 1000x to high with arrows (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002372: [Bug] clicking Online Help at help menu directs to wrong place. (folder on PC instead of website) (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002380: [Bug] online help from menu (wesson) - resolved.
  • 0002384: [Bug] display chinese message in english version ( when burning ) (wesson) - resolved.
  • installer updated to solve a problem while installing gdiplus.dll in some configuration
  • thankyou page turned off
  • use VSO Burning SDK 3.0.2
  • Fix issues burning CD ( even if it is not recommanded to use CD for best compatibility playback)
  • Better message if no drive are installed in the computer.

Muutokset v3.2.1.55 - v3.2.3.81

  • 0002362: [Bug] No subtitle frames are encoded (wesson)
  • 0002357: [Feature Request] add .MTS file extension support ( sony Sony HDR-TG3E )
  • 0002213: [Bug] Wrong timer in VTS_0x_0.IFO when adding longer subtitles than movie duration (wesson)
  • 0002353: [Bug] v3.2.2.78 ßeta: Access Violation when trying to access the Merge Window
  • postproc.dll removed as unused
  • new burning SDK 3.0.1

Muutokset v3.2.0.52 - v3.2.1.55

  • Various translations added or updated.
  • Improved resize window, added 2 checkboxes to apply the resizing to :
  • all files in the current titleset (enabled if there is merged parts and all video sources has the same resolution)
  • all files in the whole dvd (enabled if there is more than 1 titleset and all video sources in all titlesets have the same resolution)
  • 0002195: [Bug] Dutch Translation Issues with the menu templates (wesson)
  • 0002198: [Feature Request] Add support for split .trp streams (wesson)
  • 0002202: [Information] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: Specific File to be analysed, since the output is out of sync (wesson)
  • 0002210: [Suggestion] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: When exiting the "Video Resize Method" Window, the pulldown list in the treeview should change (wesson)
  • 0002199: [Bug] Display of Cropping in 2nd avi not showing values as per cd1 can be confusing (wesson)
  • 0002200: [Bug] v3.2.1.54 ßeta: Bottom ~xx:xx time not updated when merging files (wesson)

