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Muutoshistoria ohjelmalle VirtualDub (64-bit)

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Muutokset v1.9.11 - v1.10.4

Muutokset v1.10.2 Experimental Build - v1.10.3 Experimental Build

Muutokset v1.10.1 Experimental Build - v1.10.2 Experimental Build

  • features added
  • Added option and /[no]useprofile switch to store configuration files under the user profile.
  • Added option for fully buffered write I/O.
  • PluginAPI: The preferred fccHandler supplied by input plugins is now also passed through to output files.
  • Decoders: Relaxed size restrictions on MJPEG decoder since a more flexible conversion blitter is now being used.
  • bugs fixed
  • The priority of the ASF pseudo-handler has been reduced to allow plugins to handle the format.
  • Fixed .exe manifest embedding error.
  • "Export raw video" command now saves properly in job scripts.
  • Fixed inversion when reading TARGA images (regression from 1.10.1).
  • Fixed bug that caused occasional truncated audio when writing segmented AVIs.
  • ExtEnc: Fixed omitted parameters and occasional extra commas when exporting profiles.
  • Filters: Fixed artifacts in 2:1 filters in 64-bit build.
  • Filters: Fixed logic errors in HSV adjust and emboss filters.
  • Filters: Lowered GPU priority in D3D9Ex acceleration mode to improve system responsiveness.
  • Filters: Restored missing perspective filter.
  • Filters: Fixed chroma smoother filter.
  • HexViewer: Fixed incorrect text label for fccHandler stream field.
  • Capture: Added timeout check for screen capture driver to avoid locking up program totally when capture load is too high.

Muutokset v1.9.9 - v1.10.0 Experimental Build

  • [features added]
  • Holding the Ctrl key during drag-and-drop appends instead of replaces.
  • "Scan for errors" command is now scriptable (
  • Save Animated GIF command is now scriptable (
  • Added ability to import and export raw video.
  • Added ability to export through command-line encoders.
  • Added support for 0-255 paletted grayscale.
  • Added support for Rec. 709 and full range formats.
  • Added command to copy source and output frame numbers to the clipboard.
  • Render: Added option to show the status window for batch operations.
  • Render: Video compressor threading is now allowed for two or more threads when operating with only key frames.
  • Filters: Added multithreading support.
  • Filters: Added "gamma correct" filter.
  • Filters: Added "alias format" filter.
  • Filters: Re-added deblurring mode to IVTC filter and added preview support.
  • Filters: Added frame drop mode to IVTC filter.
  • Images: TGA RLE compression can now be disabled.
  • Images: Added support for PNG alpha channel.
  • Capture: Multiple capture devices with the same name now appear with a distinguishing counter.
  • AVI: The non-zero start warning can now be disabled in preferences.
  • AVI: The number of filename counter digits used when saving segment sequences is now configurable.
  • [bugs fixed]
  • Reduced priority of ASF pseudo-handler to avoid interfering with input handlers that detect by filename.
  • AVI: The preferred handler (fccHandler) field in the video stream is now ignored by default for consistency (unless re-enabled in preferences).
  • UI: Limit minimum window size to avoid caption redraw artifacts.
  • UI: Fixed bug where aspect ratio of panes in unconstrained aspect mode would drift when auto-sizing was enabled.
  • UI: Select Range command is now disabled when no video is loaded.
  • UI: Audio conversion dialog no longer occasionally says "No change (8-bit)" for compressed formats; this was sometimes incorrect as when that option was selected the pipeline actually used what the codec produced, which was usually 16-bit.
  • UI: Video codec dialog now scrolls the list on open to always show the last selected codec.
  • UI: The Configure and Cropping buttons in the filter list dialog no longer lose focus when clicked.
  • UI: Mouse wheel scrolling now works in the filter preview and curve control windows.
  • JobControl: Auto-shutdown now works over remote desktop and records a planned shutdown on server versions of Windows.
  • Images: PNG images with 16-bit/channel grayscale or RGBA format now load properly.
  • Images: Fixed GIF autodetect code checking the footer instead of the header.
  • Hex editor: Fixed icon in RIFF tree window.
  • Filters: Switched the frame that the IVTC filter drops in reduce frame rate mode to match the old pre-filter algorithm.
  • Filters: Cropping dialog now opens at the currently selected frame.
  • Filters: Fixed warp sharp filter in 3D acceleration mode.

Muutokset v1.9.9 - v1.9.11

  • [bugs fixed]
  • Filters: Added compatibility option for filters that rely on constant buffer addresses.

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