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Muutokset v5.04 - v6.00

  • Added: New Firmware to Lists
  • Added: iPad Support
  • Added: iPhone 4 Support
  • Added: iPod touch 4G Support

Muutokset v5.03 - v5.04

  • Updated: FFmpeg
  • Added: New Firmware to Lists
  • Release Notes:
  • This release includes an updated conversion core.
  • Upgrade Notes:
  • Upgrading from 4.07 or older - We recommend that you uninstall your old version and then install this new version. Your old profiles will be compatible with the new version but if you want to keep your old profiles, you must copy them manually (from /Application Data/Red Kawa/SOFTWARE/) before you uninstall. Then once you install and run the new version, you can copy the profiles over the existing ones (at /Application Data/Red Kawa/SOFTWARE#/).

Muutokset v5.02 - v5.03

  • Updated: FFmpeg
  • Changed: Progress Tab Redirect
  • Chnaged: Timestamp Format
  • Changed: First Run SearchForPSP Activation
  • Added: New Firmware to Lists
  • Changed: Backend Initialization

Muutokset v5.00 - v5.01

  • Updated: VideoInfo 5.1

Muutokset v4.08 - v5.00

  • Updated: VideoInfo 5.0
  • Updated: MediaInfo
  • Updated: FFmpeg
  • Changed: Icons
  • Changed: Editing Profile Names
  • Changed: Removing Profile Names
  • Added: FFmpeg Revision Detection
  • Added: Hide to System Tray Option
  • Updated: YouTube Downloader 2.00

Muutokset v4.07 - v4.08

  • Updated: YouTube Downloader 1.03
  • First Public Release of Videora iPhone 3G S Converter 1
  • First Public Release of Videora PSPgo Converter 1
  • First Public Release of Videora Zune HD Converter 1
  • First Public Release of Videora Blackberry Tour Converter 1
  • First Public Release of Videora LG enV Touch Converter 1

Muutokset v4.06 - v4.07

  • Changelog:
  • Updated: FFmpeg r17805
  • Updated: MediaInfo
  • Updated: AviSynth 2.5.8
  • First Public Release of Multiple Videora Converters
  • Release Notes:
  • This release includes an updated version of the conversion core as well as support for a number of mobile phones.
  • If this is your first time using version 4, you should really check out the release notes for 4.03 and 4.02 to understand some of the major changes that were made in version 4 compared to versions 2 and 3.
  • Upgrade Notes:
  • Upgrading from 4.01, 4.00 or older - Due to the level of changes made, there is no easy way to upgrade and keep your old settings and profiles. We recommend that you completely uninstall any old version you have and start fresh with 4.03.
  • If you are using Windows Vista and used either 4.00 or 4.01 prior to upgrading, you may run into an error when you finally run your newly installed 4.02+. Please follow the steps in this post to fix the problem.

Muutokset v4.05 - v4.06

  • Removed: Videora Automation Requirement
  • Updated: Downloader App Button
  • Updated: YouTube Downloader App 1.02

Muutokset v4.04 - v4.05

  • Updated: VideoInfo 4.0
  • Updated: MediaInfo
  • Changed: VideoInfo Parsing
  • Added: New Firmware to Lists

Muutokset v4.03 - v4.04

  • Changed: Improved Startup Error Reporting
  • Added: Power Mode Error Reporting
  • Changed: Start Conversion Button Behavior
  • Removed: Resolution Checks for Custom Profiles
  • Added: Legacy PSP File Handler Library
  • Added: New Firmware to Lists

Muutokset v4.02 - v4.03

  • Updated: FFmpeg r15666
  • Updated: MediaInfo
  • Changed: Aspect Ratio Detection for AVS Files
  • Changed: Improved Startup Error Reporting

Muutokset v4.01 - v4.02

  • Updated: FFmpeg r15596
  • Updated: MediaInfo
  • Changed: Normal Mode Profile Settings
  • Changed: Settings Config Elements
  • Changed: Profile Config Elements
  • Added: Device Config File
  • Added: Save Config Files in Application Data

Muutokset v3.08 - v4.01

  • Added: YouTube Downloader App
  • Added: Device Arg for Downloader App

Muutokset v3.06 - v3.07

  • Added: SMI/PSB Sub Support
  • Added: Startup and Shutdown Error Reporting
  • Changed: Progress Bar Halt Value
  • Changed: Exception Error Codes

Muutokset v3.05 - v3.06

  • Changed: FFmpeg rev11050
  • Changed: No H.264 VGA UUID for new iPods
  • Fixed: Add to Queue Button Position
  • Added: Hard subtitle support
  • Added: First Run Chart

Muutokset v3.04 - v3.05

  • Changed: FFmpeg rev10707
  • Changed: FFmpeg codec parameters
  • Changed: Use xvid for AviSynth input MP4
  • Fixed: 320 height option for L2.1 iPhone/iTouch
  • Added: Auto-detect threads

Muutokset v3.03 - v3.04

  • Fixed: 2-Pass for iPhone/iPodTouch
  • Fixed: H.264 Level 2.1 Support
  • Added: Error codes for NicMp4Box Failures
  • Added: Vista Mp4Box Temp Files location
  • Added: Check both Width and Height for Mod16
  • Added: AutoResize for 480x320 Resolution
  • Added: Improved Aspect Ratio Detection

Muutokset v3.02 - v3.03

  • Added: AviSynth Audio Delay to Encoding Profile
  • Added: DelayAudio() line to AviSynth files
  • Added: Unknown Encoder Error Code
  • Added: Troubleshooting Mode
  • Fixed: Stop 2nd AutoFramerate when using AviSynth
  • Fixed: VideoWizard for iPod classic, nano and touch
  • Changed: AviSynth Installation in NSIS

Muutokset v3.01 - v3.02

  • Fixed: 2-Pass encoding
  • Fixed: fps decimal in AviSynth Files on Euro machines
  • Fixed: VideoInfo to catch MediaInfo exceptions
  • Added: Write error code to Console
  • Added: Error code for "Unknown codec"
  • Added: Non ffmpeg error codes

Muutokset v2.25 - v3.01

  • Changed: FFmpeg rev9133
  • Changed: FFmpeg codec parameters
  • Added: Report Device in Console
  • Added: Change Initial Startup iPod Model Text
  • Added: Check for empty videos before Add to iTunes
  • Fixed: Initial Startup Finish button location

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