Muutokset v3.1.3.40 - v3.2.0.52

  • small subtitle issue in merge dialog fixed
  • 0002187: [Bug] Cannot add an .SRT file to an input file from the file merger (wesson)
  • yet another bugfixes
  • 0002186: [Bug] v3.2.0.50: AC3 subtitles not converted (wesson)
  • 0002185: [Bug] pvr file not supported ( but avs does ) (wesson)
  • 0002184: [Bug] V50: Changing font size Subtitle causes ConvertXtoDVD to crash. (wesson)
  • 0002182: [Bug] access violation when try to remove a subtitle from merge titles settings in build 50 (wesson)
  • 0002179: [Unsupported file/stream format] With a few files --> Access violation at address 644A257B in module 'avformat.dll' (Regression) (wesson)
  • 0002181: [Bug] Pressing CANCEL while ConvertXtoDVD scans input files will disable the cancel button (wesson)
  • 0002180: [Bug] Access Violation, if you press to edit name, then press the X to delete the input file (wesson)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • 0002175: [Bug] Add an audio stream, loose your Audio Settings chosen in the settings of ConvertXtoDVD (wesson)
  • 0002176: [Bug] Language tab and Video Resize method are not changed back to default when Reset is clicked (wesson)
  • Burning layer and minor interface issues fixes
  • 0000665: [Unsupported file/stream format] support for "opensubtitles" (wesson)
  • 0002013: [Feature Request] .sub opensubtitle new format (wesson)
  • 0002043: [Bug] Strange behaviours on 'Tree view' when adding/deleting an audio track (wesson)
  • 0002082: [Bug] DVD options check boxes settings not correctly displayed at startup CX3. (wesson)
  • 0002171: [Bug] v3.2.0.47 ßeta: External exception C000001D occured when it tried to format a DVD+RW (wesson)
  • Yet another bugfixes on :
  • and keys usage in treeview and various editors
  • subtitles out of sync
  • 0002057: [Bug] SetSTN command is incomplete (wesson)
  • 0002162: [Bug] List index out of bounds (wesson)
  • 0002082: [Bug] DVD options check boxes settings not correctly displayed at startup CX3. (wesson)
  • 0002166: [Bug] Error Message: Control 'cb_thumbnail_kind' has no parent window. / When you press to rename Disk (wesson)
  • 0002164: [Bug] in convertion the subtitles are not sync with the movie (wesson)
  • 0002158: [Bug] Second title does not appear on dvd player from 16:9 source (wesson)
  • 0002149: [Bug] "Control 'cb_thumbnail_kind' has no parent window" error message on the tree view
  • 0002148: [Bug] "Edit link must not be nil" error on subtitle selection.
  • 0002067: [Bug] 2 missings translations item
  • 0002033: [Bug] Text line always displayed in english.
  • 0002057: [Bug] SetSTN command is incomplete
  • 0002028: [Crash] Access Violation / Index Out of Bounds (0) when removing single file from Video Joiner
  • 0002130: [Bug] Default Audio Text is now wrong with new audio engine when forcing the output value
  • 0002147: [Suggestion] Text suggestion GUI audio tab and ..
  • 0002150: [Bug] error
  • 0001978: [Bug] File Merger let's you use 1 audio track or 1 subtitle file and nothing else (No Video Files)
  • 0002145: [Bug] [X] Convert DTS to AC-3 (better compatibility) / Doesn't seem to work using Automatic (No Boost)
  • 0002146: [Bug] "No data in audio stream #2. Check source file" in some avi files
  • vso_hwe.dll version 2.1.12 ( updated version for blu-ray burning )
  • 0002132: [Bug] Audio Settings: Enter level in dB (-xx dB) / No where to manually set the value
  • 0002080: [Bug] Can not add subtitle (srt) to project when 1st subtitle text has similarity to subtitle number
  • 0002089: [Bug] ConvertXtoDVD does not close using the "/close" switch if burning to ISO
  • 0002100: [Bug] F2 partially working text item editing
  • 0001966: [Bug] List index out of bounds
  • Audio processing revamped:
  • Added possibility to force the output format for audio
  • Audio boosting improved. It's accurate operation, and support any number of channels. We also have simplified the settings.
  • Added support of audio format change during conversion
  • Added support for downmixing/upmixing from any number of channels to any number of channels
  • Full support of files with non continuous timestamps (such as Video Camera, DVB-S or DVB-T rips, ...) which used to produce way out-of-sync audio
  • All audio operations done in 32 bits Floating point for audiophile result (Use of MMX and SSE2 for speed)
  • many audio audio out-of-sync problems resolved
  • all audio operations are done in
  • 0001722: [Bug] Progressive out of sync on MPEG2 file with mp2 audiostream
  • 0002063: [Bug] Audio out of sync, when merging 2 ts video files.
  • 0001711: [Bug] Out of synchro on audio when merging two seperate parts of a avi file.
  • 0001762: [Bug] Audio speed too fast on converted video, from an mpeg2 file.
  • 0000942: [Bug] Bad Output movie timer when audio source is AC3 stream on MPEG movie.
  • 0002131: [Bug] The Audio Setting "Automatic" has 3 weird characters in the list, beside it's name
  • 0001487: [Information] Grayed out fields in panels ?
  • 0000972: [Feature Request] Possibility to transcode dolby ac3 audio input streams
  • 0001914: [Bug] Audio Out Of Sync when converting an MP4 movie file (H264 AAC)
  • 0001944: [Bug] At language change the create folder is actual not made
  • 0001830: [Bug] Audio problems in build

Muutokset v3.1.2.34 - v3.1.3.40

  • minor fixes on ISO target
  • added new menu template with mirror effects
  • fixes on some problematic / crashing files
  • 0002044: [Feature Request] Add new template: Black Mirror
  • 0002037: [Bug] Bad preview & conversion with rawvideo avi movie file.
  • 0002042: [Bug] Temp. disk space used by Convertxtodvd and ISO File generation
  • 0002041: [Bug] bad setting concerning ISO format
  • 0002040: [Bug] by default, first dvd writer should be selected, not iso
  • 0002023: [Crash] Crash during conversion of some MKV's

Muutokset v3.1.2.32 - v3.1.2.34

  • small bugfix on menu organisation
  • 0001969: [Information] I have 2 small .FLV files that get's a green line on the bottom, please analyse (wesson)
  • 0001971: [Bug] The Film Template v1.0.1 / Root Menu Title dissapears after 2-3 seconds (wesson)
  • 0001972: [Bug] If 1 video only the DVD start on the movie instead the root menu (wesson)

Muutokset v3.1.0.26 - v3.1.1.32

  • Regression fix
  • improved resilience on bogus RMVB files
  • preview causing application freeze fix
  • 0001953: [Bug] NO audio after 10 mins on a specific rmvb file converted.... (wesson)
  • 0001608: [Crash] Application crashes while previewing a specific .ts file (wesson)
  • 0001939: [Bug] freeze during title set operation (wesson)

Muutokset v3.1.0.25 - v3.1.0.26

  • New MPEG Decoder to fix dvr-ms regression and a better preview
  • 0001824: [Feature Request] Bring back unknown (nice) feature autoload multiple subtitle files (wesson)
  • 0001829: [Bug] Regrzssion : Some DVR-MS Files are not recognized - (wesson)
  • 0001856: [Bug] Wrong subtitle color (black) (wesson)
  • 0001695: [Bug] Wrong color for subtitles added to title imported via IFO files (wesson)
  • 0001816: [Information] Wrong detection of fps, which results no PullDown when needed ? (wesson)
  • 0001881: [Bug] Can't add AAC file in my ConvertX project... (wesson)
  • 0001892: [Bug] regression on drv-ms (wesson)
  • 0001891: [Bug] regression with WMV (Photostory files) not supported (wesson)
  • 0001901: [Bug] REGRESSION ; Mpg file with VP6 video stream ignored - Unknown format (wesson)

Muutokset v3.1.0.24 - v3.1.0.25

  • Fixes a regression on some WMV files
  • Fixes sample rate problem on AAC audio stream

Muutokset v3.1.0.18 - v3.1.0.24

  • Fixes minor issues
  • Update Translations
  • 0001828: [Bug] Access Violation (Continuable Exception) on an file loadings.
  • Some audio issues fixes
  • 0001810: [Bug] bad convertion with mp4 video movie in CX (wesson)
  • 0001736: [Bug] US HDTV 1280x720 60fps Progressive TS always out of sync (wesson)
  • 0001846: [Bug] incorrect framerate reported in the log (wesson)
  • Interface bugfixes
  • some crashes solved
  • 0001844: [Bug] "problem". (wesson)
  • 0001843: [Bug] error: List index out of Bounds (0) (wesson)
  • 0001822: [Bug] play audio in tree view does not always work - interface problem (wesson)
  • 0001821: [Bug] play audio on subtitle stream - interface/list index ou of bounds(0) (wesson)
  • 0001828: [Bug] Access Violation (Continuable Exception) on an avi file. (wesson)
  • 0001815: [Bug] Problem when converting movie with ASS & SRT external subtitles files - ASS style is not applied (wesson)

Muutokset v3.0.0.13 - v3.1.0.18

  • Fixes various subtitles issues
  • 0001790: [Bug] Wrong language of subtitle file displayed in log file (wesson)
  • 0001814: [Bug] On multilingual sub/idx subtitles, first language is displayed... others are ignored. (wesson)
  • 0001805: [Information] Please analyse a specific file because of major audio issues (wesson)
  • 0001791: [Bug] same crash in Convertx 3 build like build (wesson)
  • 0001803: [Bug] Regression, no real media files can be loaded (wesson)
  • 0001725: [Bug] view blocked by displayed template/infobox (wesson)
  • 0001781: [Bug] template 'classic' top menu text considered as too big (wesson)
  • 0001787: [Feature Request] preview dialog and hint don't match. (wesson)
  • 0001799: [Suggestion] clear default settings of sound event sounds (wesson)
  • 0001786: [Bug] close the text style editor (wesson)
  • 0001789: [Bug] lost keyboard funtions/ characters appeared instead (wesson)
  • 0001685: [Bug] One specific .MKV will not load in v3.0.0.2 (Please analyse .MKV file) (wesson)
  • 0001785: [Bug] can't see hint in main dialog (wesson)
  • 0001788: [Bug] Multiple display of lines in menu parameters after language change (wesson)
  • 0001792: [Bug] bad wording for norwegian language (wesson)
  • 0001780: [Feature Request] When the conversion is cancelled, erase the working folder (wesson)
  • 0001759: [Bug] Subtitles are black on converted video when input is mp4 with subtitles streams (wesson)
  • 0001778: [Feature Request] Apply settings immediately to the loaded project (wesson)
  • 0001779: [Feature Request] Fast Cancel path (wesson)
  • 0001729: [Bug] Template Thriller : bad buttons order navigation on settings sub menu (wesson)
  • 0001730: [Bug] Main window height grows with each closing (wesson)
  • 0001719: [Suggestion] Better visibility/understanding of a attention/warning to user when greyed out (wesson)
  • 0001721: [Suggestion] Better visibility/understanding of a attention/warning to user when text to long. (wesson)
  • 0001720: [Suggestion] Better visibility/understanding of a attention/warning to user when greyed out. (wesson)
  • 0001775: [Bug] Menu Preview displays wrong menu page (wesson)
  • 0001633: [Suggestion] Change the Pause Button text to RESUME when you are pausing (wesson)
  • 0001707: [Crash] Strange behaviour during & after conversion process : Application stops responding (wesson)

Muutokset v3.0.0.9 - v3.0.0.13

  • DVD menu live preview 1st implementation ( beta )
  • new main application icon
  • fix rmvb support broken in the version
  • support new avi files subformat.
  • new burning SDK version 2.1.8 ( new error class reports )
  • Added a new template : Classic , following some users feedback
  • new translations added or updated

Muutokset v3.0.0.1 - v3.0.0.7

  • Full unicode support - Any languages will use the correct characters with any windows locale version (provided you have installed the correct font set on your version of Windows).
  • Memory manager fixes - Should prevent many access violation crashes.
  • Subtitle fixes (SUB/IDX)
  • 0001690: [Bug] Japanese translation issues
  • 0001702: [Bug] v3.0.0.4 Access violation at address 0040355B
  • 0001701: [Crash] Access violation + possible application crash when converting a specific vob file
  • 0001706: [Bug] Exception [List index out of bounds (5)] while reading packet #xxxx - Skipped

Muutokset v2.99.18.970 - v3.0.0.1

  • Fixes some regression when loading file,
  • Fixes GDIPlus Crash
  • 0001678: [Bug] Video flow is corrupted when there is more than 50 titles
  • 0001676: [Crash] Exception raised in conversion when input audio is cook 44Khz 5 channels
  • 0001661: [Bug] Invalid floating point operation
  • 0001677: [Crash] Conversion of file not possible
  • 0001669: [Unsupported file/stream format] Cook Audio 5 Channels not supported
  • 0001671: [Bug] When merging 2 files with subtitles, subtitles seems to be ignored on the 2nd part
  • 0001674: [Crash] Access violation in converting two files (one with chapters, one without chapters)
  • updated translations

Muutokset v2.2.3.258 - v2.2.3.258d

  • fix a problem of installation package corrupted by unstable dlls.

Muutokset v2.2.2 - v2.2.3.258

  • minor bugfixes
  • 0000907: [Feature Request] Improve tags support in SSA/ASS files
  • 0000955: [Bug] message appears ramdomly after a right click on the image processing details in the main window
  • 0000932: [Bug] Text Substitles Rendering settings Bugs : values below 0
  • 0000934: [Bug] Possibility to create a new projet during conversion.
  • 0000935: [Bug] ConvertXToDVD Action Menu : Move Up/Move Down Functions Problem
  • 0000936: [Crash] ConvertXToDvd : Access violation when creating new project
  • 0000938: [Bug] ConvertXToDVD : Bugs on "My DVD" menu parameters (Background -Title font & Items font Color)
  • 0000940: [Bug] Incorrect Blank DVD media size, during countdown before burning process.
  • 0000951: [Suggestion] New Subtitles render editor settings by default.
  • 0000952: [Bug] Subtitles rendering editor : text lines not centered separately by default.

Muutokset v2.2.1.253 - v2.2.2

  • Complete rewrite of the AVI demuxer, for improvement such as:
  • accurate determination of audio start time, working with CBR/VBR audio (fixes most audio out of sync issues)
  • fault tolerance improved - very damaged AVI files (truncated, incomplete parts missing, wrong indexes) should be better handled now, and no longer produces out of sync audio.
  • lightning fast preview scroller, will give 99% of the time a perfect image
  • files with 'rec ' chunks are handled
  • accurate duration determination (fixes bogus or truncated AVI that used to need a parsing to obtain their accurate duration)
  • some regression bugfixes also implemented
  • 0000914: [Crash] Click On Audio or Video Stream (Twice) will generates an Access Violation ! (wesson)
  • 0000819: [Information] Adobe Premiere 1.5 file producing audio sync issues (wesson)
  • 0000902: [Information] file to test: no image once converted (wesson)
  • 0000915: [Bug] regression with Photostory wmv file (wesson)
  • 0000916: [Bug] Video framerate problem after encoding (wesson)

Muutokset v2.2.0.251 - v2.2.1.253

  • 0000905: [Feature Request] when checked 'add orginal file to DVD (if possible)' request for subtitles to be added too
  • 0000906: [Bug] Video Camera DVD (Panasonic VDR-D300EG) are not recognized
  • 0000869: [Unsupported file/stream format] Request for .ASS subtitle support
  • 0000904: [Bug] Pal to NTSC subtitles always show and cant be disactivated
  • 0000885: [Bug] vertical green line on right border on some video
  • 0000896: [Bug] Not enough free space issue with version (Windows 98)

Muutokset v2.1.19 - v2.2.0.251

  • Introduce image processing features
  • Support new formats
  • fixes avi out-of-sync audio problems
  • 0000502: [Bug] v2.1.6.186 ßeta: No audio stream detected from a PAL dvd (VTS_01_0.IFO)
  • 0000762: [Bug] very bad sound quality when converting avi (also P-SDT buffer Underflow 1 times, 994 bytes peak)
  • 0000577: [Bug] DivX file creates a lot of sync messages, resulting audio stutters
  • 0000468: [Bug] support of .RM file with several video/audio sources
  • 0000882: [Bug] Show log option doesn't show the latest log entries
  • 0000537: [Bug] jittery picture
  • 0000768: [Feature Request] rm file deformed when converted, would like a way to specify pixel form
  • 0000822: [Suggestion] Ministery of proper English wording
  • 0000824: [Suggestion] Add a "Fit to screen" setting to avoid padding black bars
  • 0000660: [Unsupported file/stream format] no support for avi coming from a webcam (Indeo Video 5 support)
  • 0000611: [Unsupported file/stream format] IV5 (Indeo Video 5) doesn't convert
  • 0000832: [Bug] not detecting audio in film decrypted with DVDFab/ Matrix
  • 0000873: [Bug] v 2.1.19 when switching languages from french to english 'taille du cible' becomes 330mb
  • 0000470: [Bug] Unsupported .MKV file (version
  • 0000758: [Unsupported file/stream format] ACELP Sound support (no sound in WMV file)
  • 0000756: [Bug] double line subtitles with TAGS show one line up
  • 0000828: [Bug] Horrible DTS output after converting a mkv x264 with DTS
  • 0000878: [Feature Request] default screen size needs to be larger
  • 0000835: [Bug] vertical streaks in the video ( 2nd edition, resampler updated )
  • Fix a problem with translation forcing output size to 330 Mb

Muutokset v2.1.18.242 - v2.1.19

  • 0000834: [Feature Request] add warning when about to burn something of poor quality (wesson)
  • 0000829: [Information] Why don't we see the AC3 (Copy) Streams in the log ? (wesson)
  • 0000842: [Feature Request] watermark timing (wesson)
  • 0000845: [Bug] A few issues with .MKV file (Audio h264 / Audio AAC) (wesson)
  • 0000649: [Bug] "Floating point division by zero" with .MKV file (Video h264 / Audio aac) (wesson)
  • 0000849: [Bug] Erreur Exception [Division by zero] thought to be caused by aac (wesson)
  • Contains latest VSO Burning SDK, with improved finalization performance.

Muutokset v2.1.17.240 - v2.1.18.242

  • fix support for AMD CPUs
  • solve a problem of hard disk space detection if a folder was not existing

Muutokset v2.1.14.223 - v2.1.17.240

  • Blu-Ray (Select the biggest .M2TS file in the /STREAM/ subfolder to select the movie)
  • NOTE: If needed, You can use a decryption engine from Slysoft AnyDVD HD
  • NOTE: Enhanced AC-3 is not supported yet.
  • amr audio support added
  • 0000825: [Bug] closing tag in a multiline subtitle is not considered
  • 0000757: [Suggestion] backslash needed for working folder destination
  • 0000545: [Unsupported file/stream format] Unsupported video format (T263) in avi
  • 0000817: [Bug] Subtitle style editor bug (2.1.15 and 2.1.16)
  • 0000617: [Bug] v2.1.10.209 mkv won't convert (error decoding stream 0,0) ends with access violation
  • 0000821: [Bug] Real Video .DLL not detected
  • 0000766: [Unsupported file/stream format] with .3gp file no sound (log indicates unsupported decoder (id=73728)
  • 0000663: [Unsupported file/stream format] support audio: samr/0x726D6173, 8000Hz, mono
  • Drag and drop operation should work as under XP
  • Native OPEN/SAVE dialog boxes are now used
  • Real Audio, Video, Media: Better timing, seeking is now possible, still in Beta stage
  • Matroska: Better timing, still work to do
  • Better handling of Internet activation sequence.
  • Compiled with Delphi 2007, which provide a small gain of performance.
  • 0000720: [Feature Request] in subtitle preview make it so anti aliasing is used
  • 0000449: [Bug] Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting Video: Real Video 9
  • 0000638: [Feature Request] button for entering in another license key (found under HELP Menu)
  • 0000788: [Bug] DVD9 reports overflow and 100% occupation in the logs
  • 0000626: [Bug] Significant overflow of target size when source contains AC-3 stream(s)
  • 0000790: [Bug] AAC audio (MKV) plays at half speed when converted
  • 0000791: [Bug] Unsupported audio in .MOV file
  • 0000761: [Bug] files giving green screens in preview and output
  • 0000608: [Suggestion] Track the presence or missing Real Video .DLL in the logs

Muutokset v2.1.12.214 - v2.1.14.223

  • 0000626: [Bug] Significant overflow of target size when source contains AC-3 stream(s)
  • 0000664: [Bug] Sound is too loud, with files with audio format mp3 128 44000Hz

Muutokset v2.1.10.208 - v2.1.12.214

  • 0000624: [Bug] Slider for audio level always active at first
  • 0000618: [Bug] Error while opening decoder for stream #0.0 avi (WMV3)
  • 0000625: [Bug] Menu Background Image Support is broken

Muutokset v2.1.8.191 - v2.1.10.208

  • 0000592: [Bug] 2.1.9 audio issue
  • 0000541: [Bug] error while decoding stream #0.0 and then access violation---regression since 2.1.5
  • 0000589: [Bug] ConvertX freeze and Crash with sources having a AC3 track with a unusually big bitrate.
  • 0000588: [Suggestion] prompt to Load IFO instead of VOB
  • 0000520: [Bug] mkv regression with access violation
  • 0000530: [Bug] Conversion fail with access violation when engine log is turned on
  • 0000542: [Bug] Access violation at address 09FE412C in module 'avformat.dll'/ only happens with subs
  • 0000512: [Bug] Cluster Files Bitrate Calculator Issue
  • 0000587: [Suggestion] default volume should be "off"
  • 0000579: [Bug] multi-line Subtitles won't render at the right place
  • 0000518: [Bug] NTSC DivX with AC3 out of sync when converted to PAL
  • 0000339: [Bug] Preview / Info Box auto update when using the keyboard to change video
  • 0000470: [Bug] Unsupported .MKV file (version
  • 0000061: [Bug] Exception raised in conversion Thread with message "List index out of bounds (-1)"
  • 0000372: [Bug] Exception raised in conversion Thread with message "List index out of bounds (-1)"
  • 0000410: [Crash] Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting Audio: aac
  • 0000457: [Bug] v2.1.5.173: Access Violation (avcodec.dll) when converting MKV
  • 0000553: [Bug] Subtitles Issues .IDX/.SUB wrong color and only 1 language out of 3 is converted ?
  • 0000552: [Bug] Korean/English .SUB/.IDX not working in new version
  • 0000464: [Bug] Audio volume output low in version 2.1.5
  • 0000441: [Feature Request] Normalize Audio

Muutokset v2.1.5.173 - v2.1.8.191

  • 0000511: [Suggestion] Add detection code to find out if the target size may overflow
  • 0000274: [Bug] interface bug v 2.0.15 part of log showing in place of main menu
  • 0000156: [Suggestion] Add output size in log after conversion completed entry
  • 0000489: [Feature Request] Set Conversion Priority using a batch /command
  • 0000510: [Bug] Framerate and aspect ratio not properly saved in ConvertXtoDVD
  • Include patin couffin 37 and latest burning SDK 2.0.24 ( signed for vista + better management of double layer )
  • 0000509: [Suggestion] Sort the code page list to simplify selection of a given code page
  • 0000504: [Suggestion] Refresh blacklisted keys
  • 0000503: [Bug] DTS crashing system
  • 0000408: [Bug] Change Menu Title/Items Fonts is wrong on 1st open
  • 0000462: [Feature Request] v2.1.5 ugly looking subtitles by default
  • 0000494: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Select Buttons on the main window need more space
  • 0000496: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Line Lenght Suggestion Box Close Button
  • 0000495: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: Line Lenght Suggestion Box displayed on the wrong value
  • 0000497: [Bug] v2.1.6.175 ßeta: List Index Out Of Bounds (-1) Error / Select - Unselect internal Subtitle Stream
  • 0000463: [Bug] dvd subtitles not showing on DVD player (but yes with windows media player)
  • 0000478: [Bug] save project settings fullscreen
  • 0000483: [Bug] calculates frame rate too high/ but the rate of conversion shown is about half what is actually
  • 0000489: [Feature Request] Set Conversion Priority using a batch /command
  • 0000016: [Bug] Low duration estimates for VOB title sets
  • 0000031: [Bug] DTS .vob files problems..
  • 0000369: [Bug] stereo ac3 Audio Stream incorrectly detectd as mono
  • 0000482: [Bug] cant change set language of 2nd subtitle
  • 0000481: [Bug] cant translate a part of program concerning subtitles
  • 0000092: [Feature Request] Requesting that .ssa Subtitles be supported.
  • 0000484: [Bug] Wrong FPS in vobs
  • 0000439: [Bug] 25fps PAL movie is mistaking for 23,98fps NTSC (Causing an Out Of Sync issue)
  • 0000477: [Bug] v2.1.5.173: Batch Command /overwrite=true does not work
  • 0000476: [Bug] Subtitle selection/deseletion not working properly
  • 0000479: [Bug] unsupported / or odd behavior from video files from satitlite format mpg
  • 0000437: [Bug] v2.1.5.173 ßeta: Assertion failed! when highlighting certain files
  • 0000379: [Bug] Max Menu Entries Shows me 11 entries in the menu.

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